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How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

Whenever I write about the benefits of using wool dryer balls in place of laundry softeners, I get a few responses gently raking me over the coals for suggesting we should spend money for commercially manufactured products when it’s so easy to make your own wool dryer balls.

Yes, I could do that and so could you. But unless you have a super cheap source for 100% wool yarn, it could cost more to make them than to buy, which would be counterintuitive.

What if I told you where you just might be able to get all the 100% wool feltable yarn you need to make a full set of wool dry balls for about a dollar? Prepare to be surprised!

See you at the post … Love, m 🐑


How to Give New Life to an Old Eyeglasses Case

Recently, I dropped off several out-of-prescription eyeglasses at a Walmart Vision Center, just one of many collection centers around the country that partner with Lions Clubs to collect old eyeglasses for those in need at home and medical missions abroad. With the cost of prescription eyeglasses equaling a year’s salary in some countries, donated eyeglasses are the […]