10 Awesome Ways to Do Halloween on a Budget this Year

Hear that sound? It’s the first of the major shopping holidays knocking on the door! Halloween is the fourth most popular holiday that gets consumers to open up their wallets—the kick-off to a lot of shopping before the end of the year. Here are some statistics that should scare you to death, brought to us by the folks at The National Retail Federation:  Americans plan to spend upwards of $8.8 billion just on Halloween this year. Mindboggling, right?

Young kids in costume trick or treating during Halloween

According to the survey, this is how that will break down: candy $2.6 billion; decorations 2.7 billion; costumes $3.2 billion. I don’t know about you but those numbers are more than frightening.

There’s no denying that we love Halloween. What other night do we get to eat, drink, and be scary? The problem is we’ve come to love it a little too much. Sadly, much of that spending will translate to new credit-card debt and what a terrible way to start out the new year.

I know we can do so much better than that this year if we’ll simply stop, think, and then find ways to do it cheaper!

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