These 9 Pocket Tools and Gadgets Make Fabulous Gifts

I’ve been doing some early Christmas shopping, specifically for unique but useful gadgets—stocking stuffers for the adults in my family, some who can be hard-to-buy-for.


That’s a task I usually leave until the last minute, which sends me scrambling. But not this year. I’m way ahead of the game since I found the perfect gifts—these super cool, unique and useful, pocket-size tools and gadgets.

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Leatherman Micro Tool

A pair of scissors
ImageLeatherman Squirt PS4 Multitool, the quintessential gadget, is a mere 2-1/4 inches in length when closed, and 2 oz. in weight—pocket size! Its spring-action clip easily attaches to a key ring or backpack or slides easily into a small pocket in a handbag.

With its three screwdrivers, wire cutter, scissors, knife blade, file, tweezers and bottle opener, you’ll have 9 tools powerful enough to keep you going when things fall apart. And did I say practical? This little Squirt PS4 requires only one hand to open and to use all the tools, too. Remarkable! The Leatherman Squirt PS4 Multitool is super cool, available in three colors and comes with 25-year warranty.

Olight Mini Flashlightfather\'s day giftA close up of electronics

Olight Mini Banton s1 is the smallest flashlight ever, yet so powerful with its 600 lumen ultra compact rechargeable LED battery. When it runs out of power (it has an amazing capacity, so it won’t be often), just pop the battery out and recharge it through a built-in Micro-USB port (cable included). The tail clip is magnetized so it sticks to whatever is handy which makes it hands free. This flashlight is compact—smaller than a lipstick! Comes with a handy clip to keep it secure in any pocket.


Keychain Micro-Light

Light and Tool

Such a handy addition to any keychain, this micro light has an On-Off switch, then operates with a pressure switch in a couple of choices of beam color. Photon II LED Keychain Micro-Light comes with replaceable Lithium battery and unbreakable high intensity LED bulb. No more fumbling to read the playbill or restaurant menu or find the keyhole in the dark. What an inexpensive, sweet gem!


DoohicKey Multi-Tool

DohicKey Multi-tool looks like a key, joins other keys easily on a keyring, but comes to the rescue when you need an auto repair, to cut a fishing line, open a bottle, or to remove that tiny screw so you can replace a battery. Here’s the only drawback: You might forget you have it because it just blends in so well! Such a super cool tool.

key and Tool



Two-Blade Folding Pocket Knife

A close up of a knife

Buck Knife Deuce Two-Blade Knife is super small at just 2 5/8 inches closed length and weighing in at only .7 oz. Made of high-quality stainless steel which makes it corrosion resistant, the clip point blade is used for detail work, while the coping blade makes beautifully curved cuts; capable of getting into tight places. With a beautiful woodgrain handle, this pocket knife is as handy as it is handsome. A wonderful gift!


Pocket Knife/Money Clip ComboA close up of a device

The Gerber EAB (Exchange-a-Blade) Pocket Knife / Money Clip is quite ingenious. First it folds to hide the blade and locks in place so no one gets hurt. Next, that blade is totally replaceable, just like a typical utility knife. But wait! There’s more: The pocket clip doubles as an optional  money clip. Overall length is just 4.1 inches when open; closes to 2.4 inches. Uses standard contractor grade utility blades.


Original Hobo Knife

A close up of a knife

For every camper, hiker and scout—a hobo knife! And Ka-Bar Stainless Steel Original Hobo Knife is the only one I considered, due to its sleek design and quality construction. When closed it is just 3-3/4 inches in length. Comes with the three utensils anyone needs for on-the-go or outdoor dining. Pieces slide apart for washing and easily go back together again.


Teeny Tiny Lighter


Why is it that when you need to light a candle in an emergency or on a birthday cake, that you have no idea where to find a match? You’ll never find yourself in that position again once you have this very small, but fully functioning lighter.

Tool and Keychain

PPFISH Mini Brass Lighter flame burns at 600 F., which means you’ll definitely start a fire when you need to. Contains both the replaceable flint and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket or on your keychain, ready for any camping, survival, or emergency use. (Lighter fluid is not included, so be sure to get that, too.) The built-in o-ring keeps your lighter fluid from evaporating, and also makes the lighter waterproof. Protected by a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty, too!

Waterproof Match Case

A close up of a microphoneNot everyone wants to carry around a lighter, or so I’ve heard. But still, it’s good to be prepared in time of emergency, which means dry matches at the ready. Exotac MATCHAP Waterproof Match Case is just the ticket to get that job done. Holds matches up to 3 inches in length and keeps them dry even if case is submerged in water. Phosphorous striker is included inside the cap to keep it protected and dry, as well. The inside diameter is wide enough to reach the bottom with your finger. Perfectly designed for function, and it looks good too!

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  1. Jaime Cole says:

    Mary forgot to list prices. Going to Amazon on my slow Internet takes too long, so after waiting for the first one to load, I just skipped them. I’d rather have the prices listed here next time.

  2. J. Mertes says:

    Hard to believe the queen of cheap recommends a $50 flashlight. Even if it’s rechargeable, that’s way too much for a cheapskate.


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