Put Denture Tablets to Work Around the House

I have a long list of reader questions that I’d intended to answer today. But I got so taken away with Sandy’s question, I used up all the space! I promise to get to the rest of the list real soon.

Can I use my Polident Denture Cleanser to soak/clean my mouthguard for several days in a row, or is it really necessary to start with a new tablet each morning? Sandy

You can, but I wouldn’t reuse a you describe. Here’s the reason.

Once that denture tablet hits the water it becomes activated to both clean and sanitize. It will fizz and bubble for a while as it cleans. But it loses steam slowly so that 24 hours later it won’t be sufficient to give that mouthguard another go-round of cleaning and disinfecting.

That may or may not concern you, but it would concern me. So my answer is no to your question of re-use. But I have some things you can do with that solution while it still has a bit of useful time remaining. Denture tablets are great little workhorses for all kinds of jobs around the house.

Clean fine jewelry. Instead of tossing the cleaning solution, drop in your ring or diamond earrings. Let it sit for a few hours. Remove your jewelry and rinse to enjoy the old sparkle and shine. Unlike toothpaste (that acts as an abrasive on fine jewelry ultimately doing more harm than good), denture cleaning tablets that are activated in water are not at all harmful, while doing a great job of cleaning.

Narrow vases. Fresh flowers often leave a ring on your glass vases that seems impossible to remove no matter how hard you scrub. Here’s the answer. Fill the vase with water and drop in a denture tablet (or the solution from your current mouthguard’s soak). Let it sit for a few hours or until all of the mineral deposits are gone. Use the same method to clean thermos bottles, cruets, glasses, and coffee decanters.

Clean the toilet. Porcelain fixtures respond to the cleaning agent in denture tablets. Toss that liquid in the commode and don’t flush. Allow it to sit for a while. What power it has remaining will keep a ring from forming in the toilet bowl.

Clean enamel cookware. Stains on enamel cookware are a natural for that denture-tablet cleaning solution. Fill the pot or pan with warm water, your leftover solution plus another tablet or two, depending on its size. Wait a bit. Once the fizzing stops, that enamel pot will be clean.

Unclog a drain. Drop a couple of tablets into a slow-running drain and run water until the problem clears. For a more stubborn clog, drop three tablets down the sink, follow that with one cup white vinegar, and wait a few minutes. Now run hot water down the drain until the clog is gone. Pour your daily used solution down the drain, that will act as a maintenance move to keep that drain clear and running smoothly.

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  1. Linda DesBois says:

    Never ever use denture cleanser on fine jewelry. I used it once on a diamond ring set & matching earring. If they are plated which mine were, they will be stripped of the plating. My jewler told me my set would need to be replated in 4-5yrs depending on use. Its okay for costume stuff depending upon what the base metal is.

  2. Joan Briggs Wamsley says:

    I was told I could use half a tablet for my mouth guard and get fine results. Mouth guard doesn’t need as much water as dentures so use less water and less tablet. Get twice as many uses from one box of tablets!

  3. Sherry Batson Flowers says:

    Some less obvious uses for denture tablets: My neighbor loaned her wedding gown to her daughter to get married in. However, over the decades it had yellowed and had rust-type spots on it. The dress was not elaborate in design. I suggested spot cleaning the spots with activated denture tables and it worked beautifully. She decided to soak the entire dress in a sink with denture tablets and it came out just as white as it had been originally. Also, have personally soaked old embroidered pillow cases and any fabric that has rust spots. It works beautifully.


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