Scrape off bottom of burned cookies for a quick rescue

Burnt Cookie Rescue and More Great Reader Tips

Opening my mail to find a clever tip from one of my loyal readers about how to rescue burnt cookies took me back to my childhood.

My mother used to scrape burned toast with the back of a butter knife until it wasn’t burned anymore! Funny how visuals like that can get tucked away in our memories, isn’t it?

Toothpick Holder

I needed something to hold toothpicks, so I cleaned out a short votive candle holder. It is just the right size and looks good, too. Tara

Clip-on Bookmarks

Metal snap hair clips make great, inexpensive bookmarks. You can snap the point of the clip so it points directly to the place on the page where you stopped reading. The clips hold onto the pages without ripping them. Available at the dollar store. Raquel

Burnt Cookie Rescue

Don’t throw away those burnt cookies. Wait a day or two until they set up and are hard and then take them to the cheese grater. Grate off the burnt surface on the fine side of your grater. That thin, burnt, bottom surface is only a fraction of the thickness of the whole cookie. You will be left with a delicious cookie that some people would never know had been burnt. It sure beats whipping up a whole new batch. John

Curly Not Fuzzy

I have curly hair. Instead of buying gel for curly hair, I use regular conditioner and just leave it in; don’t rinse and just towel dry. I blow dry my hair, scrunching it without a brush. Some frizz may appear again. I simply place small amounts of conditioner in my hand and work it through the frizzy areas. My hair stays soft and not sticky. Marianne

Two for One

To achieve two of my New Year’s resolutions— to get more exercise and do more volunteer work—I’ve signed up to walk dogs at my local animal shelter. Dana

Freezer Safe

I keep my important papers in a heavy freezer bag, in the deep freeze. I hear that in a fire the inside of the freezer won’t burn. Besides, the bank said there is a waiting list for safe deposit boxes as long as my arm. Jill

Odor No More

Vanilla is a great scent to mask odors in the fridge. Pour vanilla extract on a cotton ball and place in a small bowl inside the fridge. Caprice

Vinyl Clean

To clean the vinyl straps on some outdoor furniture, spray on shaving cream. Let it stand for a bit and then wash off. It cleans the mold left on over the winter. My furniture looked like new. Bobbie

Polish Extender

One way to make those expensive little bottles of nail polish last longer is to store them in the refrigerator between uses. The polish won’t thicken as quickly if it is kept cold while sealed tightly. Patricia

Tear-free Haircuts

Before cutting your child’s (or spouse’s) hair, rub down their neck with cornstarch. This will keep the cut pieces of hair from sticking to their skin and itching. My son used to cry like he was dying whenever I cut his hair. Now haircuts are tear-free. Jan

Fluffy Icing

When you buy a container of cake frosting, whip it with your mixer for a few minutes. You can double it in size and frost more cakes or cupcakes with the same amount. A nutritional benefit to this is that you’ll also eat less sugar and fewer calories per serving. Sue

New Hardware

Wish you had the funds to update your kitchen? Instead of installing brand new cabinets, save some money by switching out the hardware: old handles and knobs for brand new ones. They’ll give the room a new look. Robert

Carpet Cleaner

Instead of using expensive solutions for carpet shampoo, use a mixture of peroxide, hot water, and a tiny amount of liquid laundry soap. We used Era, and our carpets are spotless! Plus, the Era made it smell wonderful. Julie

Scuffy Shoes

Remove scuffs from vinyl shoes by rubbing with a little non-acetone nail polish remover on a cotton ball. Jean

Tissue Holder

The empty container for Altoids mints is the perfect size for storing my tissues in my handbag. Ethel

Cat Hair Magnet

The hair from my cats gets all over the furniture. I discovered that by rubbing a dryer sheet over the surface the hair just comes right up. And I can just toss the sheet when I’m done. Lucy

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