Mary’s Kitchen Remodel – Part 3

Another week, a much bigger mess. Remodeling is like that, I guess. And I believe I need to change the title of this series of weekend posts to include the adjoining Family Room. Suddenly, this has gone beyond the kitchen.

What originally was two separate rooms has now become one. It’s like a … great room! It’s getting exciting now because I’m beginning to see what I could only imagine a short time ago.

You may recall from Part 1 that the ceiling in the kitchen was nearly 11 inches lower than the rest of the rooms on the first floor. I knew it would be such a huge job to restore it back to where it should be because whoever dreamed this up, used that space for HVAC ducts, electrical and plumbing. I really wanted to just leave well enough alone because I knew it would be a huge job to raise it. But I’m married to a stubborn man. Look at it now:

 I know, it’s difficult to get a perspective but trust me, it’s 11-inches higher than it was. And all the “stuff” that was in the space hidden by the lowered ceiling has been “magically” rerouted. Already I can see what a difference this is going to make.

Okay, let’s talk about flooring. We’ve decided on wood flooring, a choice that, quite frankly, leaves me cold.

The first problem:  We carpeted the family room 14 years ago with really nice, Karastan wool carpet. It’s meant to last forever and honestly, it looks new. We’ve taken excellent care of it and the idea of rolling it up and taking it to the dump gives me a heartache.

The second problem: Wood floors in kitchens are a pain, in my humble opinion. They are subject to water damage, they scratch easily, they have to be sealed and maintained, which naturally leads to scatter rugs and kitchen mats, none of which I am a fan.

We’ve come up with what I hope are two brilliant solutions:

1. Richard Beshear of Beshear Flooring took up my beautiful wool carpet, lovingly rolled it up and took it to his shop. Before he left, he and his assistant went way beyond the call of duty: They removed all the tack strip (thanks, Richard!). Beshear is going to cut the carpet into two area rugs―11 x 14 for the family, I mean great room and a 8 x 3 runner for the entry. Then he will bind them and  deliver back when we are ready. Let’s talk cost here: A new, high-quality area rug 11 x 14 would cost $1,000 or more. The cost to do this work is $150 for pick up and delivery plus $2 per foot for binding. Awesome. So happy about this.

Here is a close up shot of the carpet that shows the slight “herringbone” pattern. On the floor it appears neutral with just a slight texture. I love it as much as the day it was installed.

Can you see that lining a landfill? I think not!

2. We visited a local flooring company to look at wood and discovered procelain “wood” tile. WOW! It is gorgeous. And very expensive at $12.75 per sq ft. installed. It is impervious to water, chemicals even nail polish remover. It simply annot be scratched no matter how hard you try, and it requires no maintenance at all, only mopping and or dusting. But that is a price that will break our budget.

I found the exact tile online HERE for just $4.04 per square foot plus shipping. That’s more like it. But we’re not home free, yet.

Harold thinks he may be able to do the installation, but the jury is still out. It’s tricky because of the narrow grout line and other challenges he is assessing now. Hopefully, we’ll have a decision very soon.

All of the rough plumbing and electrical should be completed this week. That means we’ll be ready to start buttoning up the walls. That’s when we’ll start to see some real progress. I promised lighting update this week but we are a little overwhelmed. We are still looking at our options, none of them cheap.

So, we’ll see what this week brings …

PS. Just as I was finishing up this post … I learn that our electrician has a conflict and will not be back until Aug. 27. Unexpected delay. You know … I have a feeling this is not going to be the last of the dreaded unexpected delay.

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5 replies
  1. Anne
    Anne says:

    My wood parquet floor in the kitchen and dining area is popping up, piece by piece. I would not have it in the kitchen again, just not practical. My dream would be the tile you are installing, I have been admiring it while picking new tile for the two bathroom remodels our son and his family have done for me. I’m going to mark your source, maybe someday I can use it. Your husband does amazing work. Lucky you.

  2. Janet Schen
    Janet Schen says:

    Just a little advice when you choose a wood color. A few years ago my sister-in-law had the hard woods in her kitchen restained a dark brown instead of the golden oak that they were. She thought it would make the wood look richer. This year she had it stripped and went back to the original color. The dark wood showed everything. A piece of lint, a blond hair, a bit of dust or anything light colored stands out. It’s like a black car – it always looks dirty unless you just washed it.

  3. Sue George
    Sue George says:

    Just want to mention (since we own a remodeling company & do many kitchens) that wood is our preferred floor covering in a kitchen. We put it in our own kitchen 10 yrs. ago. No problems with water. All I have ever done is wipe it clean with a damp cloth. Only drawback is if you drop a knife on it & it lands wrong. :/ I think tile is hard on the back because no give, cold to the feet & if you drop something breakable on it, it will probably win.

  4. Gretchen
    Gretchen says:

    We just finished remodeling our bedroom about a week ago. By that I mean we ripped down all drywall, rewired, insulated, added 2 closets and put it all back together. We did all the work ourselves (except for help from my husband’s dad with electrical work and my dad, who copied woodwork from 1920 to match the existing woodwork). Paid cash for the entire thing! I love our room and I love the fact that we did it ourselves, have a room EXACTLY the way we pictured and didn’t go into debt! I think the hardest part of the remodel is right in the middle, when you are surrounded by rubble. I always wonder what in the world we were thinking! But it is totally worth it! Enjoy your new kitchen!

  5. BW
    BW says:

    We’ll be doing our kitchen ‘soon’ (the goal is Jan. to start). We just did 2 bathrooms – completely gutted and are still reeling from the expense. I don’t blame the contractor…I blame us for not being informed in some areas. One of my dilemmas is also the flooring and like you, would not like wood for the same reasons though it looks nice, and while shopping for the bathroom tiles saw these wood-look porcelain tiles and fell in love with them. What I don’t love about ANY tile, is that it is so hard on my old feet when you stand on it a lot, as I would in a kitchen, sigh (we currently have tile in the existing kitchen, so I know!). Thank you for allowing us to follow your progress.


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