Saving Time Gives Peace of Mind

Any time I can eliminate or lower my stress level when traveling, I’m a happy camper. I am always on the lookout for travel tips and tricks. Now I can’t wait for my next flight, so I can try Gary’s tip. Read on.


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ARRIVALS FOR DEPARTURES. I travel a lot and sometimes if I’m in a time crunch getting to the airport, I use the Arrivals instead of the Departures to reach my terminal. This saves a lot of time, even though I may have to take my luggage up the elevator. I figure this is a viable option if the only other choice I have is to miss my flight. Gary, Oregon

HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE SQUARES. Instead of buying expensive baker’s chocolate squares, I mix three tablespoons of baking cocoa with one tablespoon of oil. Doing this gives me homemade chocolate “squares.” And since most recipes call for the squares to be melted, not only have I saved money, I’ve saved time, too. Helen, Missouri

ABSORBENT TUB BACKREST. I have the best tub backrest. It’s more comfortable than the inflatable ones and it’s cheaper than the ones designed for spas. It’s a baby bath sponge! Designed for laying a baby on its back, it’s large enough for my entire back. It sticks to the tub and stays warm as long as the water does. I toss the sponge in the washer periodically to freshen. Lauren, Florida

HANGING SPACE. My laundry room is long and narrow. I put up a tension shower rod and now I have the perfect place to hang clothes immediately after I pull them from the dryer. Betsey, California

CRYSTAL CLEAN WINDOWS. I discovered the best window cleaner. I add one tablespoon of Cascade automatic dishwasher rinse agent in two gallons of water. I apply this with a new sponge that has no soap residue. Now my windows shine with no spots. When I first started doing this my windows were really dirty and it took two applications to get rid of the grime. Debbie, Idaho

KEEP A SPARE. One year, after living through my first hurricane season, I decided to pay closer attention to non-perishable, essential items we need in our home. We make sure we always keep at least one spare in our home stockpile. Toilet paper, feminine products, dry pet food, paper and ink for our printer, essential school supplies and an emergency cash stash. Maggie, Mississippi

PRACTICAL MOVING MATERIAL. We’re a military family and have moved several times in the last few years. After my first move where I purchased bubble wrap and saved stacks of  newspapers, I got smart. Now I pull out the sheets, towels, tablecloths and T-shirts. I use these to wrap dishes, knickknacks and other fragile items. Everything is clean to begin with, so I just fold the linens and towels after I’ve unpacked. Janice, Texas

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  1. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    I move a lot as well, and several moves ago I discovered this tip using towels and t-shirts to wrap breakables. It works wonderfully!


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