I love getting feedback from readers about past columns. Whether it’s an email to me at Mary[at]EverydayCheapskate.com or a comment posted on my blog at www.EverydayCheapskate.com, I thoroughly enjoy reading the follow-up responses and tips. For example, Carol sent me this great idea for my lemon bounty.


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GOT LEMONS? MAKE LIMONCELLO. I loved reading the Everyday Cheapskate column on Mary’s lemon bounty. I wanted to suggest for anyone who has an excess of lemons—make Limoncello. This is an Italian lemon liqueur that also uses the lemon’s peels, and it is delicious. I made it last year for Christmas gifts, and had the most fun shopping swap meets and yard sales to find really beautiful and unusual bottles. I even researched recipes using limoncello and attached them to the bottles. It takes a few weeks to make, but it’s easy and the end result is beautiful. With all the juicing, peeling and cooking, there’s not a smidgen of waste. Carol, email

HUNGRY GIRL TASTES BEST. I subscribe to the Hungry Girl emails and website (www.Hungry-Girl.com). The recipes on the site reduce calories and carbs by a whole lot. Food for me is all about taste, mouth-feel, flavor and satiety, and this website has all of these. Suzanne, email

RUB OFF CANDLE WAX. With the holidays coming up, I wanted to share a great method of removing candle wax from glass. Just rub a little olive oil on the wax and it will melt away easily. No need to heat the oil, either. Mary, Minnesota

FANCY RECIPE CARDS. Not being able to throw away the beautiful greeting cards I receive, I wondered what I could do with them. After looking through them, I found that many lend themselves to becoming 3 x 5 cards. Some even work well as 4 x 6 cards. Once sized, I use these as recipe cards. Now I can enjoy the colorful designs of these cards over and over. Shirley, North Carolina

BACON STARS AT THE MEAT COUNTER. I do not buy prepackaged bacon (around $5.99 a pound where I live). Instead, I buy bacon from the fresh meat section (where I am served by folks behind the display case) at $3.99 a pound. It is better quality bacon and I can get as much or as little as I want. Deb, EC Blog

DOLLAR STORE FROZEN FINDS. I live alone and I buy several things in the refrigerated and frozen food sections at my local dollar store. Because the packages are small, the food doesn’t go bad. I’ve gotten Land O’Lakes cheese slices, sour cream, cream cheese and bags of frozen fruit for my smoothies, for only $1 each. Abuela, EC Blog

NO MORE LOST TOAST. In the morning, my husband and I enjoy a piece of toast with our coffee. Unfortunately, the bread we like is small and hard to get out of the toaster. I bought an appetizer tong and it works perfectly for lifting the toast out of the toaster. Willa, email

Question: Any plans to give Christmas gifts from your kitchen? If so, share your edible gift ideas here

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