Rarely do I gush. But gush I do over my Eufy Cordless Stick Vac*. Can’t help it. Eufy is so handy, easy to use and serves us so well in our home, office, garage and alas, my husband’s woodworking shop.

Eufy HomeVac Lightweight Cordless Upright-Style Vacuum Cleaner (NOT to be confused with the Eufy Duo 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, of which I am not such a fan) is not a broom, not a mop and not even a substitute for a good vacuum cleaner.

*Update: As of Jan. 2019, Eufy Cordless Stick Vac has been discontinued. But not to worry! Deik Cordless Stick Vac is all that Eufy was, with a few upgraded features. It is interchangeable with Eufy as pertains to the directives in this post. Deik is nearly identical to the now-retired Eufy in the way it comes apart to be cleaned. I love my new Deik and think you will, too. Check it out. 

Deik Cordless Stick Vac


Eufy is sorta’ (kinda’) like an electric broom that picks up dust, dirt, hair, fur, cat litter and all manner of debris from hard surface floors and from the surface of low-pile carpet.

Eufy is cordless, super lightweight with a swivel head and sports a Lithium-ion battery that holds a charge like … forever!

Eufy stands up alone, unlike most of its competitors. It’s just awesome. And inexpensive. But even Eufy cannot go very long without a decent cleaning and a good bath. Read more