Great Reader Tips: Recycle Home Chef Packaging, Laundry Stains, Remove Stuck-on Stuff

Just when I think I’ve heard every possible tip and trick for how to do things cheaper, better and faster, here comes the email from my awesome readers with their favorite tips, hints, and ideas. Some are old, lots are new and every single one is so much appreciated and enjoyed— by me!

Take a look and just see if you don’t agree with me.

NO STREAK FLOORS, BRITE LAUNDRY. I have two products that I cannot do without. I’d tried Bona on my hardwood floors and found it left streaks; tried extra rinsing, still streaky. So, I tried my trusty Murphy’s Oil Soap (about $7) following the label instructions. It works great. No streaking, leaves a beautiful shine plus smells extra clean. I use it with the Hardwood Floor Spray Mop you recommend. Perfect! Second, I have white capris, tees, etc. which needed a brighter look. I tried White Brite Laundry Whitener. It makes everything so white and bright—like new! Nell

HANDY SCRAPER. In response to a recent post about finding something to use for scraping away oven crud, we use a Lil’ Chizler Vinyl Label Scraping Tool all over the house to scrape paint, oven doors; to lift labels, decals, stickers and remove just about everything you can imagine—all without scratching. It’s amazing. Kaki

RECYCLE HC ICE PACKS. I posted my Home Chef freezer packs on Quite a number of people wanted them. One hunter took two boxes full. Barb

RESHIP IT. In response as to what to do with the Home Chef package material, we have a Going Postal Shipping Store that is happy to reuse all the packaging material for their clients’ shipments. Dawn

NO MORE SKANK. I drop a denture tablet in boiling water in hubby’s thermos and let it sit overnight. I use a bottlebrush in the morning and all the built-up coffee stains (disgusting) come right out! Joannie

DAWN RESCUE. I have a way of removing stains (especially grease) from washable fabric that I never hear anyone suggest. I put Blue Dawn Dishwashing Liquid on the stains, let them sit for a minute and 99% of the time the stain comes out completely. A friend even used it on a pair of her husband’s jeans that were stained and had been washed several times. All the stains came out. Blue Dawn is easy to get at any grocery, drug or hardware store. Rita

STAIN RECIPE. Here is the recipe I use to make my own Laundry Stain Remover. Mix together in a one-quart jar: 1 cup water, 1 cup household ammonia, 1 cup white vinegar and 1 cup liquid laundry detergent. I apply the lid to the jar and then use this to fill a spray bottle that I keep handy next to the washer. I spray stains generously, allow the item to sit for about 10 minutes, then wash as usual. It really works for me! Ginny

Thanks a million to all of today’s “tipsters!”

Got a great tip you’d like to share? Send it to me. Then sit back and watch for it to show up in a future post.

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3 replies
  1. Sue in MN
    Sue in MN says:

    Regarding the homemade stain remover: This sounds more like a chemistry experiment than a real cleaning solution! People are far too casual about mixing common household chemicals
    without knowing the possible effects. And ammonia and vinegar are both
    chemicals with potential side effects.
    Consider the chemistry at work here: ammonia is a base; vinegar an acid – chemically they will (at least partially) neutralize one another, resulting in a less effective solution. Further, mixing the two with an unspecified “liquid laundry detergent” could be a recipe for disaster if there happens to be bleach in the detergent. And finally, diluting with water adds nothing to the effectiveness.

    • Jule barta
      Jule barta says:

      Thank you!!!!! Far too many people do not consider the possible chemical reactions. I also have noted that many home cleaners mix chemicals that just end up neutralizing each other. Thank you!

    • Kimberley Hunter
      Kimberley Hunter says:

      I was thinking the same thing. If that tipster just put a spoonful or so of any liquid laundry detergent directly on any stain, and left it for an hour or so, it would probably lighten the stain, if it didn’t remove it entirely.


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