Mother's Day 5-14-23

EC’s Best Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day 2023


Enjoy this  Mother’s Day Gift Guide—a fun selection of gifts to delight every mother, even those who say they don’t need a thing. But hurry. Some of these items are time-sensitive, which means you have no time to lose. Prefer to make a gift for Mom or Grandma? You’ll find lots of ideas and helps with that as well. One thing is for certain:  Sunday, May 14, will be here before we know it!

Mother's Day 5-14-23

Roses Sams ClubForever Pink Roses 

Here it is—every procrastinator’s Mother’s Day lifesaver! Two dozen long stem dark and light pink roses plus greens in a glass vase are guaranteed to be delivered for Mother’s Day, provided you order soon, like today. This deal will disappear when this guarantee cannot be met. Shipping to most addresses in the U.S. is included in the price.

This is a Sam’s Club deal, and it is time-sensitive. No membership is required, but if you are not a Sam’s Club member, you will need to register as a guest during your checkout process (you will be given the opportunity to become a member, but it is not required). Non-members pay 5% more. Order now—limited quantities. It will sell out quickly.

SAMS CLUB $45.00




cheese club offering

Gourmet Cheese Club

What a unique gift—a gourmet selection of cheeses for Mom will arrive each month, according to the membership you select—3 months, 4- or 6-months, or a full year. Select either gourmet or rare cheeses—first class, extraordinary cheeses.

Gourmet Cheese Club has been delivering fine cheese since 1994 to rave reviews. You can customize your gift, arrange for specific delivery dates, and so forth. This company’s reputation is outstanding. And its cheese, remarkable. Neither you nor your giftee will not be disappointed!








gourmet chocolate club

Gourmet Chocolate Club

What a unique gift—a gourmet selection of cheeses for Mom will arrive each month,

, according to the membership you select—3 months, or each month as you like, up to a  full year. The company’s small-batch chocolates are made from pure, premium ingredients. Certainly gift-worthy. Select from a number of options—3-months, or the number of months you desire, up to a year

You or your mom will enjoy an international variety of artisanal gourmet small-batch chocolates made from pure, premium ingredients; hand-crafted with a dedication to innovation and artistry.



Word Search Blanket

The perfect gift for the mother who loves word games—especially Word Search! This gorgeous blanket appears to have had only one word found, “MOM,” but in truth, more than 20 more words are waiting for your Mom to discover. Handmade, 100% cotton. What a great gift!

ETSY from $67.15







High Ponytail Cap

Finally, a cap designed specifically for women with long hair. She can wear a hat and her messy bun, a low or high pony.

This cap is just adorable, built to perform, and ready for Mom’s toughest workouts. No more changing her hair to wear a cap since now this hat can adjust to her. Notice the X straps on the back adjust to fit her head perfectly! Great design, even better look. Click through for more details. ETSY $29.00.



Chunky Blanket Throw

A beautiful hand-knit, chunky blanket throw. 100% wool. A perfect choice for any mother. So soft and cuddly. Extensive choice of sizes and colors. Super lovely, and what a great conversation piece.

ETSY varies by size





























First Mother’s Day Shirts

How adorable. A new non-maternity shirt for Mom and a matching onesie for Baby! Personalized to order in two t-shirt styles—crew or v-neck in choice of two colors.

 ETSY $37.50






Mother's Day Gift Box

Mother’s Day Gift Box

Here’s a great opportunity to fill a beautiful gift box for Mom with the things you know will make her so happy. But hurry. Click through for details on these six theme options:  Deluxe Lavender, Sweet Love, Relax & Refresh, Dreamy Lavender, LetterBox Gift, and Pamper Me Box.

 ETSY from $24.65












mother's bracelet for Mother's DayBracelet for Mom with Personalized Hearts

A mother’s world revolves around her children. Giving her a piece of jewelry with engraved names of her child, children, and or grandchildren is the most perfect gift you could ever get for her—a bracelet that definitely will never be forgotten.

 ETSY from $37.53





slippers microwvable

Warmies Slippers

Fully microwavable plush soft slippers. Really! Stick them in the microwave following label instructions (don’t overheat!), and they’ll keep her feet warm and toasty. These fuzzy slippers are filled with specially treated millet grains and dried lavender. Ahhh! Can also be used as a cold pack by simply placing in a plastic bag and putting it in the freezer. One size fits most.




Personalized Wall Sign

This beautifully handcrafted sign, which includes an exceptional, heartfelt message, can be personalized for Mom, Grandma, or your choice.

Available in three sizes and arrives in time for Mother’s Day. This crafter has many other equally beautiful handmade items, many of which can be personalized. Check it out.

   ETSY from $19.99




birthstone necklaceFamily Birthstones Necklace

Understated elegance. That’s how mom will proudly celebrate each of her children and or grandchildren—their birthstones encircled with sparkles near to her heart.

Handmade using silver, sparkling zircon, and stones that symbolize months of the year, this affordable jewelry will be loved and adored for years to come.

 ETSY from $40.41







homemade gifts mothers day10 Best Homemade Gifts Under $10

If you have more time than money this Mother’s Day—or prefer to give and receive homemade gifts, here are ten of my best ideas that cost less than ten bucks to make.

Also, take a look at Meaningful DIY Gifts That Cost Less Than $5 to Make.
















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Mother's Day 5-14-23
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