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It’s a Smelly World Out There

Nok-Out and I met quite by accident. In searching for ways my readers could deal with offensive odors, we found each other online. I’ve used it continuously in my home since then and have recommended it to readers facing serious and potentially expensive odor issues. Not everything in life can be doused in bleach. But in Nok-Out? No problem!

So today I thought I would sum it all up by giving you my top eight reasons that I am hooked on Nok-Out. It’s a smelly world out there and I don’t want to live in it without Nok-Out.

A woman wearing a purple shirt

1. Completely safe

 Nok-Out is not toxic, and totally safe around pets, children, and anyone with allergies. Amazingly, the stuff looks like water and has no scent or fumes.

2. Kills COVID-19 and more

Nok-Out’s companion product SNiPer is anti-bacterial and anti-viral which means it kills COVID-19, H1N1, H3N2 as well as a long list of other nasty germs.

3. Fresh, clean smell

Nok-Out cleans the air, leaving the fresh clean smell of … nothing! I don’t like to get hit in the face with the smell of fake mango or sugar cookie dough that attempts to cover up bad odors.

4. Rescues stuff from landfills

Nok-Out has rescued antique furniture for me as well as an antique Singer Featherweight Sewing machine, all of which had terminal cases of mildew. The cost of Nok-Out was nothing compared to the valuable items it rescued for me, that would have otherwise ended up in the landfill.

5. Eliminates pet odors

Do you know that smell of cat urine that can permeate carpet, wood, and bring tears to your eyes? That is no match for Nok-Out.

My friends in Houston were ready to sell their home because they could not get rid of that horrible odor that had gone through the carpet, into the pad and right through the wood flooring—and the concrete below that! Yep, Nok-Out took care of it and I mean permanently. Happy friends!

6. Mold and mildew

That’s a problem in so many areas, and not only the visual effect but that wretched smell! Should I say it again? Ok … Nok-Out!

7. Care facilities

Every nursing home and convalescent hospital everywhere needs a steady supply of Nok-Out coming through the door. I won’t go into detail, but just believe me when I say there’s not a smell a nursing home facility can produce that’s too much for Nok-Out. Fresh, clean environments make people happy.

8. Made in America

That means a lot to me. But even better, the folks at NokOut.com are the nicest people on earth and will do anything to help anyone eradicate any odor, anywhere. Yep, that’s just how nice they are.

You could buy a lot of chlorine bleach for the price of a gallon of Nok-Out. But bleach is toxic, you can’t wash your hands in it or spray yourself down to remove the human smell when you go hunting, just in case you were planning to do that. And you sure wouldn’t spray down your baby’s nursery with bleach, or the drapes, carpet or that musty smelly chest of drawers. But Nok-Out? Bring it on! There’s a science to eliminating bad odors; more specifics HERE.

Nok-Out is available online at NokOut.com and Amazon.

Question: What’s the worst odor you can think of and what is your solution for it? 

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8 replies
    • Estelle Stone says:

      YES! I do it all the time. Just put it into a spray bottle and spray! You can also put a few drops into a diffuser. Seriously, this stuff does what it says. I will not EVER be without it. I use it for everything under the sun.

      • Estelle Stone says:

        Joan: Yes, full strength. 🙂 I use it to wipe down seats on planes, armrests, phones, remotes, etc. Especially while traveling. Never can be too careful. 😉

  1. crabbyoldlady says:

    Skunk! Worst smell ever! And you know that fallacy about tomato juice? It doesn’t work. Nothing works except lots and lots of time. Will Nok out take care of that?

    • Mrsslam824 says:

      Yes! Our dog rolled around on a dead skunk..more than once. My husband tried to bathe him with no success. I sprayed our dog down, each time he rolled on the skunk, soaking his coat in Nok out and the smell went away by the time he dried naturally. Amazing! I love Nok out..which reminds me..I need to reorder it!

  2. Jackie B says:

    If I put this in a humidifier and run it, will it do any harm to fish in aquariums? Should I turn off the air and cover the openings in the tops so none gets into the water?

  3. Rose Mazzio says:

    Can nok-out be used to spray the yard. We have 3 dogs and especially in the summer, the yard can get a little ripe even though pick-up is done daily ?


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