cat of the sort maine coon lying on sofa

How to Get Rid of Stubborn Household Odors

From pet odors to the smell of cigarette smoke, rotten food, burned popcorn and all manner of other stinky stuff, there’s no getting around the fact that we live in a smelly world. And when stubborn odors invade our living space we need to know how to take care of them quickly and efficiently. 

cat of the sort maine coon lying on sofa

Odor elimination is not the same as room deodorizing. One takes it away, the other covers it up. Perhaps you’ve experienced this. There’s just nothing like a terrible odor mixed with the artificial smell of flowers or soft Polynesian breezes. 

It’s been many years since a terrific product called Nok-Out and I found one another. Our friendship has deepened to the point that I can’t imagine living without it. There’s just nothing like Nok-Out.

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Our big household trash can doesn’t smell anymore because I routinely wash it out and then spray it down with a dilution of Nok-Out (one cup Nok-Out to one-gallon water).

I didn’t have to send a fairly new upholstered chair to the landfill due to an unfortunate accident involving a sick grandchild, thanks to Nok-Out.

The horrible stench of a large bag of disgustingly rotten potatoes hiding behind a storage rack in our basement (how did that happen!?) made me gag when the source of that odor was finally discovered. But not a problem. Nok-Out completely eliminated all traces within only a few hours. Amazing. 

And I’m not the only one in love with Nok-Out. Every week I hear from readers who have experienced a Nok-Out rescue. 

Dear Mary: We moved into a condo where the previous occupant had smoked cigarettes in the guest bathroom. We could barely step foot into that room—it was so terrible. We removed the wallpaper and then we used Nok-Out on every surface—the ceiling, walls, and vents. We had to spray a couple of times but that got rid of 95% of that smell. The rest dissipated in a short time. We recommended Nok-Out to a friend who has kids who play ice hockey. As soon as they come in the door, the super smelly gear goes in a pile and they spray it down. He loves it. Thought you would enjoy hearing these stories. Thanks for introducing us to Nok-Out. Marilyn

Dear Mary: A $38 gallon of Nok-Out saved my antique dresser. I won’t get into the details but the tragedy involved a very large, much-loved, elderly cat who was inadvertently closed up in a bedroom without a litter box. Apparently, a slightly opened drawer in a family heirloom dresser (recently appraised at $3,400) was the closest thing she could find to resemble her box. Need I go on? 

I tried everything I could think to get rid of the stench. I scrubbed the drawer with vinegar but that didn’t do a thing. This despicable odor seemed to permeate every square millimeter of the dresser. And the odor was not confined only to that piece of furniture. The whole house smelled like a zoo! We had no other choice but to move the beautiful piece out of the house. I was heartbroken. About that time I read about the wonders of Nok-Out in your Everyday Cheapskate posts. I didn’t believe anything would work to save the dresser but figured it was worth one last attempt.

Following the suggested protocol, (see The Simple Science of Eliminating Bad Odors) I sprayed every surface, crack and crevice with Nok-Out and left it open to air dry. Exactly what you describe happened: After a day or two the smell got even worse—a stale chlorine, stinky swimming pool like odor. But we hung in, hoping against hope that Nok-Out would work as described.

After a week, it was amazing that the odor was nearly undetectable. Just for good measure, I treated the specific drawer the cat used again with Nok-Out and left it out to dry completely. 

I’m so happy to share the good news that the dresser is back in the house—odor-free and more beautiful than ever. I’m thrilled and forever grateful. Norah 

If you’ve got a stinky situation or just want to be prepared, Nok-Out Odor Eliminator is available online. All prices include shipping.

  • 4 oz. Nok-Out spray bottle – $13.95
  • 16 oz Nok-Out spray bottle – $19.95
  • 32 oz. Nok-Out spray bottle – $24.00
  • Gallon Nok-Out – $38.00

Update: Some Nok-Out products will see a price increase over those state above, effective July 4, 2018.


As our way of sharing the Nok-Out love, Everyday Cheapskate is giving away One Gallon of Nok-Out Odor Eliminator and YOU could be the lucky winner! To enter this GIVEAWAY, use the comment area below to briefly share an experience with Nok-Out if you have one, OR why you should be chosen to win. That’s it! We’ll select a winner at noon MT on Mon., Jun 18 and notify that lucky person via email to arrange for delivery. 

Good Luck!

UPDATE 6-19-18

And we have a WINNER!!! 😄 Congratulations, dvivster. 👏 Your gallon of Nok-Out will be on its way to your front door as soon as you email mary with your mailing address! 🎉🎈We look forward to reports of amazing results because that’s what Nok-Out is all about. Super results!

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221 replies
  1. cathy
    cathy says:

    My Nok Out experience involves a one week old BRAND NEW Hyundai and a 75 pound golden retriever. Unfortunately it was his first road trip and I had no idea he was prone to motion sickness, resulting in emptying himself of everything, from both ends! I parked and left him in the vehicle for about 15 minutes. When I came out, he greeted me with a very embarrassed, humiliated look that only a Golden can display. My first thought was “NOK OUT take me away!!!” Thank you Mary Hunt!!

    Unbelievably, my husband NEVER learned about the accident!

  2. Joanna Booher
    Joanna Booher says:

    I use Nok out in the litter box when a Riley pees on the side of the litter box. It removes the odor completely.

  3. Connie Chrane
    Connie Chrane says:

    I would really like to win this Nok-Out to use on my car that I purchased slightly used. It just has a musty odor and I have read that Nok-Out can be used in a cool mist vaporizer to eliminate car odors. Thank you.

  4. Cristina Santamarina
    Cristina Santamarina says:

    Those flimsy grocery bags are responsible for a DISGUSTING smell in my car & Nok-Out Odor Eliminator saved my car & my sanity – not necessarily in that order.

  5. SuperByteMan
    SuperByteMan says:

    I’ve never had the privilege of trying NokOut, but I would certainly welcome the chance to try it. I live in a 1000 square foot house as a single retired senior citizen (with ADHD), so cleaning the house is a task in and of itself.

    Needless to say, my house has gotten to the point that my brother brings his own truck/bed when he visits so he can sleep across the street.

    I do occasionally try “reasonable substitutes” like FebRez. But I’ve heard (mainly through your column) that NokOut is much better.

  6. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    Our daughter adopted 2 neglected, aging indoor cats. Problem: one kitty has recently been diagnosed with cancer and leaves smelly secretions in our carpeting. His brother has ‘potty issues’ and can’t always make it to the litter box in time. Our whole-house carpeting smells…stinks…wreaks! All of this following training a puppy to let us know it needs to go outside to ‘do business’ (we had numerous days of failures). Please help!!

  7. CyndiKaye Lambach
    CyndiKaye Lambach says:

    Love NOK out. Just bought a house and there was a “funky odor” by the back door. I pulled up the flooring to find the smell. A quick spray of NOK out and allowing it to dry overnight and WOW, the smell was gone. So happy to have had some in the house. Great product and would love to have a full bottle.

  8. Cathy Smith
    Cathy Smith says:

    I have a small puppy and two grandchildren. Needless to say, my house can have all kinds of smells going on…at one time! I have not tried Nok-Out yet, but would love too. I really enjoy your daily Cheapskate emails!

  9. Lesley Badowski
    Lesley Badowski says:

    Hi Mary,

    A large pet had an accident on our microfiber couch – a BIG accident. We didn’t discover it until the next morning. My husband used his shopvac twice but the smell of urine was still very noticeable. After reading your newsletter for many years, I purchased a bottle of Nok-Out – it took two treatments but it worked like a charm! Next, I’m tackling my husband’s 2002 Chevy truck upholstery. Thanks, Mary!

  10. Jennie Irving Pelkey
    Jennie Irving Pelkey says:

    I bought a gently used sofa at auction. No one mentioned it came from a smoker’s house! When it was ensconced in my living room I thought I’d choke. Nok-Out saved my couch and the rest of my living room. So, when my best friend’s husky got mixed up with a skunk and brought the smell into the house carpets, I loaned her my new best friend–Nok-Out! We’re both believers. My household will never be without it again.

  11. G Helms
    G Helms says:

    My son ran cross country track & played soccer. His shoes/cleats smelled so bad they had to be left outside. Learned about NokOut & tried it, it was a miracle! It took a few times but it completely rid the shoes of stinky boy feet! I recommend it to everyone.

  12. Toni Mahana
    Toni Mahana says:

    We have a couple of older dogs that seem to be having more accidents inside the house. I have replaced multiple rugs and sprayed all sorts of things to get rid of the smell. i haven’t tried Nok-Out but would love to! Thanks for allowing for a chance to with this giveaway. toni at kansasgrain dot com

  13. Gia
    Gia says:

    I was fortunate enough to purchase a new home. But unfortunate enough to inherit the old smells within. I’ve been reading about Nok Out on your site for years and always wanted to try it to see if it really does the wonderfull job I’ve heard about.

  14. JoAnn Groeger
    JoAnn Groeger says:

    I have several cats and their litter boxes. I also have 2 elderly dogs that have accidents in the kitchen. I would love to try this on the 2 places they always seem to have accidents, nothing else I have tried really takes out all the odor.

  15. Ruth
    Ruth says:

    My uncle was a very heavy smoker and had to go into a senior’s residence. We sprayed the entire mobile home with Nokout, but there was still some smell. Then we realized we hadn’t done the tops of his cupboards, so we did that and there was absolutely no odour left – amazing! I am in Canada but can pick up a parcel in Sumas, WA if I win!

  16. C. Daly
    C. Daly says:

    I have an elderly dog who I’d prone to bladder issues, and I am currently looking for work, so winning an effective odor eliminator rather than having the expense of buying it would be very helpful right now. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

  17. Elaine Burkhalter Ford
    Elaine Burkhalter Ford says:

    I leave the garage door up so feral cats can come inside to eat, sleep, there is also a large litter box. Sometimes a cat misses the box, or throws up, or there is a fight, and of course feral cats spray. A LOT. I know NOK OUT will help bunches. Love the kitties too much to close them out.

  18. Holly Petrie
    Holly Petrie says:

    I would just love to try Nok-Out! We have a 16 year kitty that has been having accidents around the house, and so far NOTHING has worked to completely get rid of the smell. I can barely turn off the air conditioner because the humidity makes my house smell like a zoo and I can’t afford to pull up all the carpet in the house.


    A ferel cat had a litter of kittens inside my garage without my knowledge. They used the upper floor of my garage as a litter box and that is where I have all my wedding flowers and supplies stored, along with many heirlooms from relatives. I am in desperate need of NOK OUT to save my wedding stuff and my precious family heirlooms.

  20. Deb R.
    Deb R. says:

    I am another one that attacks cat odor with Nok-Out. I am not a cat-lover but when an feral cat began hanging out at our house, we went from providing food outside to eventually letting him inside. And during tom-catting season, he marked our kitchen. Iam naive about cats and did not realize they would mark inside. Now I know. I sprayed EVERYTHING with Nok-Out and the smell got worse. Thinking I missed a spot, I sprayed again a few days later. The smell is gone and my visitors are none the wiser.

  21. Mary
    Mary says:

    I foster for a dog rescue. Lately I’ve had a run of young puppies. Unfortunately I need to work for a living and leave them in a crate for up to 9 hours at a time. The moment I walk in the back door I know there’s been an accident because of the smell. I’ve gone through about a gallon and a half over the last two years since I found Nok Out but my house smells like it’s never had a pet at all!

  22. Imogene Leslie
    Imogene Leslie says:

    A gallon of Nok-Out is what we just decided to buy (or win) again. Our son and wife moved to a new apartment. The management painted over cupboards and walls of the previous renter’s heavy smokers stains. We washed with Nok-Out on the walls, cupboards and carpet. We ran the humidifier, with Nok-Out, whenever they were not home. people smell their clothes and think they smoke – still!
    It is not good first impressions for meeting new people or as an interpreter at schools! More Nok-Out please!
    Nok-Out should not lose this one!

  23. denise
    denise says:

    I have boys that wrestle need I say more?? Nothing is more foul than knee pads, shoes and what i call “mat Stink”.Nok Out spray once and done until the next meet.

  24. Elicia P
    Elicia P says:

    I have read so many years of you mentioning Nok-Out. Yet I have never made the plunge and bought it. It is not that I do not want to try it, it is the mere fact I was/am too cheap to pay shipping! When my youngest was born I went looking for a enzyme that would take care of the stink from the cloth. I told my husband to see if he could find Nok-Out in the stores but could not and came home with a different spray that does not do the trick and it stinks worse than the diapers.

  25. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    We often have to store things in our cellar, which has a peculiar odor that quickly permeates anything stored there. We pleasantly refer to this as “cellar stink”. Anything that comes up from the cellar is spritzed with NokOut, allowed to dry, then wiped off – the odor disappears. Nothing else has removed that odor in the past. 🙂

  26. Pat
    Pat says:

    I have a 40′ cargo container that was a delight to have UNTIL my husband put his lawnmower (with gas) inside it for storage, the next time I went to get something I discovered the whole inside of the cargo container was rusty-looking and smelled like, well I don’t know- mold? I bought Nok Out, hauled a barrel–on-wheels full of my collectible T-shirts, through tears I tried Nok-Out on them, was I elated or what? Indeed, Nok Out did the trick, when I can afford it I’m getting more of that magic, I have 1 more barrel of clothes that needs to be Nok’d Out.

  27. chris moreno
    chris moreno says:

    We own a bed and breakfast and quite often have used Nok Out for smelly situations. Still have some, but would love a gallon.

  28. Cheryl Seichter
    Cheryl Seichter says:

    I would LOVE to try Nok-Out! I have 3 boys (ok, 2 boys and 1 husband)… my couch needs a pick-me-up. It could really use a bottle of Nok-Out – I would love it! thanks much!

  29. Yvonne Beerens
    Yvonne Beerens says:

    We have a cat that has decided my husband’s leather recliner is a good place to share their frustration to having visitors or a pet sitter when we travel. We use Nok-out but have to use it frequently so a free gallon would be great!

  30. IdahoGirl
    IdahoGirl says:

    Mary, we had to bury are sweet 15 year old Bishon Frise, Frosty in February, due to old age & he was going blind, losing his hearing & could not hold his bladder. One of the hardest things I have ever done to have him put to sleep. We had some pretty bad accidents that he had around the the carpets downstairs & it seemed to be worse after he was gone! I cleaned up the areas that were obvious that he had done his little duty & then I took the Non-Out & sprayed everywhere that I could see & think that he could have gone. It is amazing that you would never know now that we had our dog! I still miss him dearly, but don’t need to remember him that way!! Thank YOU for recommending this awesome product!! Debbie in Pocatello, Idaho

  31. Melanee
    Melanee says:

    I run a ferret shelter where I have 28 ferrets in my house. Ferrets are mostly litter trained, but not 100%! I have ferret poo and pee in several corners of the ferret room and Nok-Out works wonderfully on getting odors out of the room so people who come to my house can barely smell the 28 ferrets! We are a nonprofit, but I willingly use some of our money to buy Nok-Out since it is so effective! That being said, I would still love to win a bottle! 🙂

  32. Susan4cats
    Susan4cats says:

    I first tried Nok-Out after reading about it on your blog. I have several cats & 2 dogs, so the animal odor is sometimes pretty strong. I had tried several different products without success. Nok-Out has done a wonderful job of taking care of odor.

  33. Mark Bussert
    Mark Bussert says:

    At a garage sale, I saw the most interesting little bedside chest: it looked handmade, but well-built. Inside the door on the front were an assortment of small drawers and cubby-holes. Perfect, I thought. It was in the driveway (fresh air) when I bought it; it wasn’t until I got it into the house that it began to give off a stale moldy basement aroma. Now, sadly, it’s sitting in a storage shed. I don’t want to throw it away, if it’s redeemable. Nok-Out to the rescue???

  34. Linda
    Linda says:

    We live in a travel trailer that previously had smoking occupants. There is still an odor, I would love to try this product. Finances prevent me from purchasing it. Thank you for the opportunity.

  35. Laura
    Laura says:

    Nok out is the best- I’ve been using for years at your recommendation. I especially like to add it when using carpet cleaner- everything smells so much fresher

  36. Amy Crow
    Amy Crow says:

    I have a dog who is constantly rolling in dirt, and a husband who often forgets to take out the trash. That means it sits all day in my small kitchen. I would love to try nok-out on those smelly trash cans, and also my favorite sofa which is the dog’s favorite too!

  37. happy jean
    happy jean says:

    I volunteer at a free clothing and household item shop. Sometimes donated clothes have a smoke or pet smell. Spraying these otherwise useful items has worked well to make the smell disappear and useful to put out for shoppers. Jean

  38. MS Barb
    MS Barb says:

    I had a wolf hybrid (wolf & Alaskan Malamute) who stayed outside in an out building w/ a long kennel run; the vet said he had hookworm, and to move the kennels, which my son did for me…the wolf hybrid didn’t like the new location of his kennel, so I started letting him stay in the house overnight…the 1st night he urinated on the living room carpet–a strong, musky smell–I sprayed that area w/ Nok-Out–he never urinated there again, nor did any of the other dogs! I have recommended Nok-out to several dog owners! 🙂

  39. Sally Dennis Davison
    Sally Dennis Davison says:

    I haven’t tried it yet but I just got 2 kittens a week ago and already their litter box can be overwhelming. I hope that Nok-out can help.

  40. Wanda Jones
    Wanda Jones says:

    I have a neighbor who smokes in a HUD sr. housing and has not stopped. It is so bad in my bedroom that I had to move my bed into the living room. I have complained and nothing has changed. I want to move my bed back to my bedroom. I have asthma and it at times it can be bad. I have a limited income.

  41. Kim Schaeffer Venezia
    Kim Schaeffer Venezia says:

    I moved in with my cousin who has multiple cats and moderate dementia. Tending to them became very difficult for her. I’d never heard of this product, but as you might image it would be a big help in making the house sweet smelling again. Thanks for the opportunity to win a free gallon!

  42. Sue
    Sue says:

    A friend gave me a mattress that had been stored in her basement. Although it had been wrapped in heavy plastic it still had a lingering odor. I had read your article about nokout , ordered a bottle and gave it a try. It took several applications but finally worked. The mattress was for a 3/4 rope bed that belonged to my Granparents. I was so happy that I didn’t have to special order a costly mattress.

  43. Melanie Corbin
    Melanie Corbin says:

    Nok-Out became a household staple when I adopted a pregnant cat 8 years ago. I can’t tell you how many accidents have been cleaned up with Nok-Out. I don’t know what I ever did without it. I just lost my job, so winning a gallon would definitely help my spending plan out 🙂

  44. Dawn
    Dawn says:

    I would love to try Nok-Out!!! Out of four kids, two wet the bed nightly and one still has daytime accidents. One accident was in our van and I haven’t been able to completely get rid of the smell yet.

  45. Debbie Wyman
    Debbie Wyman says:

    Our dog is getting older and she seems to have more dog odor than before…I am hoping that Nokout can help in certain areas to take care of some (if not all) of the odors!

  46. Laurel Haig
    Laurel Haig says:

    With 5 cats, I would LOVE to win a gallon of Nok-Out. The product I currently use is OK but I would gladly switch to Nok-Out if it proves to work better.

  47. Patti Villavicencio
    Patti Villavicencio says:

    With 3 rescue dogs, pet odor used to be the norm in our house. With Nok-Out, our order problem was solved! We just finished our gallon so we would love to win one! It sure lasted a long time and is so worth it!

  48. Sharon
    Sharon says:

    My daughter’s cat got locked in an upstairs bedroom and the urine went through the carpet, pad and wood floor. I gave her my 3/4 gal. of Nok-Out and she poured it over the spot until it ran out down stairs. Then she waited a couple of day and poured the rest of it on the spot and now the bedroom is usable again, no smell, no stain. Great stuff.

  49. Stefanie
    Stefanie says:

    I have cats and Nok-Out works great to eliminate pet odors in the house as well as I’ll use it in the trash cans to keep my house smelling nice. I would love to win because the stuff works great!

  50. Nat Free
    Nat Free says:

    I haven’t tried NokOut yet but will be buying it to refresh some furniture that we inherited. The previous owner was a smoker and the smell is overwhelming. Would love to win some to try it out!

  51. Judi Carpenter
    Judi Carpenter says:

    A mouse managed to get into my car while it was in our garage. Then it died and the stench was incredible. At first, we had no idea what had happened and went on to church, leaving the car parked (of course) in a sunny parking lot. When we came home, I nearly gagged and was determined to find the source. I lifted an item I’d left on the floor in the back seat area, and there was the dead mouse. I washed the mat several times, all to no avail. Even with the mats out of the car, the car still smelled awful. So I ordered some Nok-Out (thank you, Mary!) and sprayed the mats and the inside of the car. It took a bit of time, but the car soon smelled like we’d never had a mouse visit! I’m totally sold on Nok-Out. I know I’ll be using it for the rest of my life.

  52. Kaye Dinsmoore
    Kaye Dinsmoore says:

    I would love to try this in my small bathroom. It has a musty smell that I can’t find where its coming from. I have tried everything Pinterest has said will work nope nothing has gotten rid of this horrid smell, I just keep the door closed and never use it.

  53. Elizabeth Sheehy
    Elizabeth Sheehy says:

    After my beloved cat Nina died this January,her “sisfur” Chloe wouldn’t use Nina’s litter box or toys because of the scents associated with Nina’s final illness. NokOut to the rescue! Now Chloe has two litter boxes to use, and can play with all of the toys. (I suspect she still misses her playmate though…)

  54. USMProfessor
    USMProfessor says:

    A good buddy of my husband does a lot of hunting here in Maine, and he sprays himself – clothes and all – so the deer won’t sense his smell. It is amazing how well it works!

  55. Brenda
    Brenda says:

    We have my sister-in-law living with us and she smokes. I can’t believe how the smell goes everywhere! She even smokes outside! Her room reeks. It could save my marriage!

  56. E Michelle Bakle
    E Michelle Bakle says:

    I would love to see if this product works. I’m going to repaint the house and it has some funky smoker/ old people smell. I’m hoping if I can treat the walls with it before I repaint that the smell will finally be gone.

  57. Betty Sikkink
    Betty Sikkink says:

    My niece wants to use the family farm 3 generation barn for her wedding reception. It continues to be a working farm. I would love to try this product. If this works I have many places I would use it.

  58. Denise Conway
    Denise Conway says:

    We bought a house that had hardwood under the carpets. When we pulled up the carpet we couldn’t believe the stinch and stains from pet urine. It was So bad that we had to use a scraper and a lot of elbow grease to get the carpet pad unglued from the floor!
    I saturated the floor with Nok-out several times before we sanded and refinished the floors. Now you can’t smell there was anything going on in those rooms! It’s truly amazing!

  59. Gayle Maglione
    Gayle Maglione says:

    I originally tried Nok-Out when we bought a house which had been foreclosed. Apparently, the original owners had many inside animals, or perhaps one or two that were particularly destructive. The door to the master bath was literally scratched and chewed through, and you can imagine what else was in there if an animal was closed up in a room long enough to eat the door! The bedroom carpets were equally stained and stinky to the point of inducing my gag reflex. I had read what Mary said about Nok-Out and decided now would be as good a time as any to put her to the test. After all, she had not steered me wrong yet (love my Shark Navigator and my Breville oven, too!) Once again, she recommended a product that worked. It took several applications, but the stench is no more. Additional note: I called to re-order and talked with one of the owners. He had a wealth of information and generously shared what he knew. Good company.

  60. Janice Blazina
    Janice Blazina says:

    We desperately need to try Nok-out. My nephew let the water line become clogged and it backed up into the basement, mildewing the room that had carpet. He did not notify us immediately when it happened, and now we have a horrible mess.

  61. Devorah Reiss
    Devorah Reiss says:

    We minimize food and drink in my car to avoid any mess and/or lingering odors. So when someone recently ate fruit and spilled some coffee in my car, I was really upset. Baking soda has absorbed a lot of the odor, but you still get hit with the smells when you get into the car, especially now that the weather is warming up. I would love to win a bottle of Nok Out so I can eliminate these odors once and for all. It’s bad enough to get into a hot car. It shouldn’t be a smelly one at the same time.

  62. Marla
    Marla says:

    We are opening a business in a building that has been closed up in a high humidity environment. The whole place smells musty. I’m wondering if it’s too big of a job for NokOut. Even if I don’t win the give away I may buy a gallon to see how it works.

  63. Barb
    Barb says:

    Two bags of bonito (fish) flakes enclosed in a plastic storage bin. I didn’t think the smell would ever come out, but with one good cleaning with Nok-Out, I could use that storage bin again!

  64. davmel1
    davmel1 says:

    I haven’t tried Nok-Out yet, but I would love too. Thanks for the chance. Love the cat pictured above. It is beautiful.

  65. Mrsslam824
    Mrsslam824 says:

    Our dogs found a skunk. Once the skunk was dead and buried, the dogs rolled around on the ground where the skunk was shot. I got out my nok out and sprayed them down. Amazingly the smell was gone. They found the grave and rolled around again. So sprayed them again and poof…smell gone again. I need to get more Nok out to replace what I used on our dogs. Amazing product!

  66. Bev Anderson
    Bev Anderson says:

    We own some lower income rental properties, and more times than not, our renters are HEAVY smokers!! I would love to try this product as our “first step” after someone moves out and we need to repaint. We have tried all the other methods ( baking soda, vinegar, etc) but nothing works that well. This product sounds like a lifesaver for us!

  67. Lois
    Lois says:

    I have a puppy that was a baby when I got her. That meant “potty training”. Needless to say there have been a few accidents around the house. I have been tempted to try Nok-Out buit I haven’t done so yet.

  68. Sue Goettl
    Sue Goettl says:

    My father in law agreed to store an extra twin size mattress for us in his machine shed. After a couple of years we had need of the mattress again, so brought it back home. It became quickly apparent that the mattress could not be used as it was; it smelled strongly of diesel exhaust!!! After spraying it with a lot of vinegar and setting it out in the sun with little result, I remembered the Nok-Out down in the laundry room. I thoroughly sprayed one side and let it dry for a day. I repeated the process on the flip side the next day. And Voila, the diesel smell was completely gone. I couldn’t have been more pleased!!!

  69. Patty Moran
    Patty Moran says:

    I LOVE Nok-Out! I have some very delicate rugs and bring in foster dogs on a regular basis. Not a good combination! I have been using Non-Out for years on these rugs with absolutely NO damage or fading and removing ALL the odors from doggie accidents. No other product has worked like Non-Out.

  70. Cheryl Deuser
    Cheryl Deuser says:

    I used Nok-Out based on your suggestion in the past for pet odor removal. This stuff is Awesome! My gallon bottle is almost empty and I would love to win a new one!

  71. Virginia Finsterwald
    Virginia Finsterwald says:

    I’d like to give Nok-Out a try in my new car which lost it’s new car smell when my grandson got sick in it 🙁 Thanks goodness for Scotch-Guard but the smell lingers.

  72. cathe barron
    cathe barron says:

    My cat peed on the one side of my queen size feather bed. Only time it ever happened and I’ve had the item for a long time so I’m not sure why…anyway I have tried several methods to clean it. Since it is too big to go into the washer and dryer I have been trying to clean it by hand, I think your Nok Out product might do the trick as nothing else has been able to get the odor out. I cannot replace the feather bed financially at the moment so the bed feels like concrete to sleep on! Maybe this would work? Thank you, I would love to win this product and try it on the stain/odor.

  73. Laura Anderson
    Laura Anderson says:

    We bought a used camper and used Nok Out throughout to get rid of musty smells from old fishermen….worked like a charm!

  74. Christine Chipchase
    Christine Chipchase says:

    I don’t really have a story using Nok-Out but I’d like to!. I have a couple of smelly teens. They don’t have to tell me when they get up in the morning, I can smell when the door is open. That’s where I’d use my Nok-Out and then have a story to tell! I’d love to win! Thanks!

  75. Jen
    Jen says:

    I have been reading for years how much you love this product but I haven’t purchased it yet. I would love to win this and be able to try it. I have purchased many other products that you have suggested before and have been very pleased.

  76. NY Gray-Jay
    NY Gray-Jay says:

    I have two elderly cats- both are darlings, but dear Fred is having incontinence issues, so I hope I am chosen to win, I really need this product.

  77. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    My daughter moved into an apartment where the previous tenants smoked, and even after multiple cleanings with vinegar, bleach, and other cleaners, the smell is still obnoxious. She is ready to break her lease and move because of it. I’d gift her the bottle of Nok-Out to use so that she didn’t have the hassle and expense of moving from an otherwise wonderful, affordable apartment in an excellent location. (And if there were any leftover, I’d hope she’d bring it back home to use on the carpet where our elderly cat has not made it to the litter box!) Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. Kathie
    Kathie says:

    I don’t have experience with Nok-Out but after reading your blog I want to have experience. I have a hockey player, dog, cat & hamster. Nothing more needs to be said. I would love to give this product a try. Thanks!

  79. Heidi Reeves
    Heidi Reeves says:

    I live in a charming (re: old) townhouse in a historic neighborhood. I love my home but the master bedroom has an unpleasant smell (especially in the summer!) that I just can’t completely eliminate. Bad air sponges help, but as soon as they are used up the smell is back. I’d love to give nok out a try to see if it will eliminate the odor for good.

  80. Angela Miller
    Angela Miller says:

    I would love to try Nok-Out! We have a couch we have been saving for my daughter to take when she gets married next year. Unfortunately, the cat used it one day as his litter box. 🙁 We have tried EVERYTHING to take out the smell, but it still lingers. Bless her heart, she has spent hours researching what would work and even tried natural remedies like vinegar and baking soda, but still it lingers. It’s driving her crazy. It’s in great shape, and perfect for newlyweds, except for that lingering cat urine smell. Also, we loaned a twin mattress out to a friend who lost a lot of furniture from a flood. When she returned it, her cat had peed on it. I don’t need it any longer, but no one wants a mattress that smells like cat pee. Save the couch and mattress fo rme! Argh. HELP!

  81. Carla Covert
    Carla Covert says:

    I have sugar gliders. Before discovering Nok Out, I could never get around the bottom of their cage that sits on cement floor from smelling. Now I just wash the floor down a bit and spray Nok Out around perimeter of cage and they are oh so cute and no stink to take away the enjoyment of having them!

  82. Jennifer Swan Hopkins
    Jennifer Swan Hopkins says:

    Hi Mary,
    We are in the middle of purchasing a house. For some inconceivable reason, the owner before us stored about 8 bottles of liquid Miracle Gro and other garden fertilizers inside real wooden cabinets, inside the house. I can’t describe to you how horrible the entire house smells, a cross between vitamins and manure, it has permeated everywhere, so I can just imagine how stench-saturated the wood is inside this cabinet. I am banking on Nok-Out to fix that and another problem, the front-loading washing machine. The owner was in a wheelchair, so obviously was limited in what she could do. The soap receptacle is 100% molded and the mildewy-toxic odor is awful.

    Here’s what I did so far… During the inspection, I sneakily brought my trusty spray bottle filled with Nok-Out, and when no one was looking, I sprayed the heck out of the problem areas! The realtor caught me and said, “I did NOT just see you do that!” LOL. But, I wanted to have a chance at starting on the problem before we take possession. We should close in about 3 weeks and if you’d like, I’ll let you know if it worked. Meanwhile, I could sure use a Nok-Out refill, I use it everywhere from laundry to pet oopsies.

    Thanks and to you newbies, Nok-Out Rocks!

  83. Coreen Geary (Lubke)
    Coreen Geary (Lubke) says:

    I was cooking dried beans on the stove, and burnt them. They filled the entire house with smoke, and the acrid smell lingered. I used Nok-Out to scrub all hard surfaces, and it eliminated the odor.

  84. Gwen S
    Gwen S says:

    I would love to win a bottle of Nok Out. We let some family move in when they had no place to go. It was only supposed to last 90 days, but it’s been 2yrs. We had very few rules, one of which was no smoking inside. Yeah, that didn’t last. We were even kind enough to put a lock on the door that only they have access to. As family and God fearing Christians, we try to just ignore the problem but it’s coming through the air vents. Now we are putting our house on the market and the realtor says we have to get rid of the smell even in a sellers market no one would pay full asking price. We told them they will not be moving with us into the new house. A little over 2yrs is more than enough time to get your life together, you know.

  85. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    I was desperate and bought Nok-Out for the first time a couple of months ago when I was watching my grandkids. One of them stayed up late and was watching a movie on TV and fell asleep on my suede couch. Needless to say the entire cushion was wet in the morning. I tried getting all the urine out with wet towels trying to soak it up and then with soapy towels trying to suck out the odor, nothing worked. Finally ordered Nok-Out on Amazon. It did the trick the first time. Happy Nana once again.

  86. Cathy Ditmore Watson
    Cathy Ditmore Watson says:

    Would like to try this product…with being caregiver to my son, daughter n law, n dad…we have our share of smells!! Pick me for the giveaway…I, we all, would be grateful…

  87. Marilyn Walsh
    Marilyn Walsh says:

    I have wanted to use the Nok Out but just don’t have the money to buy it. I have a dog and rescue cat and really need it. Please put my name in for the give-away. I love the shower spray. I give the bathroom and kitchen sink a spray often to keep them gleaming. Thanks for your ideas. Marilyn Walsh, 217-855-0021. [email protected]

  88. Karla Johnson
    Karla Johnson says:

    Free Nok Out would be great! We use it on kayaks and life jackets. We spray wash the kayaks, after they dry in the sun, we then take the bottle of Nok Out and spray it over the whole kayaks, inside & outside. We also spray the paddles. It is great, no more smell from the rivers & creeks that we visited earlier in the day! Works great on lifejackets also. Spray inside/outside, and leave them sit out in the sun to dry and the sweat & river smells are gone. Nice fresh equipment to use on the next trip!
    We also spray the truck bed that we carried the kayaks/equipment in….Everything is odor free!

  89. Beth Dickson
    Beth Dickson says:

    Nok-Out has saved our carpet more than once. I love dogs, old and young and Nok-Out has rescued me from potty accidents from incontinent elderly dogs and piddle mishaps from puppies. I love it.

  90. Mary
    Mary says:

    Five years ago, we bought an old house circa 1900. The house had also been a business, they groomed dogs here. Apparently they also had many of their own and kept them in an upstairs bedroom. One extremely hot, humid, muggy day we found exactly where the dogs were kept. The bedroom carpeting, carpet pad, wooden floor, baseboards, closet door and everything else in that room was gag worthy. We started out by ripping out the carpet and the carpet padding. We tried treating all the wood with everything Walmart had to offer. Nothing worked. Finally decided to give Nok Out a try. Yes, it took a couple of applications but I’m so happy that today you would never know a dog had ever been in this house!

  91. Vicky Williamson
    Vicky Williamson says:

    We love Nok-Out and need to get more. We have a 12-year-old daschund that will run to our basement to “piddle” on the carpeting if he gets ignored. We used Nok-Out on the carpet to deter him from going back to the same spot. We thought we would have to rip out the carpet, but thanks to Nok-Out, we have saved it!

  92. Randy Eichacker
    Randy Eichacker says:

    Nok Out is an awesome product. My kids are in hockey with one of them being a goalie. A goalie chest protector is not easy to clean in the washing machine so I use Nok Out regularly to eliminate odors. One time I purchased a used chest protector on Ebay. When I opened the box, the smell was horrendous. This was a smaller chest protector so I tried cleaning in the washing machine. I ran it through three times with no success. The odor remained. I was new to Nok Out so I thought I would try. I sprayed the item making sure all area were well saturated even the hard to reach areas. Nok Out worked as promised and it solved the odor issue.

  93. Nancy Akerly
    Nancy Akerly says:

    Nock-Out is incredible. When my paranoid elderly cat took refuge in my studio for three days it was a disaster. We put out food, water and a litter box. She ate and drank, but the litter box was unused. By the time she ventured forth, the odor was terrible. We dug behind storage shelves, sprayed with Nock- out about three times and all was well. Great product!

  94. Cynthia Skeeter
    Cynthia Skeeter says:

    I would like to test this product before making a commitment to purchase it. If it is as good at eliminating odors as advertised I will make a purchase.

  95. Karen Condon
    Karen Condon says:

    I recently put my house on the market and knew I had to clean my family room carpet to get rid of some lingering dog odor from an accident the little pup had earlier in the week. I tried several things, carpet fresh, Woolite cleaner, even vinegar but the smell kept coming back. I figured I would spend the money and get the gallon size Nok Out as a last resort. The shipping was super fast and customer service + and I am happy to say after using it in my rug cleaner, the smell was gone after about 2 hours
    and my house sold in 3 days! Thank you Nok Out!!

  96. Mary
    Mary says:

    We used it to get rid of heavy smoke smell in a used car that we purchased. It took several applications to cover all the “cracks” and places we missed, but now the car smells smoke-free!

  97. Tiffany McKinley
    Tiffany McKinley says:

    After we were in a car accident, we were blessed to borrow Grandpa’s old hunting truck. It was so stinky no one else in the family would drive it. On top of that, I was pregnant and super sensitive to smells. We sprayed it with Nok Out, aired it out a bit, and it was good to go.

  98. Kurt
    Kurt says:

    A workhorse vacuum cleaner had somehow gotten a foul odor embedded in the plastics and with every use spread said odor throughout the house. Nok out to the rescue! Please include me in the drawing,

  99. Carole
    Carole says:

    I would love to try Nok-Out. We unplugged the extra refrigerator in the garage and propped the door open. It somehow (got
    children?) ended up closed and now does not smell good. I hope that I could spray it with Nok-Out and use it again. Would love to win this contest. ~Carole

  100. Cindy Sewell
    Cindy Sewell says:

    I love Nok Out after putting off trying it we were going to the beach and were going to stay in the bottom level of the house. We knew it was kinda musty down there as we checked it out on a previous visit. We were close to going and called the company and explained when we were going and wanted to purchase some for the trip and why. The guy we talked to was so nice and got it shipped right out to us so we would have it for our trip. We received it and as soon as we arrived we sprayed everything. We were so pleased that we did not have to smell the mustiness while we were there.

  101. kelly62571
    kelly62571 says:

    Back in April of 2017 my (snowbird) parents were on their way back to Ohio from Florida when their RV caught fire within 30 minutes of home. We are fortunate that they where able to pull over and escape but the RV was a total loss. We were able to salvage some clothes, accessories and a few others items but they smelled so bad we though they where a loss. I had a small bottle of Nok Out and we used it to liberally to clean a few items. When it worked we bought a gallon to wash clothes. It took about two rounds of washing but we were able to save some many things. So grateful for Nok Out because my elderly parents were so devastated and it helped knowing they saved some of their stuff while waiting for insurance to come through.

  102. Toni Roush
    Toni Roush says:

    3 dogs – lots of rain – uugghh. Put some Nok-Out on the air conditioner filters a few times and WOW. It’s great!

  103. Vikki Lynde Tiffany
    Vikki Lynde Tiffany says:

    I have 2 cats who use an electronic catbox. Unfortunately, the plastic retains an odor of ammonia on occasion. Using a Lysol type product helps, but does not completely eliminate the odor. I would love to win the Knok-out prize!

  104. Judy Swanson
    Judy Swanson says:

    My husband and I retired and downsized from a larger home with two separate walk-in bedroom closets(one for each of us) to a much smaller home with only one walk-in, master bedroom closet that we now share. We disagree as to who’s smelly shoes, sandals and sports gear are the main culprit but whenever one of us opens the door…whew! The odor infects everything in the closet to some degree. I worry it is just a matter of time until the walls will be infected too. Then what? I have tried sneaker balls, baking soda, hanging deodorizes, vinegar mixtures, etc. Nothing resolves this problem! I have relied on your advice for years and if we win the free bottle of Nok-Out and it solves this problem, my husband will become a trusting fan of yours also! Thank you for all you do to make our lives better in so many ways.

  105. Amy Spencer
    Amy Spencer says:

    I could really use some Nok-Out. I have 3 boys. We can never seem to get all the smells out of their bathroom, even though the toilet is wiped down almost daily.

  106. sheilah
    sheilah says:

    I have never used Nok-Out but reading in Mary’s column how one of her users sprayed it on hockey gear made me want to dance for joy. My son has played hockey since he was 7 (he’s now 15) and anyone who knows hockey knows there is no smell like a hockey smell. His gear stays in the garage because the house reeks when he brings it in. When we travel for hockey games I loathe bringing his gear into a hotel room. I NEED Nok-Out!

  107. Christine B.
    Christine B. says:

    OHHH I would love to use Nok-Out for my 3 kitties’ litter boxes! Plus we have 5 kittens now, not to mention a Siberian Husky and a Boston Terrier! I have animal odors galore! We live more rural and the dogs get into some stinky swampy areas. I would very much appreciate it! Thanks.

  108. Chelsea
    Chelsea says:

    I would love to win this giveaway, there are times I definitely need the product with 3 aging dogs. In the last year, one had cataract surgery, one had a tumor removed, and now the third has a budgling disk in his neck. Never a dull moment around here!

  109. Joybird
    Joybird says:

    A little over 6 years ago, I finally gave up cigarettes. My husband quit with me. Unfortunately, when he received word that his brother had passed away, one of the first things he did was buy a pack of cigarettes. He’s still smoking. He only smokes in the basement (his man cave) but the scent seems to come up the vents into the rest of the house. I’ve tried aerosol sprays, wax burners, etc. to no avail. Going into his man cave to gather the garbage to take to the can is beyond disgusting. The stench is almost unbearable to an ex-smoker. Would Not-Out help my situation?

  110. SewMoomz
    SewMoomz says:

    My daughter had an apartment next to the laundry room of their complex. The drains backed up leaving her carpet soaked in nasty, nasty drain water. The apartment owner refused to take care of it, saying “It will dry out.” Rather than start a battle, I used our carpet steamer to extract all the water and then steamed it all with a solution of Nok-Out in hot water. Two treatments did it – the carpet looked amazing and there was no mold and no smell! Nok-Out is amazing.

  111. Muffin girl
    Muffin girl says:

    I have never used Nok-out but would like to try it to see howitworksinmy musty basement. It always has a slight odor every time I go down there. Thanks for your wonderful column.

  112. Jeannie Field Brinkmeier
    Jeannie Field Brinkmeier says:

    I would love to win a bottle of Nok-Out! I teach cooking at a small, rural school in my classroom. I have to use the same room to teach Accounting right afterwards and I think Nok-Out would reduce the odors from all the comments I have read. Thank you for this chance to win a bottle! Love your column,Mary!

  113. Hyphen
    Hyphen says:

    We have 6 cats and 2 dogs, plus we have 4 kids including 2 athletes; so we could definitely use NokOut. We haven’t tried it before, but we’ve heard such great things about it.

  114. Jacqueline in Atlanta
    Jacqueline in Atlanta says:

    I drive a convertible and the spot where the fabric top meets the windows must not be air- and watertight because after a rain it smells mildewy. I would love to win some Nokout to squirt down in there and see if it will stop that odor.

  115. Merrellyn Lee
    Merrellyn Lee says:

    When my mother passed away we put her hospital bed and mattress, along with her lift chair, into a storage unit, thinking it would be convenient to have for the time either my husband or I, or someone else we love, might need it. Recently, when I went to check on our unit, I realized everything ‘soft’ has taken on a disgusting smell. There is no way we could move the mattress or chair into the house, let alone live with this stinky furniture. I have never used Nok-Out, but my efforts so far, including white vinegar and blue Dawn, have not made any impact on the odor.

  116. Sarah A.
    Sarah A. says:

    I like to buy shirts from my favorite local consignment store, which
    lets me wear quality shirts while saving a lot of money. But they’ve
    often been worn by someone who wears very strong perfume, which gives me
    terrible headaches. I found that saturating an affected shirt in
    Nok-Out and hanging it to dry outdoors will get rid of the smell so I
    can wear the shirt!

  117. Pam Williams
    Pam Williams says:

    I’ve yet to purchase Nok-Out, but it’s always on my list to get when I remember my list. I’m excited to try it. Thank you for the chance!

  118. Joyce
    Joyce says:

    Nok Out does a great job eliminating odors from the cat litter box. Wish it would be available in stores as the two times I have ordered it, there have been “extra charges” on my Discover Card and I had to have my credit card number changed both times. The fraud was from the same area in Texas where I purchased the Nok out. It was a big hassle to get my account corrected. I hesitate to order this fine product again because I don’t want any fraud on my credit card and then the agony of straightening the situation with the credit card company.

  119. Tammy Hubbard Tarbill
    Tammy Hubbard Tarbill says:

    Hello! I would love to win the Nok-Out! I have never used it, but I foster dogs until they are adopted. As one can imagine, sometimes there are accidents. My current foster is going to his forever home Saturday and I am picking up a mother dog and her 2 week old puppies. There are 7 of them! I will definitely need the Nok-Out! Just as a side note, our little foster dog is now 100% potty trained, which is great for the adopting family….but not so great for us, because we got to deal with the accidents. Thanks for your time! And congrats to whoever wins!

  120. D.McBee
    D.McBee says:

    I am a very ” BIG ” fan of Mary Hunt & Everyday Cheapskate! So many wonderful recommendations & Tip’s over the year’s.This Nok-Out , is by far her Best recommendation. Best product you will ever find ! It TRULY , Work’s Wonders. Long story short , old carpet from past people living here , had a puppy ! The stench was terrible.Took it all up .No smell, no spot , nothing left at all ! Absolutely this product is a Miracle ,Thank You Mary !!! 😉

  121. Lynn Bradley Clogston
    Lynn Bradley Clogston says:

    NokOut has saved my house (and my dog!) three times from skunk smell. Mya wanted to play with the new animal, washed the oil off with blue Dawn and used full strength NokOut away from her eyes and it was like the skunking never happened.

  122. Julia Brazell Rundell
    Julia Brazell Rundell says:

    I would have loved to have known about this years ago. My cat was riding in the back seat of my Mazda in his cage coming home from the vet. About halfway home(a 20 mile drive) he decided to relieve himself. I had to roll down the window and stick my head out the rest of the way home to be able to breathe. We took the back seat out and tried washing it with everything that we could think of to get the smell out. Nothing worked. It still smelled a couple of years later when I hit a deer and totaled the car. I was never so glad to be rid of a car.

  123. Jana
    Jana says:

    Mary, I love your column! Thank you for such great advice and for the opportunity for this give away. I’ve loved reading everything about Nok-Out and would absolutely LOVE to try it, I could use it at my home and my elderly parents’ home whom I care for on a regular basis. They have a beloved cat but aren’t able to do all the clean up and care required. Nok-Out would be amazing to have to help them. Thank you so much!!!

  124. Julie Faughnan
    Julie Faughnan says:

    After recently retiring, we are now spending much of the year at our Florida condo. I love walking the beach and collecting shells and I always check very carefully to make sure the shells I am picking up are not living or recently deceased. Well on one of my beach trips, I put a plastic bag filled with my treasures in the garage overnight. When we woke up the next morning, we could smell that something was horribly wrong in the garage without even opening the door. What an awful smell that was permeating throughout my condo. I first tried bathroom sprays to mask the odor but that did nothing so I immediately went for the Nok Out! Nok Out saved the day and soon, my garage and condo had a wonderful fresh smell again! Nok Out is the best!!

  125. Nancy Wheeler
    Nancy Wheeler says:

    Love this stuff. Have used it repeatedly on an are rug that the dog seems to think belongs to him. Also had a similar experience with rotten potatoes and it got rid of that horrible odor quickly. Would love to win and I promise I will share with daughter and friends

  126. Chanitele Cordle
    Chanitele Cordle says:

    I would love to win the gallon of Nok-out. I have an older male cat that does not like to share the litter box with the others, so he finds other places to go potty. The last time I caught him was on my new foam bed topper. Really could use this help!

  127. Chem Tutor
    Chem Tutor says:

    I have never used Nok-Out but would welcome a chance to do so without cost. We are planning to move to a condo in the next couple of years and could not afford to build a new one. Both of us have multiple allergies to animals, cigarette smoke, etc. so the previous occupants could possibly have smoked or kept pets around. I am also planning to use it on our smelly lawn & garden shoes which we currently have to keep in the garage. I have been a devoted reader of Everyday Cheapskate for the past couple of decades. Thanks for all you do for us!

  128. Jan Schal
    Jan Schal says:

    After 30+ years of only having cats, my husband’s retirement wish was to get a dog. He had an extremely list of requirements for the ‘perfect’ dog. I often joke that if he had such a list for a wife, I never would have made the cut! Well, he did find his perfect dog – a rescue named Ginger. Her foster mom told us she was found on a farm in Arkansas with her sisters 4 sister dogs. The foster mom said she named the girl dogs after the Spice Girls (I was thinking Scary Spice as a dog’s name?) But then she said their names were Rosemary, Saffron, Paprika, Ginger, and Cinnamon. O, THOSE kind of spices!! Best guess is they are an American Fox Hound and Catahoula Leopard dog mix. Well, Ginger stole our hearts and we became her forever family. And while we are getting use to having a dog again, what I can’t get used to is that ‘doggy’ smell that came with her!! And that is why I need to win the gallon of Nok-Out!!!

  129. Kim Willis
    Kim Willis says:

    Hi. I do not want to embarrass my son and his wife but their apartment smells like a large litter box. I have given them a spray bottle and explained to my son that his furniture may have been permeated by the smell and that they need to work on getting the smell out of there. I have a new grandbaby (3 1/2 months old) and do not want her to have to live with that smell and possible health effects. I would like to bless them with the bottle of nok out and a humidifier, as the website suggests, in order to eliminate the smell. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to enter to win.

  130. 23thirty
    23thirty says:

    I was taking the trash off one day using my mini van because I do not have a truck. From where I had changed the litter box, some cat urine leaked out of the trash bag. Now my van smells like cat urine! Ugh! I would love to try Nok-Out to get this smell out of my van.

  131. Lesly House
    Lesly House says:

    Mary I have followed your blog for a while and it’s very informative! I have never tried Nok-out but would love to. I have all concrete floors and 3 dogs they like to urinate where they can smell a previous pet and it seems to penetrate in the concrete you can really notice it when the morning sun hits it! either way I plan on purchasing some! thank you!

  132. Nancy
    Nancy says:

    I have not tried it, but I have a friend who is a funeral director ( you can imagine the smells she needs to get rid of!) who swears by it. I am eager to try it because we have a wet basement that smells very bad despite our de-humidifier, and nothing has worked to get rid of the mildew-y smell even when it is dry.

  133. Baer Dueck Carol
    Baer Dueck Carol says:

    Hi I have never used nok out but have heard lots of great things about it…..i have some nasty odours in my house that I need to get rid of (musty basement smells) and would be honored to win.

  134. Holley
    Holley says:

    I’ve been wanting to try this! This would be the perfect opportunity for me to give it a go! Thanks for the opportunity! The smells I need this for come from the depths of my son’s room! HELP!

  135. Pam Ruprecht
    Pam Ruprecht says:

    My 90 yr old mother’s car has a terrible “old crayon” smell that I’ve googeled and yup, that make & vintage car (Mercedes of all things!) is known to have a problem w/insulation material causing this rank smell. Worse in hot weather. They won’t address a remedy so it’s up to us. I’ve been remunerating to use Nok-Out for this application, so winning this would for sure get me to try it! Thanks for all the great tips & recipes (cleaning and food!)…I pass them on to my friends/family several times a week!

  136. Suzy Halter
    Suzy Halter says:

    Our dog had chewed up our couch two times due to a territorial thing with our other dog. We bought a very nice used couch and loveseat, and before we even brought it into the house, we sprayed every inch of the surface with Nok Out. We left it on the trailer in the sun to dry completely. When we brought it in, the dog sniffed every inch of the couch and loveseat and then just walked away. I am positive had she smelled any other animal, that couch and loveseat would have become her next chew toy! I love this stuff!

  137. KYM
    KYM says:

    Hi I’m a long time reader and have your books as well as read your articles regularly. I could really use the Nok Out. We just rescued a litter of 6 kittens that were weak with hunger and are only 3 weeks old so we could really use the Nok Out to help with the multiple litter boxes and accidents. They have to be fed every couple hours and have their tushies wiped with damp cotton balls after using the litter box as they don’t know how to clean themselves yet. We’ve already had our share of tough odors including kitty urine that went under the bathroom vanity that we cannot get rid of. One of the kittens has a very sensitive tummy and has been having lots of accidents over the last several days – I’ve had to toss out many items, including one of my favorite area rugs & and some of my daughter’s american girl items. Sigh. We try to keep them contained to certain rooms but they are amazing at sneaking into rooms where they are not allowed. I also have an antique dresser that was given to me when my grandma passed but it has very strong odors that I haven’t had any luck removing so I’d love to try the Nok Out on that. Thanks for the opportunity – I appreciate it.

  138. Susan Sharp
    Susan Sharp says:

    I need this! My husband is retired and seems to be doing nothing when he’s home except sit and smoke. Not only have I washed walls, furniture etc, but I can’t get rid of the smell of old nicotine.

  139. ShellH
    ShellH says:

    My daughter moved back in with her male cat who has not consistently used the litter box. HELP my basement smells so bad I can’t go down there!! Given all the great testimonies I’m eager to try Nok-Out!!

  140. Alma Thompson
    Alma Thompson says:

    This is a little touchy as it involves my wonderful husband. Unbeknownst to us, he was going into diabetic ketosis – ICU hospital stay and much medication later he is doing fantastic – BUT during his downward spiral, I noticed a sicky sweet smell in his closet. I had him change soaps, we changed laundry detergents, he changed clothes more often, airwick air fresheners – but the closet and surrounding areas were unbearable. After we got home from the hospital, I put 2 cups of NOK OUT in the humidifier that Mary reccommends and shut it in his oversized closet (when he was gone from home-he had had enough trials). It took a few times; but alas he smells, his clothes, and the closet are all back to normal. Thank you Mary and NOK OUT!

  141. Sharon E Allgood
    Sharon E Allgood says:

    we moved in to this old house and it’s so musty smelling…it’s just horrible. I’ve heard alot about Nok-Out and would love the chance to win a gallon of it! I enjoy your emails and learn so much from them! thank you!

  142. Shelly
    Shelly says:

    I first read about Nok-Out years ago in your daily email, and what a blessing it’s been. We had a huge storm in our area and water in our basement ruined the carpet in our office. We removed the carpet and pad, but it left a horrible smell throughout our 1500 sq foot finished basement. We scrubbed the concrete, but the horrible smell permeated everything, even with industrial fans and dehumidifiers running 24/7. We scrubbed it with vinegar and water, then 409 and nothing helped. And the air-conditioner blew the smell into the entire house.I remembered your column and called Lou at Nok-Out. I was not only concerned about the smell, but also the potential mold spores. Lou shared step-by-step instruction about how to create the proper mix and shipped me the product. A 2-gallon sprayer became my best friend, and I sprayed EVERYTHING! The concrete where the carpet and pad were removed, the baseboard, the tile floor, the furniture, the vents…you name it…I sprayed it. The results were remarkable! Within an hour, the odor was nearly gone, and the next day, it was as though nothing had happened at all. I’ve also used Nok-Out to remove pet odors in carpet. And I guess one of my best Nok-Out victories was “shampooing” my pup with it when he got skunked! I was really thankful for Nok-Out that night, and because it is so safe, I didn’t have to worry about it hurting my best four-legged friend. So, I’m a big fan! I use it all the time and have recommended it to many of my friends. Thanks for recommending it to your DPL readers, and thanks to Lou for such a great product!

  143. Mary Burris
    Mary Burris says:

    We really believe we could benefit from the Nok-Out giveaway. My fathers mother died when he was 14. She had a beautiful cherry cedar lined hope chest. Unfortunately 3 years later his then stepmother stored moth balls in it with her stuff. After decades of moth balls the interior never smelled of cedar again and anything stored in it now smells only like moth balls. Inheriting the hope chest was a blessing to have something from the grandmother I never knew but nothing i have tried will remove the mothball smell. Nok-Out is the only hope for my hopeless hope chest.

  144. cruzita
    cruzita says:

    i definitely need this. i have never used this product and would love to try it out. my boys are into sports and they definitely need some help with their sweaty gear and shoes. i have never figured out how to get rid of the stank.

  145. Sheila Jones
    Sheila Jones says:

    I read , share, and often save your column. The hints, tips, and information are a bless. I especially like the what to buy at best value. Being seniors on fixed income money saved is a bonus. That said in our senior years we have both developed bladder issues so our home at times has an odor problem. I have never bought but noticed your high praise of the product. I would like to try this product so when friends come we don’t have to worry about smells. Keep up the wonderful work and help you give to all of us.

  146. Angela
    Angela says:

    Hi Mary! I just love reading your column in my local paper. I’ve read in your column before about Nok Out. My son is an over-the-road truck driver and his house is closed up all week. When you walk in, all you smell is musty odors. I don’t know what else to tell him to use. Nok Out seems to be the best solution to his problem!! I would love to win this so I could give it to him so he can enjoy his home after a long week’s work.

  147. Marie
    Marie says:

    I would LOVE to try this! I have a lovely almost 10 year old French bulldog that has Kidney disease. I work horribly long hours and cannot expect her to hold it for me. I have tried many products and while dog urine is not as bad as cat urine it is still….URINE. Everything I have tried has just masked it. Please please and thank you!

  148. Gail Sexton
    Gail Sexton says:

    I love this product. I have used it when our cat had accidents outside the litter box in the spare bedroom. I think after using most of the spray bottle the problem was solved. That sold me on this product. It succeeded when several other products failed.

  149. Cyndee Meystel
    Cyndee Meystel says:

    I’d love to try this. Since moving to my new home 2 years ago, I’ve
    spent a lot of team researching the best cleaning products and this
    seems to be one of them. Keep up your great work!

  150. Dana
    Dana says:

    I would love to try Nok-Out in our back yard! It’s entirely covered in concrete and is the only place our dogs can go out to potty. We pick up the poop and rinse it, but the odor (especially from the urine) lingers. We’re planning to sell our house soon and need this odor problem solved.

  151. melanie h
    melanie h says:

    I would love to win because I have two cats and a dog and a new baby on the way. I pride myself in keeping a clean home but sometimes it’s hard to keep the odors at bay with all these pets!

  152. Connie Pyburn Lancaster
    Connie Pyburn Lancaster says:

    I love Nok-Out. Use it on my cat litter boxes and if they have accidents! I never have to worry about “cat smell” at my house thanks to Nok-Out. That reminds me if I don’t win I’d better order more!

  153. cyndi marshall
    cyndi marshall says:

    Hi. I have been reading this column for
    years. I’m a bit skeptical on them now- out which is why I think that should be a winner. I have Horribke iodors around my home that I can’t get rid of and I have tried everything. I am on Social Security disability and really can’t afford much can I win. Thank you Cynthia Marshall

  154. Marcia Saylor
    Marcia Saylor says:

    I have been reading your column for years also. I have been wanting to try this but the budget is limited and living on
    a farm I could definitely uses this. Thank you

  155. Sarah Hamaker
    Sarah Hamaker says:

    We used Nok-Out to treat an area of our carpet a cat had peed on and it worked wonders! With four kids and three cats, we’ve used it on all kinds of stinky messes.

  156. Melanie Hawkins
    Melanie Hawkins says:

    I have never used Nok-Out, but trust Mary Hunt’s advice on how well it works. I would like to try it on an odor in my car. Unfortunately, my elderly Mom left her “doggie box” of leftover beans, rice, and grilled chicken in the back seat of my car, unbeknownst to me. It wasn’t discovered until almost a week later when the odor was noticed. Sometime in between, she had lowered the drink holder console in the back seat, onto the box and crushed it without realizing the box was under there. Well, with the late spring heat the odor is still lingering and nothing has helped. I sure would like to try some Nok-Out!

  157. Leah Tuten Rollins
    Leah Tuten Rollins says:

    Old cars, old furniture, old carpet, old smelly bathrooms… a teenage son, and a husband who somehow brings odd smells home from work into our house. I have all of the above! I’ve read your success stories about Nok-Out and I’d love to be able to use it to make our home and vehicles smell fresh again! Thanks for the giveaway!

  158. Susan
    Susan says:

    Thanks everyone for sharing your stories. Sounds like a great product. Never tried it. Can you purchase at grocery stores? Please advise.

  159. valariesandford
    valariesandford says:

    I have a favorite chair – one of a matching pair that a cat urinated on. We have been totally unsuccessful with all methods and products tried so far. I would love to the win the Nok-out and based on other comments, Nok-It-Out!!!

  160. Deborah Ford
    Deborah Ford says:

    I live in a tiny room in a house and use Nok-Out to handle the odors that pop up here and there. It is especially effective in the garbage can!

  161. Lynda Beaver
    Lynda Beaver says:

    I would love to win the Nok-Out! I have an old wash stand that belonged to my great grandparents and it has the “antique” smell that I would really like to eliminate and would love to try the Nok-Out. Thanks for considering me!

  162. susan
    susan says:

    My shelter dog, Molly has recently been diagnosed with kidney failure. She is a lab/corgi mix and was adopted by us in January of 2011. When we applied for her we were told that she had been beaten by her previous “owner,” and may have been poisoned by him too. She was considered a special needs dog-She has been fine until recently. Last week she wasn’t eating and having accidents in the house. We have since learned from the vet that she has kidney failure but can still live a happy life if we change her food. She is doing better, but we could really use a cleaner like, NOK OUT. The carpet still has a faint smell and i think this would be just the ticket for us. Thank-you for considering us for a free gallon.

  163. Molly Madrinich
    Molly Madrinich says:

    I would love to win this product so I can use it to Nok-Out the dog odors in my home. I love my dogs, but man, do they stink sometimes!

  164. jd wolfe
    jd wolfe says:

    I help out my son and DIL with their 2 year old (soon to be a big sister) in their 100 year old house. My son has a full time yard but does all the ‘fix it’ stuff himself for the house and their cars. He is very hard on his clothing! Help with the laundry odors for him, 2 little kids, and an elderly cat would be a true luxury! Would love to see if Nok-Out is up to these challenges.

  165. Becky Perez
    Becky Perez says:

    I would love to try and use Nokout in a car that mice decided to make a nest in the fan, now the whole smell is in the air lines when fan is blowing.

  166. Lori Robinson
    Lori Robinson says:

    We have three cats, and at least one likes to throw up hair balls (and other yuk) in various places around the house that may go undetected for a while. Our female dog is getting up there in years, and has had some issues with “leaking.” I could go on, but the bottom line is that we definitely need Nok-Out in our lives.

  167. pauline_quinton
    pauline_quinton says:

    Have read every ‘’ from Mary Hunt for years and learned much more about easy ways to clean than I could ever imagine. I live on an Island off he coast of Canada and Knockout is nowhere to be found, bu I see it can be ordered from Amazon…..can’t wait to give it a try…….would be wonderful if I could win the Knockout Prize in this sweepstake……would be forever grateful!!

  168. SamSven
    SamSven says:

    I have used Knok-Out in so many places I can’t recall them all. I love being able to eliminate one odor without adding another. Great product. I am now in need of another gallon so, I would like to be the winner for this Giveaway, please.

  169. Linda Thomas
    Linda Thomas says:

    My husband and sons own multiple vehicles and farm equipment and when the cold weather comes mice want to make them their homes. They battle them til spring but mice do leave an odor. Can nok-out get rid of that smell?

  170. dvivster
    dvivster says:

    I need this Nok-out giveaway so badly,! My roomate just moved out and he cooked Curry every single day of the week! The stench is stomach churning and i can’t rent again until I can treat the kitchen as well as his room. I’ve tried vinegar but it is still horrific! I’ve had potential new roommates turn and walk right out after mentioning the “Indian Restaurant smell”. Please help me! [email protected]

  171. Diana Olsen
    Diana Olsen says:

    We have used nok-out to rid our 25 year old cat urine from our den. I we had to put her to sleep after that as she couldn’t hardly make it it to the box.
    I also used it to rid the odor in our antique spice cabinet. as I wanted to use it without the musty smell.

  172. Gail Mills
    Gail Mills says:

    I have a dog that we rescued from a bad home life a year and a half ago. When we got him he started losing his hair. After a few weeks his hair was gone, his skin was infected, and he stunk. Everything he laid on smelled awful. He couldn’t hardly walk, which led to accidents in the house. So, I would gag every time I came into the house. By the time the vet got the demodex mange cleared up I thought I’d have to at least burn the couch and blankets, etc that had come in contact with the dog, maybe just burn the whole house and start over. Luckily I had been reading your columns and knew about nok out. So I ordered a gallon. It was a miracle! After spraying the floors, couch, cushions, bedding, etc a couple of times and letting it sit and work, all of the nasty odors were gone! I love nok out! I would love to win a free gallon since it is hard to afford it due to being retired and living on social security.

    Thank you for all the information you share with us! I make my own laundry soap thanks to you!

  173. dvivster
    dvivster says:

    Yay! Thanks so much for the win! I’ve just emailed you the address info. I can’t wait to try my Nok-out! Look out Mr. Curry stink, I got something for ya!

  174. Sheila Ortman
    Sheila Ortman says:

    We had a very sick teenage boy who didn’t wake up to use the restroom. Needless to say, he was too embarrassed to tell us right away. Now we can’t get the smell out. HELP!!!

  175. Janie Kast
    Janie Kast says:

    I would love to try Nok Out. We have an older cat who has sprayed in some areas of our basement and I am really struggling to get the smell out.

  176. Peggy Milbrandt
    Peggy Milbrandt says:

    We purchased a car recently that was used by a smoker. I am in the process of trying to get rid of the odor. It may take a few applications and I forgot to spray the ceiling. It’s better than it was.

  177. Bev Smedra
    Bev Smedra says:

    Used this product to get rid of mouse odor in an old truck. Living on a farm….there’s always a reason to have NokOut!

  178. KLB
    KLB says:

    I have a teenage boy and some days after sports practices, I don’t want to even let him in the house! Add to that a dog and a cat, I think we may need to try this stuff. It sounds amazing!

  179. Eve Windo
    Eve Windo says:

    I bought Nok out based on Mary’s recommendations before I had to kids. It’s amazing how many times we use it to cover up all sorts of baby incidents including spit you and diaper overflow! I find reasons to use it because it’s miraculous. Thanks, Mary!

  180. Sue Leddy
    Sue Leddy says:

    I used Nok Out when some animal died under the house under my kitchen sink. I lived with the smell for months until I tried Nok Out. It worked great and no more smell.

  181. B V
    B V says:

    I am a Nok-Out believer. My conversion experience happened after we had a dead skunk under our low-to-the-ground deck. (Our myriad attempts to scare out/trap the skunk are another story entirely…) Since then we have used it for stinky dish cloths, smelly athletic shoes, icky garbage and recycle bins. I would like to send it to my son who is dealing with smelly work-out clothes in a tiny apartment. I’m sure he’d be amazed!



  182. Lindsay Miller
    Lindsay Miller says:

    We adopted a chihuahua to be a companion to our very active young corgi who needed more exercise than we could give him. Unfortunately, he came with the habit of lifting his leg in the house on furniture and floors. We tried lots of things to break this habit and keep our floors and furniture

    clean with little success. Since he died in Dec. we have been using all sorts of products to shampoo our rugs and clean the love seat and couch. We really need Nok Out to eradicate this problem so please pick us for the giveaway. Lindsay

  183. yourfaceislikethesunshine
    yourfaceislikethesunshine says:

    Our cat had “sprayed” an area in our laundry room and we couldn’t quite pinpoint where. Nok-Out was fantastic because we could spray the entire area, including the floors, the cabinets, and the walls. Within a day order was completely gone. We were seriously overjoyed!!!

  184. LucyLou
    LucyLou says:

    With three rescued dogs, middle to old age-one female, two male, it seems almost impossible to rid the house of dog smells- doggy, urine, vomit, etc. I have tried NUMEROUS products, all of which seem to work at first, only to find hours later the smell is still there. I would absolutely love to rid my house of pet odors and am just about to resign myself to the fact that they are here to stay, as long as we have pets. I would be thrilled to find a product that really works and would be pleased to try NOK-Out.

  185. de peter
    de peter says:

    With 5 cats (2 senior), 2 dogs in the house and horses outside, my house smells like a cross of litter box and barn. I would live to try it on some of the areas that the senior cats have had accidents when they coyldnt make it to the litter box!

  186. cheryl denbow
    cheryl denbow says:

    Have used Nok Out for years now and have recommended it so many times, often even buying said friend, family member their own and having it sent to their doors. I think the worst I used it on was a friends child’s car……a smoker aunt had given them a car that reekend and not only would that be difficult for the adults (that I previously referenced as child), but they had 2 small babies. Took a loooong time to spray it all, but was happy to be able to help.

  187. Deidra Floyd
    Deidra Floyd says:

    I’ve used Nok-Out for several things, but the one that comes to mind is when I moved into the duplex where I now live, there was a smell. We decided to spray Nok-Out on the air filter and it helped with the problem.

  188. Janie Humphrey
    Janie Humphrey says:

    I sure need a bottle of this. I’m a smoker and I need to get rid of the cigarette smoke smell in my camper. I’m putting it on the market to sell and this product sounds like it would do the job.

  189. C. Raap
    C. Raap says:

    Our wonderful blessing of a cat started to use various areas of the house as his litter box due to an ailment that was beyond our financial means to treat and had no solid evidence of curing anyway. It has been five years since we said good-bye to him and we would like to open our home to another loving cat. But we are concerned that though we do not notice the scent any longer, another cat might. We cannot fathom having to endure another good-bye if a new cat would think these non-litter box areas were to be used as a litter box again. It would be great if Nok-Out could put our minds at ease and enjoy the loving companionship of another cat. What a gift to receive the giveaway! Thanks for considering us.


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