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Ask Me Anything: Best Chromebook, Granite Stains, Estate Planning, and More

What’s inside today’s post? Reader mail! Here are the questions I’m answering from my bulging reader mailbag. When you get there you can just click on the number to jump straight down to the question. Or scroll through to read all. Enjoy!


1. Best Inexpensive $500 Computers 

2. White, filmy, hard water stains on granite

3. Help me overcome impulse buying, please?!

4. Is there any way to remove a Super Glue spill?!

5. Which is the best iron for quilters? 

6. Downloadable software for Estate Planning

7. Homemade Almond Extract, please!


Preventive Maintenance is Cheap Insurance

It was a Sunday night and the house felt cold. The only way for the Doloski family to keep their Illinois house warm and cozy in December is with a working furnace. One look at the thermostat told them that clearly, theirs was not.     Within minutes of arriving, the service technician diagnosed the […]