And just like that, it’s August and peach season. That’s a big deal where I live in northern Colorado. We love peaches!

Soon we’ll be enjoying Peach Street Fairs, Palisade Peach Festivals; peaches piled high in every store’s produce department and featured on nearly every restaurant’s menu.



While there are many varieties of peaches, basically there are two types: If a peach is “freestone” it means the stone falls right off of the flesh when it’s cut. A “clingstone” will stick to the pit.

Freestones are larger, juicier, sweeter and easier to work with in the kitchen since the pit pops right out of a ripe peach. Many store-bought yellow and white peaches fall into this category. One of the most famous is the Georgia peach.

Clingstone peaches—peaches that are harder to pit because the pit firmly adheres to the flesh—are mostly used for canning.

Fresh peaches are available nationwide starting in late July until the first or second week of September.

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