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How to Get the Kids’ Rooms Organized

With schools in the U.S. schools closing several months before the school year ended and now summer, it does seem like the kids have been home like forever. And their rooms are starting to look like it! Don’t make their bedrooms a battleground. Instead, grab this opportunity to help your kids organize their rooms and their stuff. Surprise! I have a few ideas to help get started.

See you there … Love, xo m


2019 Holiday Gift Guide—Best Gift Ideas for KIDS!

Yesterday was so much fun—a kind of kick-off to Christmas around our house! Our grandsons Eli and Sam opened the first window on their respective Advent Calendars, which sadly have nothing to do with the true meaning to advent, but a topic for another day. Back to those calendars—so cute with a tiny toy in each window.

As I sat there enjoying the boys excited anticipation, it hit me. WHAM! Christmas is fewer than four weeks away.

I’m not pointing this out to send you into a state of panic—actually I am trying hard to avoid that for myself.

I’m telling both of us so we can make the most of the time we have to enjoy every moment of this beautiful season.

Should you find the names of kids on your shopping list—kids of all ages from newborn and up, today I have Gift Guides for you: Best Gift Ideas for KIDS and Best Gift Ideas for Learning Toys.

I think you will enjoy the fact that everything on these lists, while super fun to play with, is interactive requiring the child to think, create, and problem solve. All are super affordable, too. And of course my personal favorite toy is in the line-up. Honestly, I could play Rush Hour all day long and never get tired of it. OK enough about me. 😂

See you there… Love, m xo

P.S>Be on the lookout for more 2019 Gift Guides, coming right up.


What Every Kid Needs to Know About Greed and Thankfulness

If there is one thing that will ruin your kids’ lives, it’s greed. Teach them while they’re young how to pull the plug on greed, and you will have prepared them in a very important way to not only survive but also thrive in the real world. You might want to start with the simple lesson in today’s post— How to Defeat the Enemy Greed. It’s a lesson I wish I’d learned much earlier in life. It’s difficult to imagine how many life-impacting mistakes I could have avoided had I known this simple thing.

While you may not have children living at home, I would be honored if you shared it with someone who does. Or post it to your Facebook page, and or share it in your other social media circles.

It’s Day 8 in our 40-Day Christmas Challenge (yes, already!) You can listen and download that Episode HERE and also catch up on Episodes you might have missed. It’s not too late!

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Back-to-School Clothes Shopping

Your money is limited and time is short. Here is my best advice to make sure back-to-school clothes shopping doesn’t send you to the poorhouse. Set spending limits Time to get real. How much money (not credit) do you have available for school clothes? Write it down. Take an inventory Sort through your kids’ clothes […]


5 Reasons to Give Kids an Allowance

For the better part of my life I believed that more money was the answer to every problem in life. I was convinced that if we just made more money, won the lottery, or received some unexpected inheritance, all of our money problems would vanish.

But the more we made the worse our problems became. Because I didn’t know how to manage what we had, more would have never been enough. We didn’t save, we didn’t give, we didn’t plan, and we had no idea where all the money went. And surprise, surprise … our two young boys were becoming just like me!

It’s quite a story, but the thing that changed that trajectory for our two children was coming up with an allowance program. All of that in today’s post! See you there … Luv, m xo ❣️