Mary’s Ongoing Remodel – Part 7

Well, here we are at the end of Week 7 which is starting look a lot like the two month mark. Last night I asked Harold if we’re having fun yet, and the answer was somewhat less than enthusiastic, but somewhat hopeful, “Uh, hmmm …. ” Demolition was more grueling than we could have possibly anticipated, but now the fun begins!


Behold! We have ceilings and walls!

So this week … bring on the mud then let the sanding begin. Memo to self: Cover everything in the entire house because that fine drywall dust will go everywhere including right through all the plastic we will be hanging to cover every doorway and orifice from the construction site.

Update on cabinets: We are so indecisive. Why can’t we make a decision? White cabinets to make the kitchen bright and open? Dark cabinets that lean toward a more elegant look? How about high gloss gray that’s contemporary and ultra cool?

We have to decide soon or we could be looking at a Thanksgiving delivery.

Suggestions anyone … anyone?


We need your help!

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  • Dee

    White is always ‘in’ and a kitchen should be bright and sunny. Dark cabinets come and go in style. That contemporary gray may be ‘in’ now but in 15 years?

  • kawneee

    I remodeled my kitchen 6 years ago and I chose white cabinets. I felt that white was timeless that it will never go out of style. I’ve been totally happy with my choice.

  • Heather

    I love the quality of my maple cabinets – they are cream with a pewter glaze – BUT they are limiting … if I were doing it again, I would certainly go white. I know I can paint these one day, but I have sooooo many cabinets … it would take a month! They still look great after 7 years … lots of {kid} wear and tear but they are holding up well. After having dark kitchens for so many years, I love the lighter color. Wood is lovely, but only when you have an abundance of natural light.

  • Karyn

    Oh, yes, that fine drywall dust! I’m still finding it in odd places, and our remodel was in 2008!

  • Maria

    I’ve had white kitchen cabinets for 15 years. I thought I’d never tire of them, but I must admit I’ve had enough of cleaning fingerprints around every knob and touching up paint. I love the look of wood and am ready to have the warm glow of wood in my kitchen.

  • donna williams

    Hickory is the best choice by far!! We too, had a hard time deciding…but we’ve never had any regrets since our remodel and because of the different colors of the wood it goes with everything. Love it, love it!!!

  • Cathy B

    Instead of hanging plastic in the doorways, it is better to hang wet sheets. This helps to keep the plaster dust from spreading to other rooms because it will stick to the sheets.

  • Susan

    I’ve lived through a few remodels in my life. I always tell people it’s just like having a baby. Before it happens you are really excited about it and think of how wonderful it will be. During the event, you wonder what in the world you were thinking starting this and you want to quit. But after it’s over you think – well that wasn’t so bad and look what I got out of it.

    You’re in the what was I thinking stage so hang in there!

  • Ruth Newton

    If it were me, it would be white laminate (bright and indestructable) or a lightly finished maple which gives you a light/bright kitchen plus the warmth of wood. My daughter’s cabinets are maple, and she and I never tire of them.

  • Jane

    Nothing is really “timeless”. In 15 years you will be wondering what you were thinking back then. Go with the style that gives you a thrill every time you walk into your kitchen. If you go with a real wood door, you can update with paint over and over as the years (and style trends) go by.

  • Ann

    If you like wood, go with a light tone such as natural maple. I’ve found that white cabinets yellow over time and painted hues become dated much faster than natural wood tones. Borrow a few doors in your selected colors and styles from the dealer and put them in your home where you can see them every day in similar light as your kitchen. Think about your other home furnishings and decor, favorite colors, and lifestyle. I opted for natural cherry because I like the varied amber tones and it made my tiny kitchen look high end. Wood is timeless and naturally beautiful.

  • Jackie

    Go with Hickory, it is lighter in coloring and shows all the woodgrains. Beautiful and light & airy.

  • debr

    Mary, I had the same questions about my cabinets. I wanted dark cherry with brass hardware for elegance until I saw light ash on display at the cabinet makers. I figured if it was tough enough for baseball bats, then it should withstand my kids. I chose brass and porcelain handles for a country look and several years later I switched the hardware for a more formal look. That’s a mini remodel for less than $100 and a whole new look. I still love the ash cabinets 23 years later.

  • KP

    I say if you like white cabinets, go with them because they’ll NEVER go out of style…If you like wood, it’s a little trickier because different shades and types of wood go in and out of style over the years. Back in the 70’s, it was dark wood, 80’s it was the “bleached” wood look, the 90’s it was oak, now it’s all about the dark wood again…

  • Mary Burns

    Mary, I agree with the light wood concept. I spend a whole lot of time in my kitchen, as you do, and I love things to be bright, light and airy. The light wood is timeless, doesn’t show fingerprints while still wiping clean easily and still looks great 10 years later!.
    God bless, Mary B.

  • Marlane Barker

    I personally have always loved the look of very dark wood, they are so rich and elegant looking. Six years ago we moved into our home and it had white cabinets which I really never cared for. I absolutely love them now. They are so much easier to keep clean and they always look good. When we had the darker wood, which I think was a walnut shade it hid alot of splatters and fingerprints but becase of that the surface always felt a bit tacky to the touch. With white, I stay on top of all the little smears, drips etc as they happen. So they always stay looking very clean. To me personally, the white always stays cleaner as a dirt mark shows up so clearly. I just go through every evening after dishwashing and wipe down any spots.

  • AMBL

    Why not mix? There are great ways to mix light and dark cabinets in the same kitchen and get an elegant look.