It’s hard to remember a time when YouTube wasn’t a part of our lives. It seems like every day I receive a link from a friend or family member sharing something fun, poignant or thrilling on YouTube. My friend Lou at is a YouTube star. She has a series of videos that show her demonstrating the uses of her amazing product, Nok Out. Looks like Lou is on to something.


YOUTUBE HOW-TOS. My sister introduced me to YouTube as the go-to place for repair how-tos. She was able to repair her clothes dryer using a YouTube video that demonstrated all the repair steps, including pulling the tub to reach the part she needed to replace. I used it when my clothes washer sprang a leak. I was able to make a tentative diagnosis, and then decided I was not physically able to make the repairs myself. I called a repairman and didn’t have to worry that the repair was unnecessary. Roberta, EC Blog

HALF A TURKEY, PLEASE. During the turkey sales in November I buy an extra frozen turkey and have the butcher cut it in half. I also buy a fresh turkey and have that split, too. At home, I cut the legs and thighs like I would a chicken. Then I package everything individually and cook or freeze. Jane, EC Blog

SUPER GLUE FOR SUPER NAILS. I apply Super Glue with a brush to my fingernails just like nail polish. I work with my hands, fixing things and doing crafts, and have very weak nails. With a layer of Super Glue my nails look shiny and healthy, and the protection really keeps them that way. Cathey, email

HANDY GROCERY IQ APP. My husband and I use the free Grocery IQ app on our smartphones. I can scan items at home as I use them up or I can type in what I need. My husband can add to the grocery list as well. When I go to the store, I have our complete list which includes brands I like to buy. It is a really great tool. Bernice, SC

LIME AWAY THE ODORS. I had an odor problem with my fairly new dishwasher. The inside was stainless steel and no matter what I did, I could get rid of the odor. I tried everything in the manual including vinegar, bleach and cleaner from the supermarket, with no success. A dishwasher repairman finally told me to try Lime-away. I had used this product for years for other purposes, but I never read the back label to see that it was also good for dishwashers and washers. He told me that a food “sludge” can line the walls of the hoses or pipes that take the water out of the dishwasher, and it may be difficult to remove with regular products. I tried it and thankfully it worked. Now I do it on a monthly basis to keep it from building up again. Arlene, VT

QUESTION: Have you ever followed a YouTube demonstration video for a do-it-yourself home maintenance or repair project? If so, tell us about it here.

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