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How to Take the Pain Out of Saving Loose Change

I am not one to spend coins. I prefer to save my pocket change. In fact, I go out of

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This Is What Happens When Financially Immature Students Get a Credit Card

Our kids are fortunate to be growing up in the most progressive and exciting time in history. Sadly, the very culture that

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With My Sincere Apologies to Pawn Shops Everywhere

In the wake of America’s big economic wake-up call back in 2008, dollar stores and thrift stores saw, and continue

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How to Save Yourself From a Foolish Purchase

I wish I had a dollar for every stupid purchase I’ve made in my life. I’d have quite a stash!

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The Truth About Joy and Living Well, Below Your Means

Even the mention of words like frugality and thrift send some people over the edge because, for them, those words

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Readers Share Their Brilliant Ideas Plus Something More

What I love more than great tips and brilliant ideas from my readers are the lovely words of love and

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16 Surprising Reasons to Stop Throwing Out Pickle Juice

It was a weird request. My friend Mary Ann asked if she could borrow some pickle juice. Huh? Who keeps

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Make it Better Yourself: Homemade Coffee Creamer

Cream. It’s coffee’s perfect mate. And when that creamer comes flavored in a handy bottle from the dairy case, even more perfect, right? Oh,

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Every Busy Cook Needs This Easy Go-To Recipe

I may be the only person in the world for whom this happens, but I doubt it. On a whim,


How to Make Sure You are Using the Right Amount Laundry Detergent

As you know, and only because I do mention it from time to time, I get a lot of email.

Hanging jeans upside down is a great laundry tip to save time and money every day

This is Why You Should Start Washing Your Clothes Inside Out and More Laundry Hacks

I love to do laundry. I’m crazy that way. And I enjoy discovering ways to do it more efficiently—and by

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No More Car Payments: How to Buy the Car of Your Dreams with All Cash

Let’s say that tomorrow morning you wake up to discover that overnight—gulp!—your car was destroyed beyond repair. You’re not covered

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The Ultimate Restaurant Menu Cheat Sheet

A restaurant menu—no big deal, right? It’s just a list of the food items that a restaurant offers its customers.

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February is the Best Time to Buy These 9 Things

You probably know that certain things are cheaper at certain times. Whether you’re shopping online or prefer a brick and

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A Rescue Guide for Every Valentine’s Day Procrastinator

Valentine’s Day is this week, Thursday! I know, I can’t believe it either. Bless you, if you are prepared and

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Yummy Sweets You’ll Want to Make for Valentine’s Day

Friends. Valentine’s Day is next Thursday. This is Friday. Get the picture?

Thankfully, there’s a big beautiful weekend between now and then—plenty of time to

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How to Cook Perfectly Boiled Eggs Every Time

Eggs. They’re nutritious, delicious and cheap! Cooking them properly (can you say ramen?!) is quite simple, provided you know the

spray bottles in a bucket filled with cleaners you can make yourself that better than store bought and lots cheaper too
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Favorite Household Cleaners You Can Make Yourself for Just Pennies

It pretty much kills me to spend money on things I know I can make myself for less than their pricey

how-to-compare-price-of toilet paper
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Super Reliable and Easy Way to the Compare Prices of Toilet Paper

Over the years I’ve received thousands of money-saving tips from readers—many of which I’ve shared in books, newsletters and this

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Make Your Kitchen Look Like New for Around $400 and Some Sweat

I know what you’re thinking … there is no way! A beautiful, well-done kitchen makeover for less than $400?! Yes.

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Recipe Substitutes: In a Pinch You Can Use This for That

Has this ever happened to you? You’re well into preparing a meal or recipe when you discover you’re all out