A person flying through the air on a snow covered mountain

EP 8: Why 88% of New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How to Make them Work

A person flying through the air on a snow covered mountain

Female trekker achieving her goal of making it to the top of Mt. Evans, Colorado.

So, did you make any New Year’s resolutions? Reportedly, half of us did. And here we are, a week into the New Year, and how are you doing? Before you answer, let me promise you that if you’re struggling or have even fallen off the wagon—it’s not your fault. You’re not a loser and failure does not define you!

In today’s episode, I will share the neuroscience behind that 88% fail rate. It’s going to make so much sense to you.

Good news: There is a way that we can fix this to head off failure and guarantee success! It’s not too late. We are not destined to be part of that 88% fail rate because there is a small—tiny—change we can make that move us into the 12% success group. Guaranteed.

I can’t wait to tell you what I’ve learned—and also proven to be true. You are going to love this. It’ll be fun.

Ready to get back on track? I hope you’ll listen in!



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  1. Sue D says:

    I read EC every day at work eating lunch at my desk. Don’t know if the “script” button was an option before but it’s brilliant! I just downloaded to read today. Thank you!

    • Mary Hunt says:

      Thanks for that feedback, Pamela. I’m guessing here that you would appreciate having the script of the podcast available? We’ve added “Show Notes” to each podcast, but maybe I need to consider including the script. Would love your feedback on that.

  2. Robin BROWN says:

    Please don’t give up on your NEWSLETTER / Daily Article.
    I am a visual learner ((haven’t ever liked putting PLUGS in my EARS to Listen … AND I don’t want to Disturb those around me with ” sounds”))
    I can read an e-mail At My Convenience AND save in a file: “Mary Hunt” to easily get the article I’m looking for by the Title of Your Daily E-mail …
    Please don’t leave us!!!

  3. cheryl from VA says:

    Hey Mary,
    I read you at work, and am pretty sure I can’t do the podcasts here, it would block me. However I have a different question… When exactly is your Jan. birthday? Mine is Saturday! :o>

      • Kay Jones says:

        Me too! I would ask you to please make your podcast content easily available to your readers for the reasons listed plus for those who are hearing impaired. Many of us are older and use your suggestions to stretch our retirement income. I help my granddaughter with sharing your laundry soap.

      • Cheryl Shanks says:

        I hope you had a fantastic Birthday!! Just printed the brown sauce recipe …as a single person, I just managed to find the cutest miniwok pan. can’t wait to try some of the suggestions out. I love Teriyaki Scallops! YUM

  4. Kitti says:

    Agree with both of the above. Have limited bandwidth and am better with visual not auditory. Any chance of a transcript for these podcasts???

  5. Sue says:

    I wish you well with your podcasts, but I am not an auditory learner and do much better with print. Please don’t give up on your blog. I look forward to reading it every day.

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