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How to Remove Ink Stains on Leather

Good Morning, and Happy Saturday!

It is such a beautiful day here in Northern Colorado, where I get to live and work. Oh my, I wish you could see the snow-covered Rockies against the most beautiful, clear, blue sky. I’m sitting here looking out at about 7-inches of snow piled up on our deck—but not for long. An anticipated 40 F high today together with this Colorado sun will take care of that in short order. It’s no myth, folks—at exactly 5,280 ft. altitude (as measurred in our driveway), we are closer to the sun than most. It is amazing how quickly snow evaporates under these magical conditions!

On to today’s post …

A new leather sofa or handbag—so beautiful, right? Or perhaps it’s the car you’ve had for a long time—the one with leather upholstery that still looks fantastic because you’ve babied and protected it against spills and stains. Somehow, through the course of life, that beautiful leather gets hit with an ink stain. Yikes!

What can you do? Don’t panic (because panicking is not on today’s list of surefire remedies!). Instead, be prepared with this list of steps to take, starting with the simplest to the most severe.

Even if you don’t have an ink-on-leather stain today, you need to have this information planted in your mind so you’ll be ready when and if such a thing should happen! See you there … xo m