relaxing-at-the-fireplace-on-winter evening

A Clever Purpose for Useless Candle Stubs and More Great Reader Tips

An unintended consequence of embracing a frugal lifestyle is that gnawing tendency to never throw anything away. Fight the feeling, folks. Turning into a hoarder will only create a new problem in your life. 

relaxing-at-the-fireplace-on-winter evening

Now, about all those useless candle stubs you’re hanging onto—its time to get them out and keep them by your fireplace or wood burning stove.

Cheap Fire Starter

Save your candle stubs in a container by the fireplace. The next time you need to start a fire, light a couple of the stubs and throw them in along with paper or kindling. The wax will burn for a long time and give the larger pieces of wood more time to catch fire. Mary Anne

Ultimate Sales Insert

If you often spend Sunday afternoon paging through the week’s sales inserts for your favorite stores, check out This site has handy links to all weekly sales and specials for hundreds of stores like Kohls, Wal-Mart, Old Navy, Walgreens, Home Depot and Amazon. Kim 

At this writing, I just checked and clicked on Kohl’s at, and can see the Black Friday ads, which must have been leaked because they do not yet appear at Great tip. –mh

Fresh Veggies

My grandmother taught me a long time ago to always put a piece of paper towel or a napkin in my zip-type bags of vegetables. This absorbs the condensation from the vegetables to keep the environment dry. That effectively extends the vegetables’ refrigerator life. I change the paper when I notice it getting too damp. Patti

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Pot of Noodles

I was looking for some foam one day to fill in the bottom of my large flower pot and discovered I could cut up one of the large noodle swimming toys with my electric knife and place the pieces in the bottom of the pot. Now the pot is not completely filled with dirt, there’s room for air to circulate under the plant, and the pot is not so heavy. Lou

Free Gift Bag Filler

I take used or wrinkled gift tissue of all sizes and colors and put it through the paper shredder. I use this for filler in gift bags and “grass” in Easter candy baskets. Heidi

Burned-On Food Removal

When you burn anything in your pan while cooking, just put about a cup of water in it, return it to the burner and let it boil about five minutes. The burnt food will come out with a little scrubbing. Gabby

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We needed to bring in the outside ladder for a little job inside the house. The ladder is dirty on the bottom, so I took some old socks and slipped them onto the ladder’s “legs,” securing them with a rubber band. This kept the floor clean and protected the finish, too. Davena

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Banana Storage

Use a large cup hook installed under an upper cabinet to hang your bananas. It sure is cheaper than a “banana hanger” and it does the job quite well! Yvonne

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  1. Julie N
    Julie N says:

    I wonder about the wisdom of stuffing too much inert material in a plant pot.
    — If the plant is outdoors and too light for the amount of leaf surface area, it will blow over easily.
    — The more soil you remove, the more frequently you must water.
    — Large plants require large pots not just for balance visually, but because they need a larger amount of soil to sustain them—and to produce, if you are growing vegetables or fruit in pots.


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