older man hot and sweaty heat of summer

Super Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

There are lots of ways to stay cool when the temps of summer soar—most of them holdovers from our childhoods.

older man hot and sweaty heat of summer

However, running through the sprinklers, dumping a bucket of water on your head, or drenching your t-shirt in cold water before putting it on do not offer particularly appropriate options especially if you are, for example, at work. Or any number of other hot situations—indoors or out.

Check out these super fun, cheap ways you can keep cool even when it’s really hot!

Fan that plugs into your mobile phone

PHONE FAN. This tiny-but-mighty Phone Fan plugs into your phone—iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone/Tablet. Yes, it’s adorable. But more than that, it works! And it’s quiet enough to use anywhere you get that need for air. Don’t worry about it draining your battery because this little gem works on precious little power. Pack of 3 Phone Fans.


Cooling neck towel used as a scarf will keep you cool for hours.

COOLING NECK TOWEL. Think back to Fifth Grade Science Class. Evaporating water plus moving air equals cold. That’s the principle at play with this fabulous Chill-Its Cooling Towel. Wet this towel thoroughly and it will give cooling relief for up to 4 hours, depending on the relative humidity. Simply re-wet to start again. Drape it around your neck, shoulders, and head for drip-free cooling relief as temperatures rise. The secret here is the absorbent and hyper-evaporative PVA material that holds more water, making Chill-Its the most effective cooling towel on the market. Comes in a variety of colors.

Handheld cordless rechargeable mini fan with removable stand


MINI HANDHELD FAN with optional stand. This cordless Handheld Mini Fan is, for me, a must-have during the summer months. Fits easily in my handbag, which means I leave that little round stand on my desk or nightstand and take the fan with me. Here’s the cool part: It is rechargeable because that stand has a mini USB port that lets me recharge the fan every time I put it back into its little docking station. I can use it on a plane, in the car, even (shhh!) in church—just about anywhere. This gem is so quiet.


A vest you wear that has super cooling ability.

COOLING VEST. For anyone who works outdoors, in an area that is not air-conditioned, or loves to hike—this is certainly something to be considered. Basically, a cooling vest works like a cooling towel, but it is wearable. Just think of the possibilities here—sports, spectating under the blazing sun, working in the garden.

While the cooling mechanism varies from one vest to another (there are lots of choices and they can get pricey!) this TechNiche International Adult HyperKewl Cooling Sports Vest uses good old H2O. It comes in a variety of sizes and choice of two colors for both men and women. Prices vary.

DIY. Check out these instructions to turn a vest you have already into a cooling vest. What a great idea!


Table top fan by Lasko

TABLETOP FAN. Only 6-inches in diameter and 14-inches tall, the Lasko Table and Desk Top Wind Tower Fan does the job of others that are much larger. And it’s attractive enough to fit into any decor. Comes with 3 speeds; fully assembled. Slim, space-saving size.


Vornado Zippi Personal fan

DESKTOP PERSONAL FAN. If you need cool air and quiet, too, you may need a Vornado Zippi Personal Fan. Two speeds, adjustable and pretty darn cute, too. Remember the little engine that could? Well, this is the fan version—the little fan that can! Comes in a variety of colors.


Vornado small whole room air circulator fan

ROOM FAN. Vornado Small Whole Room Air Circulator Fan uses Vornado’s signature Vortex technology for whole room air circulation. It really does create a kind of very pleasant … tornado! Its superior performance can be attributed to really deep-pitched blades that move air up to 70 feet. I use my Vornado to remove smoke from my coffee roasting machine since I now roast in our basement. I set the roaster between an open window and my Vornado and that puppy sends smoke out before it has any time to accumulate. Works like a charm, too. This powerful fan is quiet and comes in three sizes—small, medium and large—and two color choices, black or white.

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Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

TOWER FAN. The Lasko Wind Curve Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer stands a proud 42-inches high and boy can it perform. Three speeds with an oscillating option, timer, plus a bonus—a fresh air ionizer option. Operates quietly and looks good, too! Comes in a choice of woodgrain or silver. This tower fan is a tremendous value.

Happy first day of Summer 2018, everyone!

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  1. Jill Tinkham says:

    Mary, I love this fan: O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan. It’s $12.99 at Wal-Mart, but I think you can find it cheaper.


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