Here is the Secret to Healthy Eating on a Budget

Recently, I got a frantic letter from Barbara, who lives in Florida. It seems that her teenage son has taken up bodybuilding and her husband is adhering rigidly to the Atkins Diet, both of which are protein-heavy. Barb got through the first week with a major case of mixed emotions: Her husband lost 7 pounds, her son gained 4—and her food bill doubled!


Can Barb keep her food costs down while still supporting her family’s healthy eating choices? I know she can. Special diets don’t have to be budget-busters. In the same ways her son and husband are adjusting their way of eating, Barb must adjust the way she shops.

Don’t pay full-price for protein

Tuna, chicken breasts, and lean beef cuts are always on sale somewhere. If you don’t want to store-hop, you can always find some cut of meat, fish, and poultry on sale in your favorite market.

Eat what’s on sale and if it’s a loss-leader (that means dirt-cheap in an effort to entice people through the door), stock up for the coming weeks.

Grab up the items that are marked down for quick sale because they are close to the “sell by” dates, and then freeze.

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Buy carbs in bulk

Find a warehouse club, ethnic market, health food store, or food coop that offers rice, beans, oatmeal, nuts and, legumes in bulk—by the pound. Store dry items in the freezer to retain freshness.

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Eat Healthy, Save Money

There exists a belief among many people that when it comes to feeding one’s family if it’s cheap it cannot possibly be healthy. That’s a myth. Don’t believe it.

Eating healthy while sticking to a budget comes down to shopping smart and cooking at home, mostly from scratch. It’s all about time and money—the two things that for most families are in short supply these days.

Delicious homemade apple muffins are healthy to eat and easy on the budget

Most of us just don’t have the time to do a lot of menu planning, recipe scouring, and strategic grocery shopping to make sure we have what we need, when we need it to make fabulously healthy food! And if you are a regular here, you know my solution is eMeals. Honestly, eMeals saves my bacon week after week. 

I hope you enjoy this recipe from the eMeals Healthy menu plan. For less than the price of one muffin from Panera Bread, I can make this entire recipe and come out with a dozen healthy muffins, and in less time than it would take to get in the car, drive to the mall, find a parking space, stand in line, get the muffin and make my way back home. And I know exactly what’s in these muffins.

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