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7 Ways to Cut the High Cost of Prescription Drugs

These days the skyrocketing cost of prescription drugs is enough to give you a heart attack. If medication drug costs have got you down, cheer up! Then check out today’s seven ways you can save money on prescription medications—plus where to get some medicines (antibiotics!) for free. Meet me at the post and I’ll show you how to do that.

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11 Ways to Get the Best Online Deals and Discounts

Just about everyone who shops online knows to look for a discount, promotional code, or coupon of some kind before hitting checkout. But digital coupons are only one of 11 tricks, tips and ways I have for you —savvy things you can do to get the biggest discounts and best deals this holiday season.

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An Awesome Way to Get Cash Back When Shopping Online

I could teach you how to be an extreme couponer. I’ve had a lot of experience including the time I demonstrated how to do it, on location, live on TV from a large supermarket. It’s a great way to save money but it’s a lot of work and limited mostly to grocery and drug stores.

Imagine a world where you had the equivalent of a big stack of coupons for all the other places you spend money—like Target, Amazon and Kohl’s, Groupon, Old Navy, even LifeLock! You do and it’s called Rakuten.

Black Friday is just around the corner. Got any plans? I have one: I am not leaving my house on Black Friday! I’m just not fond of crowds and chaos. I’d rather hunker down on my sofa in front of the cozy fire and look for deeply discounted bargains online. And get cash back in the process.

Everything you need to know about Rakuten in today’s post! See you there … Love, m xo.

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