YouTube Demo Videos a Hit with Consumers

It’s hard to remember a time when YouTube wasn’t a part of our lives. It seems like every day I receive a link from a friend or family member sharing something fun, poignant or thrilling on YouTube. My friend Lou at is a YouTube star. She has a series of videos that show her demonstrating the uses of her amazing product, Nok Out. Looks like Lou is on to something.


YOUTUBE HOW-TOS. My sister introduced me to YouTube as the go-to place for repair how-tos. She was able to repair her clothes dryer using a YouTube video that demonstrated all the repair steps, including pulling the tub to reach the part she needed to replace. I used it when my clothes washer sprang a leak. I was able to make a tentative diagnosis, and then decided I was not physically able to make the repairs myself. I called a repairman and didn’t have to worry that the repair was unnecessary. Roberta, EC Blog

HALF A TURKEY, PLEASE. During the turkey sales in November I buy an extra frozen turkey and have the butcher cut it in half. I also buy a fresh turkey and have that split, too. At home, I cut the legs and thighs like I would a chicken. Then I package everything individually and cook or freeze. Jane, EC Blog

SUPER GLUE FOR SUPER NAILS. I apply Super Glue with a brush to my fingernails just like nail polish. I work with my hands, fixing things and doing crafts, and have very weak nails. With a layer of Super Glue my nails look shiny and healthy, and the protection really keeps them that way. Cathey, email

HANDY GROCERY IQ APP. My husband and I use the free Grocery IQ app on our smartphones. I can scan items at home as I use them up or I can type in what I need. My husband can add to the grocery list as well. When I go to the store, I have our complete list which includes brands I like to buy. It is a really great tool. Bernice, SC

LIME AWAY THE ODORS. I had an odor problem with my fairly new dishwasher. The inside was stainless steel and no matter what I did, I could get rid of the odor. I tried everything in the manual including vinegar, bleach and cleaner from the supermarket, with no success. A dishwasher repairman finally told me to try Lime-away. I had used this product for years for other purposes, but I never read the back label to see that it was also good for dishwashers and washers. He told me that a food “sludge” can line the walls of the hoses or pipes that take the water out of the dishwasher, and it may be difficult to remove with regular products. I tried it and thankfully it worked. Now I do it on a monthly basis to keep it from building up again. Arlene, VT

QUESTION: Have you ever followed a YouTube demonstration video for a do-it-yourself home maintenance or repair project? If so, tell us about it here.

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  1. amcramer
    amcramer says:

    There’s a YouTuber called, “cutegirlshairstyles” or some similar name and just when my daughter (age 8) was starting to feel “homely” compared to her female classmates, who went to school with beautiful and lavish hairdos, I learned how to curl and braid her hair in different ways to give her the confidence she needed.

  2. Charlene
    Charlene says:

    Recently the handle on my toilet broke off. I watched a video on YouTube that showed a man repairing a toilet handle. I was able to replace it myself and was really proud that I did it.

  3. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    I just refilled a toner cartridge and saved a bundle over buying a new cartridge for my laser printer. The instructions weren’t applicable to my printer, but after watching some videos on you-tube, I was able to figure it out. I also installed a new toilet without the help of a plumber or my husband. I like watching a wide cross section of videos before I start to see what potential pitfalls I might get into. Some videos are much better than others!

  4. Lslb
    Lslb says:

    I replaced all of the screens in my home with the help of you tube videos. It was really simple and not expensive. I even learned how to remove my screens by watching a video. It is empowering to accomplish tasks yourself!
    LB, North Carolina

  5. RR
    RR says:

    When we moved to our new house, the toilet just HAD to go…my husband bought a new toilet at Home Depot and installed it himself, using a you tube video as his manual! He did a great job, said it was easy, and saved several hundreds of dollars!

  6. Hanna
    Hanna says:

    My husband just used this very thing two days ago to replace the cord on our dryer. We just moved and found out that our older dryer would not fit the new standard type of outlet. He said the video was a life saver!

  7. Victoria
    Victoria says:

    My husband was laying a laminate floor and made a mistake in cutting out a doorway. Unfortunately he didn’t realize it until the next row was laid, but fortunately a YouTube video demonstrated how to cut out the miss-cut one and replace it with the proper one.

  8. Sasha
    Sasha says:

    Two years ago my husband and I decided to go a full year without buying anything new (that wasn’t consumable). Of course, the washer and the dryer went shortly after–both at the same time. My husband went on Youtube and found the site for Repair Clinic that not only helped him diagnose the problem and fix it, but order the parts. Any parts not used were sent back for a refund.

    We saved a lot of money and also were able to keep to our goal.

  9. judym52
    judym52 says:

    It wasn’t a repair but I used a you tube video to make the flowers for my daughter’s wedding out of silk flowers. It cost 1/10 the price of fresh flowers from the florist.


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