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Help! Rust Stains on My Fiberglass Bathtub

Dear Mary: Our water is very hard and as a result has created rust-colored stains in the fiberglass bathtub. I’ve

Dear Mary

The Cheap and Easy Way to Build a Great Credit Score

Dear Mary: You have written in the past that it’s important that we keep our credit cards “active” even when

Mary's Perspective, Money and Finances

Making the Shift to Living with Cash

Banks and retailers benefited greatly over the past decades by promulgating the cashless lifestyle. They convinced us that it’s much

Mary's Perspective

How to Stop Worrying Forever

Somewhere in my life, I picked up the behavior of worrying. About money, mostly, but I can worry about anything,

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Take it Slow and Easy

It’s summer, it’s hot and the last thing you want to do is to heat up the kitchen. Going out

Dear Mary

How Credit Inquiries and Cosigning Can Affect Credit Score

Dear Mary: My son is looking for an apartment near his new job in order to avoid a horrendous daily

Dear Mary

Cheap Ways to Fly, Stay Cool and Clean Up, Too!

Mostly, what I know about every way imaginable way to save time and money I’ve learned  1) out of sheer desperation or


Got Red Carpet Stain? This EC Reader Has the Solution!

If you’ve ever had a big ol’ ugly red stain on your otherwise beautiful carpet, you know the meaning of

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Rebooting My Spirit

To say that I am impressionable would be to put it mildly. And when I say impressionable I mean prone

travel word scheme and computer keyboard
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How I Book Really Cheap Travel

Recently, while packing up files and expense records, I came across a file for a  business trip that could have

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Take the Luck Out of Potluck

I grew up as a preacher’s kid in the era of the all-church potluck, a kind of ritual that took

Food & Recipes

Don’t Throw That Out!

Ever walked into the kitchen to get that first cup of coffee only to discover someone left the ice cream

Food & Recipes

What Can I Make With THAT?!

If your refrigerator is at all like mine, it harbors an odd assortment leftovers and “almost gones!” So what on

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Paycheck 101: A College Grad’s Guide for How to Manage an Income

There you are, a college graduate with your newly-minted degree in one hand and new job in the other—or confidence

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Better and Cheaper than Food Trucks

The Food Truck phenomenon has exploded across America, mostly in large urban areas of Los Angeles, Denver and Austin, Tex.,

Food & Recipes, Home & Family

Everybody Needs a Slow Cooker

    A slow cooker, unlike this little guy in a chef’s hat, is an ingenious appliance. It’s simple. It cooks

Dear Mary

Super Inexpensive Chromebook Laptop Gets Another Rave Review Plus More Reader Feedback

Somedays I stare at my email inbox the way a meteorologist stares at a barometer. While the meteorologist counts on