6 Reasons You Need to Celebrate Soon—and Often!

Celebrate? With all that’s going on in the nation—the world? Add to that the challenges in your life and you may be thinking that’s the last thing you’ll be doing now, or anytime soon. Let me encourage you to think again. Now, of all times, we need to celebrate wherever and whenever possible.


family jumping for joy in celebration


In their book, Why Good Things Happen to Good People, authors Stephen Post and Julie Neimark tell us that celebration is one of the most important ways that we express gratitude. Celebration is gratitude in action, and celebration—like rest, seat belts, and green leafy vegetables—is good for us!

Celebration creates joy

Feeling down in the dumps? Celebrate someone or something—anything! The gratitude you feel as a result of celebrating others, or creation in general, will help you to be less materialistic and therefore more easily satisfied with what life brings your way. It’s a fact that gratitude actually creates joy within our souls.  Read more