8 Reasons I’m Hooked on Nok-Out

Nok-Out and I met quite by accident. In searching for ways my readers could deal with offensive odors, we found each other online. I’ve used it continuously in my home since then and have recommended it to readers facing serious and potentially expensive odor issues. Not everything in life can be doused in bleach. But Nok-Out? No problem!


So today I thought I would sum it all up by giving you my top eight reasons that I am hooked on Nok-Out. It’s a smelly world out there and I don’t want to live in it without Nok-Out.

1. Nok-Out is not toxic, and totally safe around pets, children and anyone with allergies. Amazingly, the stuff looks like water and has no scent or fumes.

2. It is anti-bacterial and anti-viral which means it kills H1N1 as well as a long list of other nasty germs.

3. Nok-Out cleans the air, leaving the fresh clean smell of … nothing! I don’t like to get hit in the face with the smell of fake mango or sugar cookie dough that attempts to cover up bad odors.

4. Nok-Out has rescued antique furniture for me as well as an antique Singer Featherweight Sewing machine, all of which had terminal cases of mildew. The cost of Nok-Out was nothing compared to the valuable items it rescued for me.

5. You know that smell of cat urine that can permeate even concrete? That is no match for Nok-Out. My friends in Houston were ready to sell their home because they could not get rid of that horrible odor that had gone through the carpet, into the pad and right through the wood flooring—and the concrete below that! Yep, Nok-Out took care of it and I mean permanently. Happy friends!

6. Mold and mildew? That’s a problem in so many areas, and not only the visual effect but that wretched smell! Should I say it again? Ok … Nok-Out!

7. Every nursing home and convalescent hospital everywhere needs a steady supply of Nok-Out coming through the door. I won’t go into detail, but just believe me when I say there’s not a smell a nursing home facility can produce that’s too much for Nok-Out. Fresh, clean and sanitized makes people happy.

8. Nok-Out is made in America. That means a lot to me. But even better, the folks at NokOut.com are the nicest people on earth and will do anything to help anyone eradicate any odor, anywhere. Yep, that’s just how nice they are.

You could buy a lot of chlorine bleach for the price of a gallon of Nok-Out. But bleach is toxic, you can’t wash your hands in it or spray yourself down to remove the human smell when you go hunting, just in case you were planning to do that. And you sure wouldn’t spray down your baby’s nursery with bleach, or the drapes, carpet or that musty smelly chest of drawers. But Nok-Out? Bring it on!

You can learn more at NokOut.com. And be sure to use the coupon code DPL to get 10%  off single items. Bundles are already-discounted with a built-in 10% off.

Question: What’s the worst odor you can think of and what is your solution for it? 


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  • Jan Jones

    I LOVE nok-out!! I have used it for several years, and will never try anything else. I learned my lesson once when I was out, and tried another product called SCOE 10x or something like that. It did not even compare to Nok-Out. I now buy it by the gallon, and dilute if necessary ( there are different concentrations used for different problems) I have also had questions, and they were very quick and helpful to answer my questions.

    • Debbwym

      I bought and tried Nok-Out several years ago to use for a dog urine-carpet problem. I don’t know why (I followed instructions) but it did not do the trick for us. I was very sad after paying the large shipping cost.

  • Beck

    You could spray some on paper towels and but in a baggie for travel since the travel size is 4 oz and I think TSA says only 3 oz right for airlines? Or… put it in a small travel size squirt bottle you can buy at most stores.

    • I do make Nok-Out wipes as you suggest and keep them in my purse in a ziplok bag. TSA has never questioned. Nok-Out comes in a 4 oz spray bottle, which I keep in my checked luggage. You can be sure I spray down every hotel room starting with the remote control and I do the same to the seat in the plane … arms, fold down tray, all of it with my handy-dandy Nok-Out wipes. Makes me queazy to think about how those surfaces are rarely cleaned, let alone sanitized.

  • Name

    Has anyone had success with Nok Out Pet Shampoo removing skunk odors from pets?

    • Not personally, but Lou tells us some amazing stories! Many readers have said that it’s great shampoo for the pets.

      • Yes! Nok-Out Pet Shampoo works great to eliminate skunk odor. For a powerful stink like skunk odor, here are some general directions:
        Spray your pet all over with Nok-Out straight from the bottle. Pour Nok-Out into the pets bath water with Nok-Out (50/50 ratio). Rinse your animal in this water. Now, pour Nok-Out Pet shampoo directly from the bottle on your pet. Scrub, scrub, scrub.Rinse well with the Nok-Out water. Pour out this water, and rinse your pet again, leaving no soap residue. Spray one more time completely with Nok-Out. Towel dry, toss the towels into the washer with 4 oz of Nok-Out to finish the job. If you have questions, please let me know. I’ll be happy to help you. lou@nokout.com

  • ktfrench

    Mom was deathly afraid of snakes and bugs, so she anointed her garage with so many mothballs that, though it has been empty now for quite some time, it still reeks of the offensive, dangerous odor. Sadly, my Mom recently passed away. I am the only of 8 siblings, who lives within 1000 miles of her so I have taken on the responsibility of selling her home. In the process of doing so, I have come across a peculiar problem, which you have given me an idea on how to solve.

    Believe it or not, the otherwise perfectly good fridge that was in the garage, also reeks of mothballs to the point where I have had to throw away all of it’s jam packed contents (ouch!).

    Since you said that it’s non-toxic, I’m going to try using it on the fridge. I hope that it also permeates the refrigerator’s plastic interior. I’ll let you know.

    thx from a 10+ year subscriber.
    Katie French

    • Nok-Out was made for stinky refrigerators. I just got an email from a reader who came this close to hauling hers to the dump. She says … “A refrigerator went bad and all the rotten food in it. (This was a summer house we we didn’t know the refrigerator had been off and food spoiling). I thought the refrigerator was done for. Used Nok-Out out now the refrigerator is as good as new—no old moldy rotten food smells!” Katie French needs a 10-Year DPL pin! (We should get some of those … hmmm ….)

    • Oh dear goodness, Katie, This is a hard one. Nok-Out is water based, and moth balls petroleum based, making it a bit harder to eliminate the issue. But, to answer your question…Yes, it works. Try this website for complete instructions and directions. http://www.nokout.com/Eliminate-Stinky-Shoe-Odor.html, then if you still have questions, my email is lou@nokout.com. I’ll be happy to help you!

  • Marie

    I also love Nok Out but wish I could get it at a store location. I’m almost out and went online to order more last night, and a 32 oz bottle is $17.95 but the shipping is $12.95! Yikes. The only shipping option was UPS. I wish they’d find a cheaper shipping solution.

    • hervin02

      This is EXACTLY why I haven’t purchased any. I really could have used some (and still need it) for a cat urine issue. Mary’s 10% off is a nice thought, but in no way helps cut the cost. 🙁

      • Shipping of any kind of a liquid product is a consideration. But I cannot imagine living with the cat urine odor. I guess you have to weigh just how important it is to get rid of that odor.

  • raimerword

    Would this work on Marine’s combat boots? My eyes watered when he got into the van and took off his boots for the ride home from boot camp. They still reek because they have to be worn in and out of wet situations during his drill weekends! Help this Marine Mama!

    • Raimerword


    • Stinky combat boots? Now there’s a job for Nok-Out and I am certain it will take care of the problem. I hate to get gross or anything, but that smell is bacteria, just as body odor is bacteria There are lots of remedies you could try (charcoal, wadded up newspaper) but face it: None of those kill bacteria. Nok-Out does. Go check out Lou’s NokOut YouTube videos. I think she has one on smelly sneakers. And I’m pretty certain we could substitute smelly boots and get the same result. You’re going to have to saturate them very well especially inside. Good luck and thank that Marine of yours for serving our country.

  • chirping

    I have used and LOVED Nok-Out for a couple of years now. But the real Acid-Test was when my 2 big dogs got skunked, rolled around in my house, and scented everything from the curtins to the carpet! YEP, for sure My Nok-Out came to the RESCUE!!! It is worth every penny! A little bit goes a LONG way, and when I have stinky problem Nok-Out is my HERO!!!!

    • I just love your story chirping! Pass on the good news. Nok-Out really lives up to its name-“Amzing Nok-Out”.

  • hervin02

    How can one justify a shipping charge of $12.95 for a bottle that costs $17.95?? Mary, I just might ask you in person on 5/19 if I get the chance to!

    • I’ll tell you right now: If it’s a simple odor issue I can eradicate myself without the power of Nok-Out using something like baking soda or vinegar, then it’s not worth the cost. But if I’m at the end of my rope and to NOT have Nok-Out is going to cost me more than the total cost of the product plus shipping, then yes it is worth it to me. $32 up against throwing out a $400 vintage sewing machine because I cannot stand to be in the same room with it … well, that’s a no-brainer for me 🙂

      • Hi hervin02, This is Lou with Nok-Out. You are so right. Shipping is a terrible issue that Ted and I have struggled with over the years. We are again, investigating other shipping carriers hoping to find better rates. We’ll keep you posted. Lou

      • Marie

        Well, your post has made me reconsider. I left the website without ordering last night because the shipping charge was so high. But I’m trying to get rid of odors in a variety of things that were stored in my mom’s house for decades and your description “because I cannot stand to be in the same room with it…” describes my situation exactly, as the odor is so strong. And two dressers are among the items and if it worked with your sewing machine it should work with my dressers.

  • cvmorgan6

    Does anyone have any experience with Nok Out removing smoke smells? We recently purchased a great family car, used, for my husband’s commute and it did not smell when we purchased it. A month later I got in it for a weekend trip and it reeks of cigarette smoke. (My husband doesn’t smoke but the smell doesn’t bother him.) I don’t even want to be in it, let alone let our little children in it. I am really upset about it!

    • Hey cvmorgan6, This is Lou with Nok-Out. Here’s a website that gives great instructions on using Nok-Out to truly eliminate smoke/tobacco odors. If you have questions, please let me know, I’ll be happy to help you! lou@nokout.com

  • Vicki

    I haven’t tried Nok Out myself. I use Nature’s Miracle, and when I can afford it I use Emro Odor Eliminator. Emro is hard to find outside of the Cincinnati area, but it can be ordered online. It’s pricey, but it’s the same stuff police departments use to remove corpse odor from crime scenes (sorry to be so graphic).

  • Kim

    i wish that i could try this but it isn’t sold in Canada and it doesn’t get shipped up here either

  • ETM

    Unfortunately, it really didn’t take out the urine smell. I had to buy a gallon and use the whole thing repeatedly for the one spot. I had to pour it on, let it sit, then scrap it out. By the end of the gallon, the smell was less noticeable, but if I sealed the room up, when I opened in the door it was very noticeable. It was extremely expensive and far, far, far less effective than I expected given what Mary says about it. Very disappointing. Straight lemon juice worked much, much better and about 95% less expensive.

  • Pacifica

    but will it get that shrimp smell out of my fisherman’s clothes…not even belach and boiling hot water can do that

  • Pacifica

    Cat urine? That’s nothing! Will it get tons of dead shrimp smell from fisherman’s clothes? Not even boiling water, with bleach will get that horrid smell out..

  • Jan B

    Hi Mary – love your column – is Nokout only available online? Are there any stores that sell this produt in the US. Does it work on carpeting with dog urine odors?

  • crabbyoldlady

    I won’t try it purely because of the shipping charge, it’s as much as the product!