Over the years, I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to address audiences large and small, at all kinds of event from retreats to conventions, college chapels, and conferences throughout the U.S and abroad.

It’s one of the best things I get to do and I am always honored to be invited. The part I enjoy most happens when I’m done and it’s time to take questions from the audience. I value the trust my readers have in me, whether at a live event or right here on the blog.


A Gift You’ll Never Regret Giving Yourself

Dear Mary: We owe about $200,000 at 4 percent on our 15-year mortgage, and have the money to pay it off now. If we do this, we lose the tax benefit of the mortgage interest and the possibility of being pushed into a higher tax bracket. One way to avoid this would be to purchase a second home, get a mortgage and rent out the house. We’ve heard that the rental market is good in our area. What do you think of our idea? Alex

Dear Alex: My advice depends a lot on your age. If you are nearing retirement, I recommend you bite that tax bullet and pay off the mortgage. That will assure you a rent-free retirement—a gift you’ll never regret giving to yourselves.

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