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Famous Make-Ahead Sides for Your Holiday Meal

Thanksgiving Day should be filled with rest and relaxation as we pause our regular routines to give thanks for the many blessing we have received over the past year. That’s easy to say if you are not the one preparing the splendiferous feast.

collage make-ahead thanksgiviing

The secret for cooks who wish to participate fully in having the day off is to embrace a meal prep and cooking method known as make ahead. This means you do all the hard work days, maybe even weeks, ahead, storing the meal in the freezer or refrigerator. Then on the big day, it’s simply a matter of topping, baking, heating, or warming the dishes and bringing them to the table.

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Dawn Platinum Powerwash Spray Recipe: How to Make the Ultimate Dish Cleaner

It was February 2020 when Procter and Gamble introduced a new product to the homecare market, Dawn Platinum Powerwash Spray. “It’s magical, better than anything we’ve ever come up with! Dishes almost clean themselves!” they said. I scoffed. And then millions of social media comments, reviews, and videos have proven me wrong. Given that kind of data, we might conclude that Dawn Platinum Powerwash has taken America’s kitchens by storm.

dawn powerwash spray

I’m noticing a trending topic in my email inbox. Dawn Powerwash is amazing, and I love it, but it’s too expensive! I go through the stuff like it’s water! I really need a copycat recipe so I can make it myself. Come on, Mary, you can do it! And with that, I went right to work.

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Baking Supplies: Best Time to Buy, Shelf Life Secrets + FREE Printable

Look up the word ‘impulsive’ in the dictionary and prepare to see my face. In my basement pantry, I have bags of chocolate chips to prove it. They are the ghosts of a Christmas past—left over from one of my Gift-in-a-Jar marathon projects.

Baking ingredients on a wooden board, horizontal, close-up

And those two containers of candied fruit that must be ten years old by now, which I keep only because they’ve become a novelty. They appear to be the same as the day I bought them, and perhaps one of the reasons fruit cake has gotten such a bad rap.

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17 Ways to Use Windex That Will Make You Happy

While digging out, cleaning up, and reorganizing our storage room I discovered a half-full jug of Windex. I have to admit that for a few moments, it was like Christmas and not because I was itching to clean windows. It’s because I know lots of situations where Windex comes to the rescue to make life easier!

Windex and paper towel

What’s in it?

Windex now comes in at least 14 varieties of cleaners including Windex with ammonia, with vinegar, a crystal clear option, and even Windex Electronics Screen Wipes. But the original version remains the most popular and readily available.

According to SC Johnson, the original formula Windex contains cleaning agents, wetting agents, fragrance, and color. This makes it ideal for more than just cleaning glass and mirrors:

Laundry stains

Windex makes for a super effective stain remover on non-silk washable fabrics—especially on difficult red stains like red wine and tomato sauce and ketchup. Spray the stain liberally with Windex, allow to soak in and work for 20 minutes or so, then rinse it out with cold water. Launder as usual. Caution: Stick with the clear colorless version of Windex when using it to remove stains from white or light items.

Bug spray

Hit those ants and other creepy crawlies with a mist of Windex and watch them curl up and die. Many readers have reported this works really well but once cleaned up, it will not prevent the bugs from coming back. To do that, spray the cleaned up area with a light mist of white vinegar to create a more lasting barrier.

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