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September 2019 is the Perfect Time to Buy These Things

Smart savers don’t buy things on a whim whenever a passing desire hits them from out of left field. Smart savers know what to buy and when. When they find bargains on items they use up, they stock up with enough to last until the next time that item goes on sale. And for certain, they know what to buy in September.


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These folks know that summer clothes are on sale around Labor Day. So they wait, patiently, then stock up for next summer. They know which is the best day in September to negotiate a great deal on a new or certified used car. They just know this stuff!

Plants and trees

Garden centers are clearing out their stock of summer plants, trees, and shrubs. Check your local nurseries and garden departments in stores like Home Depot and Lowes for super deals! You still have plenty of time to plant and get these things growing well before winter sets in. The local tree farm where I live has its annual $.50 tree sale in full bloom—buy one at regular price and get a second for just fifty-cents. Look around, you might have something similar where you live.


Starting this month expect to see sales on home appliances as stores are clearing out space to load in new 2020 models. Look for huge discounts and sales on last year’s models of stoves, microwaves, refrigerators and small appliances, too.


Need a new lawnmower? September is your month, but don’t delay. Home and garden stores are dropping the prices like crazy on models they have in stock. Especially the big ones like ride-on mowers. Those things take up a lot of space they need for all of the winter season merchandise on its way to their warehouses and showrooms. Take advantage of the great deals on floor models and other items now considered to be overstock.


In-season produce like apples, peaches, local corn tomatoes and more are in great abundance in September. If you’re into home canning in preparation for the winter months ahead, now’s the time to load up at super low prices. It pays to know what to buy in September!

Broadway shows

NYC Broadway Week is Sept. 3-16, 2019, where you get two tickets to select Broadway shows for the price of one. If that’s on your agenda—or wishlist—learn more here.


Not only are we approaching the end of another year, but September also marks the last month of the third quarter, with Sept. 30, 2019, being the last day of Q3. If you’re into negotiating the price on a new or certified used car, that’s your day. Dealers will be super motivated to move at least one more vehicle.


Sept. 20, 2019, is National Pepperoni Pizza Day. Start watching now for deals and super specials from your favorite pizza joint. Let’s hope that Pizza Hut repeats its 2018 offer: a medium pepperoni pizza for just a buck! Regardless, you should plan now to save some major dough!

Older iPhones

With yesterday’s announced release of iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, expect Apple to drop the price on newly discontinued models and older models, as well. The secondary market will be flooded with gently used phones, too as folks will be getting what they can for their current phone so they can upgrade to the newest, latest, greatest. September is a great month to buy a new phone.

Museum admission

Smithsonian Magazine’s Museum Day is Sept. 21, 2019, which allows you and one guest to check out any participating local museum for free. Here’s the routine: Go here to find the participating museums in your area. Click on Get a Ticket. Complete the registration form. Follow instructions to have your ticket emailed to you or click on Download Ticket. Print your ticket and you’re good to go!


National Coffee Day is Sunday, Sept. 29, 2019. In the past places like Krispy Kreme, Barnes & Noble and Cinnabon have offered free hot and cold cups of coffee, in celebration. And restaurants like McDonald’s will discount their coffee drinks all day long. Peet’s and Community Coffe Company have been known to discount their whole bean coffees by up to 30% in past years, so you can expect much the same this year.

Laptops and tablets

Both will be hit by new tariffs—which will add 10% to 15% to the price—but not until December. Now is the time to start watching for deals, especially on Chromebooks. Black Friday, Nov. 29, 2019, is likely to bring outstanding deals, right before price increases.


Holiday travel is going to be tricky this year, with so many airlines dealing with their grounded fleet—those 737 Max planes are still not flying. Now’s the time to book your holiday travel as good deals abound. Not sure of your plans yet? Remember that Southwest is the only airline that doesn’t charge any change fees. You can book now and then if your plans change, you can either change your itinerary or cancel it altogether without costing you an arm and a leg to do so. And checked luggage is included in your ticket price on Southwest.

Copy or print out this list and take it with you when you go out. Knowing exactly what to buy in September can have huge rewards.


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  1. Vicki says:

    Hi Mary! Thank God for you! I am a daily fan. In September, I begin to stock up on everyday, non-perishable items to cover the months of December and January. Everything from toilet paper, toothpaste to canned & frozen foods. If I have a coupon and its’ on sale – its’ go time. Also pay ahead on utilities for those months. Makes life so much easier when money, time and energy are tough to find for everyday essentials.

    • Kay Jones says:

      Great ideas. I don’t know if it’s available where you live, but my electric company has a plan I participate in. After they have one year’s usage information they will average your usage. I’m in New Mexico where we can have hot summers and cold winters, but nice spring and fall months. I like having a known amount to pay each month. Once a year they recalculate it and you can either pay any outstanding amount and keep the payment the same or they will figure out your new payment. It’s really helped me.


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