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Make Every Day Thanksgiving!

My Dear Readers, I just got a message that this morning’s early send had a bum link in it. Oh, how do these things happen?! Worse, that first send, somehow (I do know, just don’t ask OK😜?) arrived minus this message, as well! So how fortuitous that I get another opportunity to tell you this:

I call you my Dear Readers, but you are so much more than that to me. You are like family, and you mean the world to me. You give me a reason to get up every day with a purpose—a mission to encourage, hint, teach, nag and preach about every possible way to spend less, do better, and save time and money—every day.

As I write my house if full and I mean filled with family from age 4 and up; with the aroma of fresh cinnamon rolls (more on that next week!); coffee fresh and steaming hot, turkey in the oven. Neighbors will be joining us in a few hours to celebrate one more year of God’s goodness and blessings in our lives. And oh what a feast we will enjoy!

My hope and prayer for you is that you have an amazing day, wherever you might be. And that the year ahead will be filled with joy, happiness and most of all … gratitude. Enjoy!

Love, Mary xo ❣️ P.S.