Randomly on a Saturday

1. I love coffee. The real stuff. Next best is a fun email I get each weekday morning—Morning Brew—that gives me a quick rundown and a jump on what I need to know about what’s going on in the world—with super brief summaries.

If I worked in an office with a watercooler and my fellow workers and I congregated around it, Morning Brew would give me confidence to contribute to the conversation. Or at least understand what others are talking about. Morning Brew makes me feel smarter and makes me laugh, too. Check it out. It’s free.


Men having break near watercooler on white background, closeup

2. Here’s a list of 2019 Sales Tax Holidays by state. One thing to note, not all states hold sales tax holidays. Some are annual and recur under legislation, while others that are non-annual require legislation each year.

3. Back to coffee. I have never been a fan of Starbucks coffee because it just tastes bad to me, and it’s plenty expensive. Now I have another reason to avoid Starbucks. Caffeine. One Starbucks Blonde Roast 12-oz. contains 270 mg caffeine. Compare that to a 12-oz. Red Bull energy drink at 80 mg caffeine and Coca-Cola Classic 12-oz. 34 mg caffeine. The Mayo Clinic advises adults to limit their caffeine intake to 400 mg per day.

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4. Harold and I took our grandsons, Eli and Sam, to Denver’s Downtown Aquarium yesterday for the umpteenth time. They love that place and would go every day if they could. It’s the sharks, baby stingrays they get to pet, the otters, lunch in the fancy restaurant and the… mermaids.

mary hunts grandsons

Yesterday Sam, age 3, asked, “Where do mermaids change their clothes?” I responded, probably in their dressing room under the sea. His inner parent shot back with, “They need to go down there and put their shirts on!”

5. I’m super excited. My daffodils are peeking their little heads out of the ground in my garden. We’ve had beautiful 50-60F days this past week, with 7oF days coming up, according to the 5-day forecast. Sure does look like Spring, but I’m not buying it. Never in the history of the world has northern Colorado experienced such an early Spring.

6. This is called Fake Spring. Mother Nature’s big fat tease.

7. I’ll let you know.

Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope it’s a wonderful day wherever you are.


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7 replies
  1. nanatimes6
    nanatimes6 says:

    I have two grandsons (and 4 granddaughters) ages 25 and 28 and they continue to give me wonderful memories and pride. The youngest goy married in July and the oldest comes home from Japan next week after teaching there for a year, indeed you have been blessed Mary as have I.

  2. Cally
    Cally says:

    Many-a-spring I’ve seen my Daffys weighed down by snow or pounded by rain, they are still cheerful reminders that nicer days are on the way.
    such handsome grandsons, almost as handsome as mine! 😉


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