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News You Can Use – August 2023


senior man reading newspaper drinking coffee


Food Prices Still Going Up

Recently released federal pricing analysis from the U.S. Department of Agriculture projects that food prices will continue to decelerate but not decline in 2024 … Full article →

Refund, Please

The times, they are a-changin’. New dating trend sees men asking for refunds when they don’t see a ‘return on investment’—how the rules of romance have changed amid high costs of living … Read it here →

Changes Coming

Surprise! The credit card compaies are looking to increase their revenue. Visa and MasterCard  are preparing to increase the fees they charge merchants when customers pay with a credit card, according to the Wall Street Journal. The increases are set to start in October and April, respectively … Full article →


Cheapest Cars for 2023

With the average price for a new car coming in at well over $40,000, it may seem as though the new-vehicle market no longer caters to the more financially prudent among us. Sure, there are used cars,  but if you’re determined to drive home in a brand-spanking-new 2023 model-year car while also spending the least amount of money, then these automotive options are likely your best bet … Read on →

Fined for Spamming

Experian Consumer Services will have to pay the Federal Trade Commission $650,000 in fines for spamming people’s inboxes and giving them no way to unsubscribe. The company must pay the financial penalty and offer consumers a way to opt out of such messages. Learn more →

Stay Connected in Emergency

Disasters can cut you off from loved ones without warning. Planning ahead can avoid that. When a calamity occurs, a little preparation can make a … Read more →


Amazon Shipping Fees

Amazon customers who aren’t Prime members will be surprised by shipping fees even after reaching the usual $25 minimum purchase requirement. This is because, depending on your zip code, you might now need to spend $35 or more to enjoy that perk. 

For years, if non-Prime shoppers purchased $25 or more, they received free shipping. Now, there’s a $35 minimum in place, although it doesn’t affect Amazon customers equally. The exact location of delivery—specifically the zip code of the recipient—determines the shipping fee. More specifics …

Scam Call Area Codes

More than 300 area codes exist in the United States alone. The good news is that if a scammer is calling, often it will show up under common area codes. Here are 19 area codes you should never answer if you don’t know who’s on the other end. Read on …

To-Do List

There are lots of reasons you might want to sell your old phone. Perhaps you’ve upgraded early and still have a newer model phone worth some money. Or you might be looking to switch from Android to iPhone. Before you go to sell it, here are five steps to take before you turn in that phone for good. Here they are …


Your Internet Speed

It’s important to know whether your interest hookup is working properly by delivering the speed you initially signed up for and are paying for. Here are three different ways to check your home’s internet speed … Right here →

Mosquito Hack

While getting sunlight and fresh is good for your health,  getting mosquito bites isn’t. Luckily, this simple hack will keep mosquitos away from your home… Read on →

Sugar and Alzheimer’s

 It’s not what you may be thinking! In a promising development for Alzheimer’s disease research, scientists from Johns Hopkins Medicine have identified a sugar molecule that may play a crucial role in the development of the disease. That complex sugar molecule is critical to the prevention and cure of Alzheimer’s. More here→


Your Phone is Tracking You

Google knows more about you than your best friends. That includes (if you have the right settings enabled) where you go and even the pictures you take at that location. By adjusting certain settings, you won’t worry about being tracked( at least not by your photos. Complete details →

Passport 101

There is a backlog of passport applications right now. It’s best to apply for a passport before planning a trip. However, if you’ve got an upcoming trip, you’ve got options. Here’s advice on how to get a passport with as little stress as possible … Read on →

Good Brain Health

A recent article in the journal Brain Sciences brings together a lot of what we know from previous research in the field of brain health. The researchers went to great lengths to be thorough in their theoretical perspective paper and offer 101 references to articles on how to keep our grey and white matter in shape.

Three factors stand out if you want to keep your brain at its best … More here →


Reverify Scam

Beware of nasty Facebook a recovery code email scam that will steal your info. A nasty scam email is circling that looks like it’s from Facebook and tells you to enter a recovery code to get into your account. If you receive an email like this, do not click on it as it is a phishing scam, in which attackers are trying to steal your personal information. Complete details →

It’s Not Craig!

Craigslist work-from-home scam has been uncovered, finding its roots in Nigeria. The scam works under the guise of a legitimate transaction when a scammer targets individuals selling items on Craigslist. The sheriff’s office said the scammer communicates with sellers and expresses interest in their listed items.

Then, they offer to buy the items and send a cashier’s check to cover the price. Next, the sheriff’s office said a check is sent to the seller with a monetary value that exceeds the original price. The scammer then persuades the victim to return the excess funds to a local person, suggesting the overpayment will cover transportation costs or other fabricated expenses.

The fraudulent nature of the cashier’s check becomes apparent to the victim after they return the surplus funds … Read on →

IRS Delays

Earlier today, the Internal Revenue Service put temporary brakes on implementing a new law that eliminates a major tax deduction enjoyed by higher-income Americans, allowing them to enjoy those tax breaks for two more years.

The nation’s tax collector said it would delay until 2026 a requirement that earners make catch-up contributions only to their after-tax Roth plans, and not to their 401(k)s. The requirement was originally set to begin in 2024. The two-year delay will mean an additional 24 months of millions of dollars of tax deductions on 401(k) contributions.

It’s good news for high-income earners, because they have two more years where they have the choice of where they want their catch up contributions to go, and can take the deduction if they want. More here →


How to get your FREE Pepsi

From August 28 to September 4, 2023, fans can text PEPSI125 to 81234 to get a FREE Pepsi (but not before 8-28). The giveaway is valid for all varieties and flavors of Pepsi.

The giveaway offer is for up to a $2.50 rebate on a qualifying Pepsi purchased from an online retailer or in-store at a retailer or restaurant.

The purchase must be made from August 28 to September 4, 2023 and include a Pepsi product visible on the receipt. All rebate requests must be submitted by September 11, 2023. Limit one per person. Full details →

OJ Prices

Orange juice prices to surge as US crops ravaged by disease and weather. Extreme weather fuelled by climate crisis and bacterial disease have led to dramatic decline in orange crops.

Last year Florida, which produces more than 90% of the US’s orange juice supply, was hit by Hurricane Ian, Hurricane Nicole and freezing conditions in quick succession, devastating orange producers in the Sunshine State.

Industry figures said US orange production would reach its lowest level for more than a century. Read on →


Credit Card Debt

As Americans increasingly lean on credit to make ends meet, new reports show some signs of potential problems ahead. The average consumer now carries $5,947 in credit card debt—a 10-year high!

Total credit card debt reached a record $1 trillion in the latest quarter, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York reported Tuesday. More details →


 Break Up with Facebook?

Facebook has evolved and changed immensely since its launch in 2004 (feel old? me too). Whether you’re concerned about your online privacy, the polarizing effects of being on social media, or just want to disconnect altogether, there are two ways to get rid of a Facebook account: You can temporarily deactivate your account or choose to permanently delete it. Here’s how →


️ Flight Delayed?

Even if airlines aren’t legally required to give you compensation, the right script might help you get something.

Refunds are only guaranteed for entirely canceled flights. U.S. airlines aren’t required to compensate passengers for flight delays. There’s no legal requirement for airlines to offer additional flight delay compensation. But that should not stop you from seeking compensation for a delayed flight.

Here’s the script  to get travel vouchers, bonus miles and a free meal ... Read on →


This Tiny House: $37,000

Guess how it’s made! The company’s design, called Fujitsubo (“the barnacle”), is small, at 538 square feet. The average new American house is nearly five times larger. But the tiny house—with one bedroom, one bathroom, and an open living room connected to the kitchen—has enough space for one person or a couple to live comfortably. Learn more →


 Watered Down

We’re learning that Conagra has quietly reformulated its Wish-Bone House Italian salad dressing. Now they’ve reduced the oil content (and calories) by over 22 percent, and it appears they replaced it with water and over 30 percent more salt. Water was already the primary ingredient in the dressing before this change. Oddly, the amount of garlic was also reduced … Look at this →

An Apple-a-Day … Hmmm

Does an apple a day really keep the doctor away? A nutritionist explains the science behind ‘functional’ foods. We’ve all heard that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but how true is that? Apples are not high in vitamin A, nor are they beneficial for vision like carrots. They are not a great source of vitamin C and therefore don’t fight off colds as oranges do.

However, apples contain various bioactive substances—natural chemicals that occur in small amounts in foods and that have biological effects on the body … Learn more →

️ Outdoor Dining

A table outside? More diners say no way. Stretches of severely high temperatures across the U.S. are taking a toll on restaurants. Customers are avoiding patios during heat waves, cutting into a key source of summertime sales for many restaurants, owners said.

Visits in July and August declined from earlier in the year, industry data showed, with chains including Chuy’s and Cheesecake Factory reporting a decline in outdoor business this summer  … There’s more →

Making a List

Redditors in L.A. are compiling a list of restaurants that ask customers to pay extra fees as diners grow increasingly frustrated with added charges. The Google Sheets document has more than 200 entries for bars and eateries across the city. The additional costs include security charges, service charges, card fees, and “administrative fees” Read on →



 Fake Bank Accounts

The suit also accuses Wells Fargo of using the unauthorized consumer checking accounts of Patterson and other victims as a pretext for fraudulently obtaining their comprehensive credit reports from Early Warning, a credit reporting agency that also owns the peer-to-peer money transfer system, Zelle.

Wells Fargo Bank intentionally furnished false and defamatory information to Early Warning regarding the unauthorized consumer checking accounts it opened in the victims’ names., according to the complaint … Learn more →

Falling for Scams

In 2022, reported consumer losses to fraud totaled $8.8 billion — a 30 percent increase from 2021, according to the most recent data from the Federal Trade Commission. The biggest losses were to investment scams, including cryptocurrency schemes, which cost people more than $3.8 billion, double the amount in 2021.

Younger adults ages 20-29 reported losing money more often than older adults ages 70-79, the FTC found. But when older adults did lose money, they lost more. Many retirees have assets like savings, pensions, life insurance policies or property for scammers to target … Learn more →

Sharing Scams Unwittingly

A lot of us love sharing stories and content on social media. But we’ve got a warning: you may be sharing scams with your friends without even knowing it. Fraudsters are tricking people into sharing their suspicious links and scams.

A really common example of this is missing pets or missing people posts. You may feel inclined to just share those to help find the person or animal. But a lot of those aren’t real. After we all share it the scammer then edits the post to something entirely different.

So, suddenly that post about a missing pet shared all over Facebook is now an ad for something. One KPRC viewer says she shared a Barbie movie quote. A few days later she noticed the post’s content changed, and it was now an advertisement for a quilt website… Learn more →

☎️ Now Scammers Get You to Call Them

It seems like phone scammers have changed the game, many of them switching over to contacting you via email. These emails all have an attachment that purports to be an invoice, telling me I’ve successfully renewed a subscription costing hundreds of dollars. All have an attachment that purports to be an invoice, telling me I’ve successfully renewed a subscription costing hundreds of dollars … Learn more →


 Simple Habit

At the age of 12, Jobs mustered up the courage to call up none other than Bill Hewlett, the co-founder of Hewlett-Packard. The ask? “I want to build a frequency counter, and I was wondering if you have any spare parts I could have,” said Jobs… Learn more →

  Best Sleeping Hack

Your iPhone has a built-in feature that helps you to fall asleep (don’t try this during your next Zoom meeting) … Learn more →

Buc-ee’s Taste Tester

One financial advice website announced Thursday they looking for someone to try 25 popular foods from Buc-ee’s, the iconic rest stop with locations populating Texas and six other states based around the South. FinanceBuzz says will pay the selected taste tester $1,000, plus an additional $250 to cover the cost of buying the snacks and any Buc-ee’s merchandise. Anyone?! Apply here →

 One House Weirdly Unscathed

The image has gone viral: The house, with its crisp white facade and cheerful red roof, appears untouched. Surrounding it are piles of scorched rubble left behind by the fast-moving fire that decimated Lahaina last week. Why? … Learn more →


Kids’ Healthy Breakfasts

No matter how old they are, getting your kids a healthy, filling breakfast and out the door on time can be a gauntlet. Could you use some help? Pediatricians share the easy, healthy breakfasts they actually feed their kids … Check it out →

  A Real Driver Might Be Nice

Driverless vehicles promise a future with less congestion and pollution, fewer accidents resulting from human error and better mobility for people with disabilities, supporters say. But that idea might need to go back to the drawing board … Look at this →

Will It Pay to Own an iPhone?

All of this stems from ‘batterygate’ and how Apple deliberately throttled the performance of some older iPhones in order to preserve their battery life. Here’s what you could get … Read more →

️  4-for-2 Cruises

Cruises are better with more friends or family onboard—especially if they can travel with you for free. For a limited time, you can book a seven-day Princess cruise with a partner and bring two guests for free. More details …


  Google Tool Update

In 2022, Google launched the “Results About You” tool to help people remove personal info from the company’s search results. With billions of searches happening daily on Google, finding your private phone number or home address indexed for the world to see can be quite shocking. Luckily, new updates to “Results About You” (currently in Beta) will make it easier to discover when your data pops up in cyberspace. You will be able to set up alerts for whenever your home address, phone number, or email address appears in Search.  Learn more →

 That’s One Way to Do It

Leah Williams, 27, was on a Eurowings flight from Düsseldorf, Germany, to London’s Heathrow Airport on July 13. She is prone to anaphylactic shock and experienced the reaction on a previous flight, where she broke out in hives when someone on the plane opened a pack of peanuts near her. Learn more →

Mass. Pork Sales

…those products are derived from any pig that is not housed in a sufficient amount of space, even if the animal was raised and slaughtered in another state.

The judge assigned to the case, William Young, as of Monday, had not issued any ruling or ordered Massachusetts regulators to pause enforcement of the pork regulations while the litigation proceeds. More here →

✈️ Airfares Dropping

Airfares may seem high, but they’re lower than pre-pandemic—here’s what’s going on: Read on …

How Long?!

Companies that sell food and other household staples — many of which have reported increased profits in their latest quarterly earnings — are weighing their next moves on prices as inflation cools.

Food prices have gone up at a faster rate than other consumer goods over the past year, and it’s unclear when prices will stop rising. Food can vary widely in price as companies shoulder costs like ingredients and labor, which can be volatile. Companies say consumers have stayed loyal despite the price increases but are starting to pull back. More info →


 Amazon Cell Service

After months of rumors, Amazon this week announced a partnership with DISH’s Boost Mobile. Now Amazon has a special deal for its Prime subscribers that brings you unlimited data, talk, and text for just $25 a month. Surprisingly, for those who subscribe now, Amazon locks that price in for life as long as you don’t cancel. All the details →

 Fraud Alert

When you’re dealing with a funeral and the loss of a loved one, it’s already a tough time. Now there’s a new warning that you must watch out for scammers posing as funeral directors claiming they need additional payment to move forward with the funeral. Read on →


The practice of companies raising prices to protect their profit margins is alive and well, based on the number of companies that have so far acknowledged raising prices yet again, even as inflation readings have come down and as some acknowledge that their input costs are falling. More here →

 Sneaky Waiters

Here’s a popular waiter trick you may be recognize. You opt to pay for your meal with a card, and the waiter brings a mobile payment system to your table. The device gives you several pre-programmed tip options like 15%, 25%, and 35%. There is also an option for no tip, but you can’t tip poorly in front of your waiter. So you reflexively go for the middle option. And like that, you have been tricked by both technology and psychology. Read on →


 Ultracheap Stuff

The twilight of ultracheap Chinese labor is emerging as the latest test of the globalized manufacturing model, which over the past three decades has delivered a vast array of inexpensively produced goods to consumers around the world.

Americans accustomed to bargain-rate fashion and flat-screen TVs might soon be reckoning with higher prices. Why? The world’s factory floor and the source of much of the ultracheap stuff Americans buy, is running into a big problem: Its young people, by and large, don’t want to work in factories. Read on →

‍ RU Smarter Than a Scammer?

In 2022, 2.4 million Americans reported to the Federal Trade Commission that they were victims of a scam, losing nearly $8.8 billion. Keep yourself sharp by testing your instincts using real life examples to see if you are smarter than a scammer. Take the test here →

Will Prevagen’s Deceptive Ads Ever End?

To be clear, Prevagen has admitted that its product works no better than a placebo and that there is no evidence its synthetic protein pill (which is rapidly digested in the stomach and broken down into amino acids and small peptides just like any other protein) can cross the human blood-brain barrier. But despite these basic facts, Prevagen is still for sale claiming to be a supplement that can “effectively improve memory.” Read more →

 Healthiest Vegetable on Earth

Step aside, kale—there’s a new superfood on the scene. Agriculture and nutrition experts have recently identified the healthiest vegetable on Earth.

The CDC assigns nutrition density scores to produce based on their concentration of essential vitamins and minerals. Usual suspects like spinach, chard, and beet greens all have scores ranging in the 80s. But the only vegetable to earn a perfect score of 100 is … Learn more →


Best Hospitals in 2023

U.S. News is out with its annual list of the best hospitals in America—in its opinion. This list has the 22 best hospitals. Following that are the best hospitals in each of 15 specialties such as cancer or cardiology. Read more →

Taco Bell Gets Sued

The company is being sued for unfair, deceptive, and misleading practices. The consumer is seeking a stop to the misrepresentations and wants monetary damages for all similarly situated diners. Taco Bell has not responded to media requests for comments.

We hope other companies that advertise gargantuan sandwiches but serve you ones with much less meat will also find themselves in front of a judge. Read more →

Rising Inflation

The typical American household spent $709 more in July than they did two years ago to buy the same goods and services, according to Moody’s Analytics.

That figure underscores the cumulative impact high inflation has had on consumer finances — even as price growth has cooled considerably in recent months. Read more →

Shifty Shufflers

Researchers at the security firm IOActive say they’ve discovered that a card shuffling machine called the Deckmate, widely used by casinos and long thought to be impervious, is actually vulnerable to hacking—an exploit that could give a skilled cheater omniscient knowledge of every player’s cards. Read more →


1️⃣ No. 1 Rule

Dr. Howard Tucker has been practicing medicine since 1947, a doctor and neurologist for more than seven decades. “At 101 years old, people often ask me how I keep my brain sharp …” Read on →

R U Emotionally Resilient?

Emotionally resilient people are deliberate in their response to painful experiences. They allow themselves to grieve, remind themselves of what they are grateful for, and focus on what they can control in the moment. If you use any of these phrases every day, you are more emotionally resilient than most: Read on →

Read for Free (Maybe)

Over the past several years, countless websites have added paywalls: If you want to read their articles, you have to sign up and pay a monthly fee. Some sites have a “metered” paywall—meaning you can read a certain number of articles for free before they ask for money—and others have a hard paywall, where you’ll have to pay to read even one article.

You may be able to use some of these methods successfully today, but that could change in the future as websites clamp down on bypass methods. I hope that you support the websites that you read by signing up for memberships—especially your friendly local news outlet—but if you can’t right now, here are some of the best ways to bypass paywalls online. Read on →


 Tax-Free Weekends

With back-to-school season here, parents and bargain hunters alike are looking for deals on everything from computers to clothing. Many states are offering incentives to shop by allowing tax-free weekends.

Tax-free weekends, also called sales tax holidays, are times when shoppers can purchase specific items without being charged state and/or local sales taxes. These weekends usually occur during the back-to-school period, usually from late July to August. The List …

Best and Cheapest!

Customer data science company Dunnhumby’s Retailer Preference Index (RPI) has released a report showing which grocery chains respond best to consumer needs, from those with the easiest websites to use to retailers that consistently offer rewards and promotions. Great Info →

 Food Budget Calculator

Your spending on groceries can quickly accumulate, impacting your other financial aims. Fortunately, there are guidelines to help you avoid overspending, whether it’s on dinner meals or snacks.

One of the easiest ways to save money on groceries is to create a budget.

Mint, a budget tracking app, has come up with a food budget calculator to help you gauge how much you should be spending on groceries. Learn more →


 New Fee

The carriers are at it again: Verizon and AT&T are both notifying customers on older unlimited plans to expect a new fee on their bill soon. Customers on Verizon’s 5G Start and AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plans are affected, and the fees go into effect in August. It’s a classic move from the “wireless carrier shenanigans” playbook designed to push customers to newer, more profitable plans. Learn more →

Banned in the US

The US Department of Energy (DOE) rules around lightbulbs have long been a lightning rod of sorts in American politics. Former president Barack Obama tried to phase out inefficient bulbs, but his successor Donald Trump scrapped the policy. The Biden Administration brought the plan back on track and the sale of energy-inefficient lightbulbs became banned in the US on Aug. 1, 2023. Read more →

  $300,000,000 Fine!

The FCC’s robocaller penalties are growing as the agency tracks down and terminates their operations—this time resulting in a record $300 million forfeiture. But whether and when that money will be paid is, as always, something of an open question. Here’s more →



 Dream Job Alert!

If you like pizza and you’re good at shooting videos, we’ve got the ultimate dream job for you. And who doesn’t like pizza? A pizza delivery app called Slice is looking for a “pizza influencer” — someone who can appear in videos about how awesome pizza is.

“You will create social media content (primarily TikTok & Instagram Reels style videos) that celebrates pizza, pizzeria owners, and pizza eaters alike,” the job posting says. “This is a full-time, salaried position and cannot be performed under part-time hours.”

The annual salary is listed at $85,000 to $110,000 … More →

  Cheapest Insurance

These are the five states with the cheapest car insurance, as collated by FINN, a company that offers subscription-based car services including maintenance, insurance, and roadside assistance. More →

️  Dumb Idea! 

AMC Theaters said Thursday it is ending its “Sightline” tiered seat-pricing pilot, which it began earlier this year, in which moviegoers who sat up by the front of the theater directly next to the screen paid less for a ticket compared to those who chose more desirable seats in the middle of the theater. More →

 No Cashiers?!

The Krogers in Franklin, Tennessee, is converting entirely to “a self-checkout experience”. There will be no cashiers at all, but there will still be humans somewhere around, to “help.” More →


 Medical Records Theft

After HCA Healthcare announced this month that the personal identification data of roughly 11 million HCA patients in 20 states had been exposed in a breach, people may be justifiably concerned that their own medical data and identities could be stolen.

Consumers should realize that such “medical identity” fraud can happen in several ways, from a large-scale breach to individual theft of someone’s data.

Just ask Evelyn Miller. The first sign something was amiss was a text Miller received from an Emory University Hospital emergency department informing her …Learn more →


  Food Expiration Dates

People think of food expiration dates as the date  at which a food should go in the trash. But the dates have little to do with when food expires or becomes less safe to eat. “I am a microbiologist and public health researcher and I have used molecular epidemiology to study the spread of bacteria in food …” Learn more →.


  Price Drop on Used EVs

If you are thinking of buying an EV, money expert Clark Howard wants you to hold off a bit longer if you can.

Clark says the best option is to wait until car prices drop further, which should continue to happen over the next several months … Learn more →


⛽️  9-Month High

The national average price for a gallon of gasoline climbed to a nine-month high on Wednesday, as oil prices inch up and gas demand in the U.S. continues to increase, though prices are far from their all-time peak last summer.

The average price drivers are seeing at the pump on Wednesday increased to $3.77, the highest national average price since Nov. 12. Learn more →


Predictions that a recession may be looming for the U.S. economy have so far not come to fruition. Now, some experts are backing off the prediction altogether, including Federal Reserve staff economists. “What’s out: Mild recession,” states new economic research released by Bank of America this week. “What’s in: Soft landing, no recession,” the firm’s research declares. There’s more →

  Top Ten

The Roku Channel is your home for free TV, Roku Originals and premium entertainment. Watch an ever-changing selection of original series, hit movies, TV shows, 24/7 live news (in U.S. and Canada only) and popular kids’ entertainment —all totally free. All you need is a Roku stick or Roku TV. Here are the top ten FREE Roku channels every Roku owner should have … More info here→



 Fit for a King

Prince George’s “favourite” meal is reportedly Spaghetti Carbonara, a classic Italian dish that is the perfect recipe for family dinners. The easy, 6-ingredient classic spaghetti carbonara recipe takes just 10 minutes to prepare. Story, recipe→

  Stop It!

Stop saying this one word and just see what happens! Want to know why people don’t take you seriously? Don’t show the kind of respect you deserve? It’s this one word! When you remove this word from your vocabulary starting right now and for good, you are going to experience a new level of confidence and credibility. And that is going to spill over into your relationships both at home, in your social circles, and on the job, too. Details

  Grab a Tissue

The teacher who adopted her former student and his brother pays off over $48,000 in debt! The milestone is even sweeter for the young mom as it now allows her to focus on building a secure future for her two sons, 17-year-old Jerome and 6-year-old Jace. Full story →



The first of two full moons in August appeared in the sky Tues., August 1. The second will show up on August 30. And as an added bonus, both of the full moons this month are also supermoons.

The supermoon designation means that it appears slightly bigger and brighter than a typical full moon. There are four supermoons in 2023. The Aug. 30 moon will also be a blue moon, since it’s the second full moon of the month. Learn more →

⛱️  Cheap Vacations

It can be hard to relax and genuinely enjoy yourself on a vacation that you know you can’t afford. Splurging on a bucket list trip is one thing, but the costs of the average solo, family, or group getaway also add up quickly, and can end up being a source of stress both during the trip, and in the time it takes you to pay it off.

Although places like Hawaii, New York City, or Orlando theme parks may be out of your budget, there are plenty of fun and affordable vacation destinations in the United States. According to a new report, these are 10 of the cheapest.

  Costco Trade-Up

Costco’s Trade-Up program, operated in partnership with Phobio, allows customers to exchange a range of old electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles. The process is simple and user-friendly. Customers can visit the program’s dedicated website and choose the specific device they wish to trade up. Details here …



 BB&B Leftovers, which acquired the bankrupt retail chain’s intellectual property assets for $21.5 million, officially relaunched Tuesday as in the U.S., reviving what CEO Jonathan Johnson said is still an “iconic, beloved brand.”

According to Johnson, the revamped e-commerce site has 600,000 new products, many of them brand names in the kitchen, bed and bath categories, and they are less expensive than before. Learn more →

 DG Changes Coming

Dollar General is making some major changes that would put them into direct competition with companies like Target and Walmart. DG is expanding like crazy and building enormous warehouses. It’s all here →

  Consolation Prize

Krispy Kreme is swooping in to console millions of losers by giving away free donuts to customers with losing Mega Millions tickets. A donut. OK. Probably better than nothing. Get your donut here →

(Never forget—the lottery is a tax on stupidity. Buy your own donut and save the difference. –mh)

Dramatic Backfire

A decades-long effort to educate the U.S. public about recycling has succeeded in some ways but failed in others. These efforts have made recycling an option that consumers see as important but to the detriment of more sustainable options. And it has not made people more effective recyclers … Read more →



 Not Too Late

You can stop kicking yourself that you didn’t plant in spring. Look at the vegetables you can plant in the middle of the summer: tomatoes, bush beans, cucumbers, and cabbage. Just keep in mind you need to plant the right variety so you’re sure to have a great harvest before the growing season is over. Read it here → 

 Two More?!

The United States banking sector has been facing considerable challenges recently, with several bank failures. Should we be concerned? This in-depth article will delve into the reasons behind these recent developments and assess their potential impact on the broader economy and the stock market. Read it here → 

Android Overheating?

That shouldn’t be happening, but for many, it is. Watch a short video to learn how to fix it yourself. Read it here → 


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