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The Best Tools You Need to Conquer the Pet Hair Problem

If you love your pets but have just about had it with finding their hair everywhere from the couch to the bed and even a hair or two with dinner—help is on the way!

You can’t stop the shedding but there are a number of brilliant, inexpensive solutions for keeping the pet hair problem under beautiful control …

See you at the blog! Love, xo m


How to Completely Neutralize and Eliminate Pet Odors

It is rare, but now and then I hear from a reader who is frustrated using one of my all-time favorite, must-have products, Nok-Out. I love Nok-Out (its companion product is SNiPER) because it eliminates odors; it is harmless for pets and children, not poisonous, fragrance-free, fume-free, toxic-free. Awesome stuff.

The feedback I get is mostly filled with praise and gratitude. However, now and then I hear from someone like Linda, who is facing a tough, smelly situation that because of its location, requires more toil and patience.

If you’re a pet owner concerned about odors your pets leave behind, today’s post should be of great interest!

See you there … Love xo, Mary 🐶 🐱 🐹 ❣️


7 Common House Plants That Are Pet-Friendly, Low Maintenance

I love plants, especially beautiful house plants. Healthy, economical plants can make any space warm and inviting—not just for humans, but pets, too! Some cats and dogs enjoy taking a nibble or two. And that’s a problem because some indoor plants are toxic to cats and dogs.

If you have pets but also enjoy beautiful indoor foliage, you want to find a few plants that are conducive to your home and design taste, then stick to them. With the exception of edibles like cat grass, it’s always better to keep house plants out of a pet’s reach if you can. The following options are recognized as non-toxic for pets according to the ASPCA. Meow! Woof!


How to Cut the Cost of Owning a Pet

No one was more surprised than I when my first granddog, Sir Boddington, nuzzled a place in my heart. I knew I was smitten the day I loaded up on toys, milk bones and other doggie delights. I blame it on “Boddie” that I so willingly became a member of the U.S. population that spent […]