Hoover Steam Vac best thing I ever bought

The Best Thing I Ever Bought


Okay, so maybe I should say, “One of the best things ….” but at this moment, as I write, I cannot think of anything I’ve ever purchased that can top my carpet cleaning Hoover Steam Vac.

Hoover Steam Vac is best thing I ever bought

Background: I have a love/hate relationship with carpet. I love how it looks, how it feels under my feet and how it warms up a room. But I hate dirty carpet. Cannot abide a spot. The thought of what lurks between those fibers gives me the heeby-geebies. You know how some people select carpet color by what won’t show the dirt? What?! I select the lightest color possible so it WILL show me where the dirt is, so I can get rid of it.

The two enemies when it comes to keeping carpet clean and pristine are 1) Soap and 2) Water. And guess what carpet cleaners use to clean carpet? Soap and water.

The problem with the soap is that there is always a residue that remains. Most cleaners use way too much to start with, leaving no way to retrieve every last bit. ANY soap left in the carpet becomes a sticky dirt magnet. Huge problem.

The problem with water is that it is not extracted fully, leaving the carpet wet too long, which causes it to mold and mildew. That sets you up for an icky mess.

Carpet is just downright troublesome. I do not even trust commercial cleaning companies. Are you kidding me? They leave soap and residue in the carpet. Even the ones that use a “dry cleaner” leave stuff behind. I’ve tried ’em all and been disappointed within weeks of spending a small fortune.

But, I am so proud to say, I’ve licked the problem. I have very light carpet (color: mink) that is 100% nylon Stainmaster on the second story of my home. After more than five years it is still lovely. Pristine. Stainfree. No paths, marks or problems. I owe it all to my Hoover SteamVac.

This home steam cleaning machine (cheaper than one visit from a carpet cleaning company) is truly an amazing machine, but only because I have made a few adjustments to the way I use it. Let’s just say I have slightly rewritten the Owner Manual. Yes, I am a brave woman.

First I DO NOT USE ANY SOAP OR CLEANING LIQUID in the machine at all. None. Nada. I’m no fool. I know that I will never be able to get that soap out no matter how hard I rinse. Instead, I use a good liquid spot remover called Spot Shot. I’m sure there are others, but I love this one. I take care of spots as quickly as I can, when they happen. That is so important. I vacuum often. Also important. Then every few weeks or months I pull out my buddy, Hoover.

First I treat any spots or dirty areas with Spot Shot. Then I fill up Hoover.

The instructions say to fill the top canister with hot water. I go one step further. I boil the water and pour it in there carefully, boiling hot. Do not worry. This is okay! After all what do you think steam is? It’s very very very hot water! Most home cleaners do not use the power of boiling water, but I do.

With NO SOAP at all, only the power of the spot remover, I go to work. I pull that trigger liberally too, to release a lot of hot water. And I follow the instructions to release the trigger to suck up all the water on each return path. It is truly amazing how that hot water pulls out normal everyday dirt and dust. I go over an area many times (it’s kinda fun, actually) until no more water is coming up (you can see this in the clear cannister that holds the dirty water).

Now here’s the bonus: Because the water is so hot and it gets sucked back up so quickly, the carpet dries in no time. I know, you are suspicious about this. But it is so true. Hoover has such a powerful extractor, I think I get up almost all of the water I lay down.

And the best part? NO STICKY RESIDUE! I never clean all the carpet at one time. I do a bit now and then until I have made my way through all the rooms and halls. Then I start over. It’s just maintenance. Easy, enjoyable and very rewarding. And cheap! I never buy soap or cleaning solution for Hoover. Ever. Poor guy. Starves on water only.

My big pay off: the feel, look and smell of beautifully clean carpet!

Yes, my Hoover SteamVac is the best thing I ever bought.

What’s the best thing you ever bought?

NOTE: I do not suggest trying this on all steam cleaners. As I said in my blog, I have only done this with my Hoover SteamVac–which has tanks, not bladders. If your steam cleaner does not have a very sturdy tank it’s not wise to pour boiling water into it, is it?

I am so appreciative of all of my readers who show common sense every day while on their journey to save time and money on everything. You are an inspiration to me!

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12 replies
  1. Gaynor Evans
    Gaynor Evans says:

    Waahh! I want to buy one of these steam vacs, but Hoover Australia/NZ doesn’t sell them. And of course if I buy one from the US, the wiring/voltage stuff won’t be compatible. Snif.

  2. Lisa Shott
    Lisa Shott says:

    I also have a Hoover steam vac and am very pleased with it. I however have used soap in mine. I had 3 cats, and 1 of them had decided that in the livingroom on the carpet was a good place to use the restroom. MANY attempts at cleaning this area later with different store bought and home made solutions didn’t help. In no time he was back at it. I purchased the steam vac and was discusted by what came out of my carpet, not only in that area but throughout the room. As for the soap being left in the carpet, I have heard and tried a few suggestions. Use liquid fabric softener. After you clean the carpet with the soap, do a second pass with liquid fabric softener instead of soap, and it will help pull residual soap out of the carpet, make it feel soft and leave a pleasant scent. The other suggestion is vinegar. Make your second pass with vinegar in the water, it of course, will make the room/house smell like vinegar for a bit, but it helps get the residual soap out.

    • ABC
      ABC says:

      Well gee, if you read Mary’s column regularly you should have known to use the Nok-Out carpet cleaner and/or the deodorizer. 🙂
      Seriously, someone on Mary’s most recent post about Nok-Out said they tried the carpet cleaner and it worked great.

  3. Deb
    Deb says:

    What do you think of this one? It looks similar, it is a Hoover, but has an edge cleaner & an upholstery tool.


  4. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I mix in about 1/4 cup of baking soda and 3 oz of vinegar in the hot water. It initially bubbles like carbonation. Not only does it soften the water for better cleaning, it deodorizes the carpet, softens the fibers, and leaves absolutely NO residue! Interestingly the carpets smell fresh, but without any fragrance whatsoever. Bonus—it is allergy-free and organic.

    • Jule barta
      Jule barta says:

      Mixing baking soda and vinegar creates a chemical reaction that causes the release of carbon dioxide, once this is released you are left with basically salt water.

      • Jim Jones
        Jim Jones says:

        You are correct. It turns into salt water, which is why you should always keep a fold out beach chair and some nice comfortable rubber flip flops nearby. Sometimes I’ll take things to whole nother level and make myself a few cocktails with the cute little umbrellas in them

  5. Julie
    Julie says:

    Ok, I’ve bought the Hoover SteamVac and much to my shame, didn’t realize
    I’m not supposed to use the detergent in it. That was 6 months ago and
    now I’ve got a horrible dark area in my carpet (I’m sure it’s soap
    residue). Is my dilemma hopeless? Can I fill the SteamVac with super-hot
    water in hopes of removing this build-up?

  6. Paul Brown
    Paul Brown says:

    “Indeed. I would initially hire a carpet cleaning machine to clean the carpets. Not only were they insanely expensive but also very heavy to move in and around the house. Backaches and neck pain become common.
    A friend recommended Hoover SteamVac, and it is the best thing ever. Affordable and easy to move and operate, carpet cleaning doesn’t appear a tedious task anymore. “

  7. Emilie Burstein
    Emilie Burstein says:

    This is quite amazing thing. Will this is going to work on commercial basis? My business is mintcleaning.com.au can you please have a look at it and let me know if this equipment can help me out in any possible way and make my work my easier?

  8. Charles Brown
    Charles Brown says:

    The carpet cleaner you have sounded like it does a real great job however you have mentioned you vacuum at a place more than once is it because the dirt isn’t sucked up in one go? also, how many strokes it will take to get rid of the dirt?

  9. Dee
    Dee says:

    Now it leaks! I think the boiling water damaged the internal seals. I’m wondering if anyone else experienced leaking issues? I have used it periodically since Nov 2013 (almost 6 years).


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