11 Ways to Use Windex That Will Make You So Happy

The guys who installed our new shower doors warned us not to use Windex to clean them as it will damage the hydrophobic sealant. Huh? A few minutes of research explained the warning, but also taught me a lot more. I had no idea that the power of Windex could be harmful* on one hand, but so beneficial on the other. There are lots of good ways to use Windex around the house.

Pretty smiling housewife doing general cleaning in kitchen

Bug spray

Hit those ants and other creepy crawlies with a mist of Windex and watch them curl up and die. Many readers have reported this works really well but once cleaned up, it will not prevent the bugs from coming back. To do that, spray the cleaned up area with a light mist of white vinegar to create a more lasting barrier.

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