light blue random numbers background texture

light blue random numbers background texture

1. If last week’s Saturday blog stats hold any meaning at all, it appears my readers enjoy a numbered, quick hit list of, well … random things.


2. I love to knit. It’s not the least expensive hobby in the world, but I do enjoy a good Yarn Sale. This woman, on the other hand, knits for free—dubious as her sense of style may be.


3. People who consistently save 20% of their income can do that because they scrimp on this one thing you probably don’t.


4. In anticipation of Holy Week, I’m reading Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel, by David Limbaugh. Highly recommend.


5. Just this morning I did it again using this tactic: This blue striped sweater for just north of $35, including tax and shipping—which is, of course, half the price!


6. What I’m also loving: JOMO (joy of missing out—at the moment I have no idea where my iPhone is) and New Morning Mercies (Paul David Tripp).


7. Don’t change your birthday to 2007 on Twitter.


8. Yesterday was the last day of Spring Break for Eli and Sam—best week ever.


9. Today, it’s snowing.


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