The texture of food can certainly affect one’s tastebuds. If only changing the texture of things we don’t like was as easy as our first reader suggests. What a clever idea!


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DE-STRING THE CELERY. While celery might be a dieter’s friend, the strings are a nuisance. My husband suggested using the vegetable peeler to remove the strings, and it worked. Not only does it vastly improve the taste and texture of the celery for snacking, it makes chopping a breeze. Carol, Oregon   Read more

Any time I can eliminate or lower my stress level when traveling, I’m a happy camper. I am always on the lookout for travel tips and tricks. Now I can’t wait for my next flight, so I can try Gary’s tip. Read on.


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ARRIVALS FOR DEPARTURES. I travel a lot and sometimes if I’m in a time crunch getting to the airport, I use the Arrivals instead of the Departures to reach my terminal. This saves a lot of time, even though I may have to take my luggage up the elevator. I figure this is a viable option if the only other choice I have is to miss my flight. Gary, Oregon Read more

Hello Everyone out there in DPL Land! I hope you’re having a great weekend, despite the sizzling weather conditions in a great deal of North America. In an act of gratitude for being blessed with paradise-like weather where I live (currently 70F with gentle breeze), I thought I’d show you a quick and easy way to make fun snack containers to give a second life to bottles you might otherwise discard, and to also tidy up your pantry shelves.

If you have something like this in your refrigerator …

And something like this in your pantry …. Read more

For anyone who has had to deal with a child in pain, it can be a painful experience for everyone—regardless of the age of the child. That’s why as a parent—and now as a grandparent—I appreciate hints and tips that will help me be even more resourceful.


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It’s amazing how saving a little here and little there can add up to big savings. Each of these tips on their own doesn’t save much. But added up over time? It can really make a difference.


Don’t believe me? Think about the amount of cosmetics you’ve tossed because of an allergic reaction or it just wasn’t the right color. And don’t get me started on buying or making decorations for a child’s party—that can be a real money drain. Let these tips get your creative juices flowing on how you can substitute, reuse or repurpose what you already have. And send any new tips you come up with to me. I’d love to include them in a future column.

EYELINER TRICK. My eyelids swell when I use eyeliner pencils, and liquid eyeliner looks too harsh. Instead, I take an eyeliner brush or Q-tip, dip it in water and then into a dark shade of eye shadow. Then I apply it to my eyelid with the same results. This has saved me money, since eye shadow is less expensive than eyeliner. Tania, email Read more

Sometimes the best way to save a buck is to look in the most unlikely places. I’m a huge fan of the fresh produce at my local 99 Cents Only store. And milk, as compared to the price at my supermarket, is a bargain at the Walgreens across the street. But who knew we could decorate our homes from places like Dollar General? Our first reader discovered that, and I think her tactic is simply brilliant!

ALTERNATIVE DECOR. My husband and I recently repainted our living room for a fresh, new look and then realized our curtains no longer worked with the new color. We couldn’t find anything that we both liked. To our surprise, we found fabric shower curtains at Dollar General that worked perfectly and were only $10 each. Because of how wide our window is, we needed four of them, but for only $40 we have a totally new look in our living room and we love it. Trish, email Read more

Living frugally does not mean choosing a life of poverty. Frugality is simply the act of avoiding waste. It means finding the most economical way to accomplish a task or project.

Frugality doesn’t mean giving up, it means living better because when you have all that you need plus money in the bank, life becomes much easier. Frugality is a state of mind, an attitude you choose for a way of life that is rewarding.



Every day my mailbox fills with frugal tips from my loyal readers. Some make me laugh; others leave me wondering why I didn’t think of that. Still, others have become such a common way of life for me, I’m grateful to have been reminded of what a great frugal idea it is.

Enjoy this recent sampling:

Cheaper air

Last summer, it got so hot where we live, many nights it was nearly impossible to sleep. We have central air in our home, but to make the room comfortable for sleep would require cooling the entire house — and that gets very expensive. We decided to buy an Energy Star window unit for our bedroom, that we run just long enough to cool the room before we go to bed. Our electric bill increased by only a few dollars. Marielle Read more