Readers Respond to Winter Tips

I asked readers on my blog to share their favorite tips for protecting their home and car in the winter. It’s amazing how many of you live in the ice and cold! I can honestly say I would never have thought to try Ranch Mommy’s genius tip.

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SHEETS ON THE WINDSHIELD. To make snow and ice removal easy, spread an old towel or sheet across your windshield and secure it in the car doors. In Wyoming, if something isn’t anchored down, the wind will take it away. Ranch Mommy, Wyoming

PASS DOWN FAMILY HISTORY. My children thought I was nuts when I kept so many of my parents’ things when they passed. But now, every Christmas they get a treasured item with a little note telling about its history and about that person’s life or childhood. June, EC Blog

AUTO PAY UNTIL DEBT-FREE. I’ve scheduled my credit card payments on auto pay for every Monday until June of this year. That’s how long it will take me to be debt-free. Doing this was so simple and I’ve already forgotten about it. Louise, EC Blog

UTILIZE THE FRIDGE WALLS. Do you know that the inside ceiling and walls of your refrigerator are magnetic? When I discovered this, I decided to use the walls to hang leftovers. I take a magnet from the front of my fridge and use it to secure a zip-type bag of leftovers on the inside wall of the fridge. I don’t forget the bag is there because it’s hanging right there when I open the door. Melanie, email

LUNCHTIME STOCKPILE. I pack lunches every morning for three teenagers and my husband. More often then not, I would get started and discover that the chips and snacks intended for lunches had already been eaten. So, I started packing “starter” lunch bags.

On my grocery shopping day I purchase enough chips, drink boxes and snacks for two weeks worth of lunches. I line all my brown paper bags up on the counter and drop a drink box, chip bag and snack into each bag. I put one week of lunch bags in a box in my pantry and the second week’s bags in an extra closet. To pack a lunch, I pull out the number of bags I need and add fruit and a sandwich to each. This has saved me a lot of time, money and frustration. My costs go down because the food is actually eaten for lunches as it was intended, and I am saved the frustration of madly looking in the fridge for lunch ingredients or the expense of giving everyone money to buy lunch. Evelyn, Colorado

LESS PUMP, MORE SOAP. Save on liquid pump soap by wrapping a rubber band repeatedly around the pump part and push it down. If you push all the way down, it will only pump about one drop of soap at a time, but that’s really all you need. It gives plenty of suds for washing and you just saved a lot of soap! NormaJean, EC Blog

Question: Do you have a favorite wintertime tip? Share it here.


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  • Q

    I liked the sheets idea. Cheap shower curtains might be good because they don’t stay wet the same. I loved the idea of the sun shade on the windshield in the winter under the wipers.

  • Tracy, Alaska

    Chapped lips? Put a thin coat of Vick’s Vapo Rub on your lips just before you go to sleep at night.

  • Norma Oren Missouri

    I don’t understand why Evelyn in CO is making lunches for 3 teen-agers and the husband. Sure you can save money that way, but what is wrong with them making their own.

    • Jean

      Back in the 60s and 70s, my mother made lunches for us through high school. I decided to do that with my kids through high school, too. I figured my kids did their chores and pulled their weight in the family, and it was a way for me to show them I loved them. It also gave me a chance every day to tuck encouraging, funny or warm notes into their lunches. I felt is was another way to stay in touch and show my love and support.

  • slccom

    I hate shoveling footprints and tire tracks when it snows. I keep my snow shovel on the front porch so I can shovel as I go. It makes it so much easier when I don’t have to hack icy areas!

  • Joan Phillips

    I keep carpet samples in the trunk in case I get stuck in the snow; simply put the carpet in front of the tires and drive right out!

  • Napo

    I bought a huge tarp and use it to completely cover my car when it is going to snow. I tuck it in all around the doors and rear hatch to keep it from blowing away. One good pull and ~ Voila! ~ instantly clean SUV, with no snowy top to clean off! I nicknamed it my red-neck Garage. 🙂

  • Julia, North Carolina

    I guess this is a year round hint. I just happened to think of it because of the cold dry air and my skin is suffering this time of year. In place of buying liquid soap, I save all my left over soap bars instead of throwing them away when they become too small to hang on to in the shower. I place them in a canning jar with some water and wait for them to get soft and dissolve into liquid form. I use the soap that is 1/4 cleansing cream so it is especially nice for dry skin. also you can use it in place of body wash. Save lots!

  • Harlean Greathouse

    I live in Arkansas and we had power outages over Christmas in our area. Many people had to leave homes that were without power and thus without heat. The biggest worry was frozen water pipes that might burst. If you find yourself in that situation, turn your water off at your meter outside, Then turn your water heater off. Next open all your faucets and let the water run until it is stops. This indicates that your pipes are empty. They are now safe from bursting as the reason for broken pipes in freezing conditions is that the water expands as it freezes, and if the pipes are full, there is no room for the expansion.No water to freeze means no damaged pipes.