How to Survive an Income Crisis

As I read how a grateful family and community welcomed home 8-year-old Leia Carrico, and her 5-year-old sister Caroline, who’d been missing for two days in the Northern California wilderness, I was moved to tears. The bravery of these adorable girls and their stunning ability to move quickly into survival mode holds so many lessons for every one of us.

Two cute kids hiking in the forest depicting the need to be able to survive a crisis

Leia and Caroline were focused like a laser beam on their ” right now,” not worrying or even thinking about the future—all of the “might happens” or “what ifs.” Oh, what a valuable lesson we can learn from these children.

Could you live through such a crisis? How about an income disaster? If you get the infamous pink slip tomorrow, will you know what to do? If you have it already, take a deep breath and let’s walk through a few basic strategies.

Don’t panic

It is essential that you keep your head and your cool, as demonstrated so aptly by young Leia who told reporters, “We needed to find shelter fast!”

The first few minutes, minutes or hours of any crisis are critical. If you lose it now, you will waste precious energy. At the moment of impact, take a huge deep breath and stay calm. While a job loss can be a devasting shock, it is not life-threatening. There is a way out and you will find it.

Rally the troops

Your attitude will make or break your ability to lead in a crisis. Equate survival with adventure and exciting new opportunities, resiliency, and creativity.

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