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How I Spent Forty Bucks to Avoid Surgery

It was a total self-inflicted injury. I did a really stupid thing. Early on a Saturday morning, I heard the doorbell chime, which reminded me I’d set up an early appointment with a landscape company.

Not wanting a second ring to wake my husband, I flew like a flash from one end of the house to the other—and down the hardwood staircase. Wearing socks.

A person lying on a bed

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When I hit that top step, my legs shot out from under me like a rocket and down I bounced. On my bum. Hitting the landing halfway down didn’t stop anything. Instead, it propelled me for a second shot all the way to the bottom where I landed hard and in full view of one bewildered gardener.

The pain was tremendous—the bruising even worse. I knew it was bad, but what are they going to do? Can’t wrap your bum in a cast, right? So I toughed it out. It took months, but finally, I could sit and walk normally. No harm, no foul, right?

Wrong. I don’t intend to bore you with the details. Just let me say that when you wake up in the morning and the only way you can get to the coffee pot is to crawl on your hands and knees, something’s not right. Or as my doctor put it while gazing at the x-ray, “Did you suffer an injury?” Well, yes I did but it healed.

This happened more than ten years ago and apparently what I considered “healed” was not exactly how the medical community would describe it. I pretty much destroyed my tailbone plus a few other technical outcomes. My method of dealing with the resulting pain has been with complete denial. If it “healed” once, it can heal again, right?

As you may have guessed, I have come to the end of my ability to deny this any longer. Sessions with a physical therapist have given me exercises, which I have performed religiously for many months but the pain remains.

Recently, my doctor said the words I was not ready to hear: “It may be time to schedule surgery.” Back surgery? Are you kidding me? Noooo! It’s not really that bad. I can live with it.

Now you have to know that I am not one to put any faith in late night infomercials. I’m smarter than that. But there I was, up late working and writing, and the infomercial was compelling.

A gizmo called the Lo-Bak Trax, promised “dual traction” to treat herniated discs, stenosis, sciatica, and degeneration—the very same words uttered by my doctor.

Look, I hate ordering anything from an infomercial. It’s all so scammy. I hate how they try to upsell by adding on bonuses or promises to throw in a “second one for free” for only an additional shipping charge. Yeah, right. I’m just not into that!

When I found this thing on Amazon with prime shipping and conducted my own limited research, I decided to give it a try. Yep, I fell for it. And I bless the day it arrived.

I’ve been using my Lo-Bak Trax device daily for quite a few weeks now, and it has changed my life. It’s so easy to use! Not only does it feel fantastic in use (not drudgery the way some exercising can be), I can feel it opening and stretching my spine, which is exactly what needs to happen to relieve this condition I have—whatever it’s called.

As long as I use this every morning—takes fewer than 10 minutes—I have no back or sciatic pain and for that, I am so grateful if not astonished. The thing looks like handlebars from a bike, weighs only 4 pounds, and easily fits in my suitcase. I will never leave home without it.

I have become a self-appointed Lo-Bak Trax evangelist. I’m out spreading the word how forty bucks changed my life and, at least for now, are making it possible for me to avoid surgery. I’m doing the happy dance!

To see how Lo-Bak Trax works, be sure to watch the short video you’ll find HERE.

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3 replies
  1. Donna says:

    Thank you for your review on this product! Have you considered doing reviews on most of the As Seen on TV products, using your readers comments? This would interest me greatly.

  2. Linda says:

    Mary, you have no idea how much I appreciate today’s column! I have seen this but figured it was just another gimmick. I will give it a try. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell us of your personal experience.

  3. Ann Farrell says:

    Mary, I am so sorry for all of the pain you have experienced. What did your surgeon say about your “recovery”? Was he supportive? I have family members who could be helped by this. I think this is a question they’d like to be asked.

    Take care.


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