Parking Lot

Utilizing Technology Saves Sanity

Have you ever felt that electronic gadgets are making you crazy? I’ve thought that from time to time. But who would want to live without modern technology? Not me. And next chance I get, I’m going to try Denise’s very clever time and sanity-saving tip.

Parking Lot

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PHOTOGRAPH YOUR PARKING JOB. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve “lost” my car in a parking lot. Not any more! I use the camera on my cell phone to photograph where I’m parked, including an elevator name or lot number. Sometimes I’ll snap two or three pictures. And it works every time. I no longer have to remember or write down where I left my car. Denise, Illinois

SQUEEZE THE PANCAKE BATTER. Save empty ketchup bottles, thoroughly clean and allow to dry. The next time you make pancakes, put the batter in the bottle and squeeze it out into the pan. CR, email

LIFE BEYOND PICKLES. I save the liquid from jars of pickles, olives and artichokes. These liquids are great for pickling or marinading other veggies. I also toss them into homemade salad dressings or into mayo-based salads like potato, macaroni or pasta recipes. The only thing to remember is to be careful about mixing these liquids in the same recipe. Sweet pickle juice and Kosher dill pickle juice really don’t mix well. Luann, Kansas

SUPER GLUE FOR GREYHOUNDS. I read the tip in Everyday Cheapskate about using super glue for small cuts. For years, we’ve adopted greyhounds. They are wonderful dogs with great personalities, but they have very thin skin. The Arizona Adopt a Greyhound agency highly recommends that you keep super glue on hand for just such a purpose as small cuts on your hounds. Living in Arizona, there is a lot of thorny desert bushes. The dogs can get easily scratched and then they start licking the wound. This turns into a much bigger problem than it should, but a quick dab with the super glue quickly keeps the wound held together. Greyhounds run so fast they don’t realize when they run into things. Kathline, Arizona

GOOD TO THE LAST DROP. Don’t dump the leftover wine. Even a little will add flavor to a dish, sauce or salad dressing. A little wine to sauteed veggies or poached fish adds huge flavor. Cathy, California

SCRIBBLE CLEAN THE WHITE BOARD. To remove permanent marker images on a white board, take a non-permanent white board marker, scribble over the permanent images and then erase. Works every time. BJ, email

REMOTE CONTROL CASE. I have been using self-adhesive Velcro strips on things for years, but have found that the adhesive dries out and needs to be replaced with double-sided tape, rubber cement or something similar. My solution for disappearing remote controls: eyeglass cases. The remote fits into the open ended cases and I can “mount” them anywhere with belt clips, snaps and eyelets. Bob, email

Question: Even if electronic gadgets make you crazy, do you have a clever tip that utilizes your crazy gadget? If so, share your tip here

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  1. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I use the calendar on my cell phone to remind me to do things for example if I need to go to the store after work to pick up a few items, I create an “appointment” for 3 p.m. with the store name and what I need to get and I can set a reminder for 5, 15, 30 and so forth.

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