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This is the Easiest Way to Cut High Winter Heating Bills

Until several years ago, I didn’t know something called a heated mattress pad even existed. It makes sense since I’d lived in Southern California for most of my life, where it is mostly warm all year round. Then we moved to Colorado, where the seasons are more pronounced—and winter heating costs can be shocking!

I’m excited to tell you what we discovered that takes care of both slashing our heating costs, but makes cold weather sleeping absolutely awesome! See you there! Love, xo m 😴 💤


5 Ways to Give Yourself a Raise

Is money a little tight? Hoping a raise will come through soon? I hate to burst your bubble, but even if it is exceptional, a raise probably won’t do much good. 

By the time you adjust a raise for taxes, you’ll be lucky to see half of it in your bank account. And if that’s not bad enough, nearly everyone who earns more automatically spends more. Reckless spending can consume a lot of cash, fast. 

I have a better idea. Give yourself a raise! How?! I have a few ideas for you in today’s post …

I’ll be waiting for you on the other side of your click.

xo Mary

P.S. Just like THAT, we went from 80 F days to sub-freezing nights here in Northern Colorado. So fast … and I love it. I have a roaring fire in the fireplace and hot coffee at the ready on this cold, rainy morning. It’s a beautiful day.


Why You Need an Emergency Fund and How to Get It

Emergencies, I’ll bet that in your life you’ve had a few. Maybe a dead refrigerator—on Christmas Eve, with dinner guests arriving in just five hours (uh, yes been there and will not soon forget). Or was it a medical emergency where the ER required $500 cash up front? I’m sure that between us we could come with a list a mile long!

Do you really believe you will never again face an unexpected life event that has dollar signs written all over it?

Listen, there is a prevalent mostly-unstated belief out there—one I’ve heard touted by a very famous financial celebrity. Maybe you can guess what it is. Ok, I’ll tell you: This guy and his many followers live believing that the available credit on their credit card account(s) is their emergency fund. If something happens, that’s their go-to plan. That’s not a new philosophy. I lived with it for 12 years when I was first married. And trust me … that is a reckless way to live.

You need an emergency fund. There’s no way around it and I’m talking about not just your financial situation, but also your mental health, your peace of mind, the joy of living.

I know. Times are tough. You can barely get by from one paycheck to the next. And as long as you keep that mindset and give yourself a pass, you’ll continue to live on the edge where if one little thing goes wrong (believe me, it will) it will plunge you into the dark abyss of a financial disaster.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I want to help you step away from the edge and into the joy of being prepared. All that in today’s post. See you there! Love, xo m


23 Ways to Chop Your Grocery Bill

Need a foolproof way to cut your food/grocery expenses by 25% this month? Announce to your family that there will be a complete ban on the consumption of food during the first week of every month. There. That should do it!  Twenty-five percent right off the top. What?! Don’t think you can pull that off? […]


How to Save $1,000 Cash Painlessly

The most important thing you can do to make your personal economy strong is to have an umbrella—an emergency fund with enough money in it to pay all of your bills for six months. And it needs to be safe and secure in a bank account. You read that right—half a year’s income! Wait. You […]


25 Ways to Save $1,000 on Monthly Expenses

A number of years ago I met Kathryn and Galen. They’d won a contest sponsored by Woman’s Day magazine. The prize? A money makeover and financial coaching with … me! From our first meeting, we became fast friends. Not only were they drowning in debt, Galen was dealing with a protracted season of unemployment. Their […]