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11 Money Savers That Will Pay for Themselves Over and Again

It’s difficult to ignore what’s going on in the world, but even more severe, the economic downturn here in the U.S. I want to send a message directly to my Dear Readers who’ve been recently laid off or who are feeling insecure about their employment situation: I see you, I’m thinking of you, and I will be your companion every single morning until you’re back on your feet. And after that, too! We’re in this together … and together we are going to come through this and hopefully better for having done it!

I can’t be the only one recalling my grandparents’ seemingly endless references and stories about living through the Great Depression. That’s going to be us and or our kids in the future talking about the Great Virus! Ha.

I have to admit to being a bit of a gadget freak. I’m drawn to tools and devices that do cool things. And when I discover “cool” includes being a money saver, for me that turns a purchase into an investment with a guaranteed rate of return.

Today, a list of 11 gadgets, tools, and items I’ve found that can save a lot of money and generally recoup the cost in less than a year. Your mileage may vary.

You can count on this: Once you’ve recouped the purchase price, these items will continue to save you money—for free! See you there… Love, xo m

P.S. My Dear Readers of faith who responded to a previous message. Wow! There are lots of us. I’m busy figuring out the best way to proceed. I’m so excited—thrilled, and filled with anticipation. Sit tight, or stand by. You’ll hear from me very soon. For anyone who didn’t get in on that, send an email message to [email protected] with “Faith” in the subject line. More soon,


A Simple Solution for Gross, Smelly Towels

If my inbox is any indicator of what’s going on in the world, and I believe it is, smelly towels are a growing problem for consumers—and for sure my dear EC readers. And it’s a rather new problem, the result of modern things like front-loading high-efficiency washing machines, detergents, fabric softeners, and damp conditions. If you’ve […]


Fabric Softeners are the Problem Not the Solution

In the laundry room, most of us are prone to overkill. We want beautifully clean, brilliantly white, soft, and fluffy laundry results. And we don’t measure. We pour stuff out of jugs, straight into the washer, often adding a second big glug just to make sure.   We use liquid fabric softener by the gallon […]


How to Make Wool Dryer Balls

Whenever I write about the benefits of using wool dryer balls in place of laundry softeners, I get a few responses gently raking me over the coals for suggesting we should spend money for commercially manufactured products when it’s so easy to make your own wool dryer balls.

Yes, I could do that and so could you. But unless you have a super cheap source for 100% wool yarn, it could cost more to make them than to buy, which would be counterintuitive.

What if I told you where you just might be able to get all the 100% wool feltable yarn you need to make a full set of wool dry balls for about a dollar? Prepare to be surprised!

See you at the post … Love, m 🐑


How to Use Wool Dryer Balls and Why You Should

A previous post, Fabric Softener Products are the Problem Not the Solution, struck a chord with thousands of readers. I know because you send me messages and letters, which I love—even ones from some who are not 100% satisfied making the switch from problematic laundry softeners to what I find are amazing wool dryer balls. […]