Psssst! Could you use an extra $300? You might want to take a look in your garbage.

A survey conducted by The Garbage Project and Glad, the food storage people, revealed that the average household throws away 150 pounds of rotten produce each year.

At a conservative estimate of $2 a pound, each household is losing about $300 by tossing out produce that’s become more suitable for a biology project than human consumption.


In a survey of 1,000 households, Glad found that while 83 percent considered themselves knowledgeable about the best ways to store produce, only 32 percent knew the proper way to store apples; 38 percent the best way to store strawberries.

And so my Dear Readers, in an effort to raise our collective PIQ (produce intelligence quotient) what follows is a crash course in the proper care and storage of fresh fruits and vegetables: Read more