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Every day I get loads of mail including wonderful notes, letters, and email messages from my awesome readers.

Tucked into

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If things aren’t looking so good for you to get away from

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travel word scheme and computer keyboard

How I Book Really Cheap Travel

Recently, while packing up files and expense records, I came across a file for a  business trip that

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Family vacations can be either delightful or disastrous—it depends greatly on your attitude and the care you devote

You Need a Vacation

Forget the excuses. You need a vacation and for more reasons that it’s just fun to get away.

My Travel Buddy

Travel is not what it used to be. Having flown 1.5 million miles in the past 20 years,

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Fantasy Vacation for Less

Dear Mary,

My husband and I have been saving for the past year to take a long-overdue romantic getaway, and