young woman with a shocked expression examining a document with a magnifying glass
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The Fine Print: Deal With It!

Never trust the flashy print, the cool logos or the enticing promises of a credit-card or other consumer credit application.

Carpet surgery
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When All Else Fails, Carpet Surgery

Carpet stains are near the top of my personal list of pet peeves. I’m not talking about an accidental spill

Cyber Monday Everyday Cheapskate
Gift Guides, Home & Family

Cutting Through the Hype to Find Some Decent Cyber Monday Deals!

For me, Black Friday wasn’t black at all. It was Fun Friday at a local family fun center with my

Food & Recipes, Mary's Perspective

Stay Calm and Make Your Own Mixes

Checking one of my email inboxes this morning (I have several) made my heart race and my head spin. Hundreds

Cleaning, Laundry

How to Remove Rust Stains from Just About Anything

If there’s one subject that shows up in my inbox more often than any other, it has to be rust.

Food & Recipes, Gifts, Holidays and Special Occasions

Christmas Gifts From My Instant Pot: Candied Lemon

I’ve never gotten into the whole Black Friday retail extravaganza. Might be because I’m not a fan of crowds, chaos,

Best Inexpensive, Home & Family

Best Inexpensive™ Water Filters—Pitcher, Under-Sink, Countertop


Dear Mary, Home & Family

Ask Me Anything: Pre-Owned iPhones, Pet Stains, Carpet Cleaning Machine

Have you seen the latest iPhone X? Read about it? I nearly choked when I learned it comes with a


Great Reader Tips: Packing Cubes, Sink Clogs, Cooking Spray, BBQ Grill Cover

Over the years, I’ve done it a dozen times if I done it once—toss out the clear vinyl zipper bags

Food & Recipes

How to Make Fabulous Meals Using a Formula, Not a Recipe

Ever feel like kitchen klutz? Wish you could take that odd assortment of stuff in the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer

Mary's Perspective

Mistakes Teach Us What Doesn’t Work

Have you made any mistakes lately? Want to talk about it? Most people don’t. Can’t say that I blame them.

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How to Shop with CASH at Amazon

I can’t think of many things worse than waking up on Dec. 26 with a raging debt hangover—an all-too-common after-Christmas

Dear Mary, Tips

Ask Me Anything: More Laundry Stains, Jewelry Cleaner, Ugly Toilet Ring

There’s an old proverb that says, teaching teaches the teacher. Not only do I believe this, it was proven to

Food & Recipes

Fabulous Solution to the Breakfast Dilemma

Mom was right. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Recent medical research says we cannot afford to

Kids and Babies, Tips

How to Maintain a Reasonable Toy Inventory and Other Great Reader Tips

If you have kids, you might be dreading how many new toys you’re going to have to find room for