Mary’s Kitchen Remodel – Part 2

Since my last post, the kitchen has been stripped bare. All cabinets, countertops, appliances, tile floor, lowered ceiling, insulation, HVAC ducts, lighting fixtures, plaster walls and the drywall beneath them have been laid to rest via six trips to the local “transfer station,” which is a fancy new term for a high-tech city dump.

Honestly, I’ve never seen such a tidy (albeit hopelessly out of date and functionally obsolete) space, formerly known as my kitchen―turn into such a disaster, as if overnight.

Harold warned me that things were about to get a whole lot worse before they could get better. That was no understatement. Here, let me show you what “a whole lot worse” looks like:

And then there was this …

 And lots of this …

I have tons more shots, but I think you get the picture. How am I coping? Very well. Really. That’s because years ago my personal contractor built this “butlers pantry” on the ground level between the laundry room and garage:

It is all set up for our temporary kitchen. I also have an electric “hot plate,” which is not pictured and …

… the new refrigerator. Looks a little weird, doesn’t it. That’s because I don’t want to peel off all the protective film until it gets installed in its permanent location. But the most amazing thing … my new microwave convection combination oven, which will eventually be built in.

Honestly I feel like I slept through several seasons of development in the world of microwave ovens. I’ve lived so long with two options, On and Off. This thing has a brain. Completely, totally amazing. And I’m loving the get acquainted period the two of us are having. While I have my Breville toaster oven handy (you’ve seen that in previous non-kitchen-remodel posts), I’m missing an oven of size (more on my solution in a coming post). And you may have noticed … no sink. But not to worry.

Remember that cool guy I married, who has stuck with me come hell or high water? And is undertaking this serious construction job himself? He surprised me with this little setup … right in the middle of the construction site!

I’m not saying that I’m fond of doing dishes by hand, but this sure beats doing them in a bathtub.

Speaking of appliances, here’s where we are with that:  Several weeks ago, we spent hours at Pacific Sales, Inc., a local company that is a distributor for all the brands of appliances, and sells them at a discount. They have an amazing showroom which is great because you can see things up close and personal.

We decided to go mid-range on stainless steel appliances. And I wanted them to match, as far as would be possible. We opted for all GE Profile appliances, except for the dishwasher which is Kitchenaid (and matches so well, you’ll be surprised).

The refrigerator that you see above is “cabinet depth,” and to our surprise was on sale that day we were in the showroom. Seems that they had only 64 left in the warehouse and wanted to get rid of them before the new model year was released. The regular retail price was around $2,400, on sale for $1,600. But there could be no hesitation. We would have to take possession by the following Friday or lose the deal. That’s why you see it in these photos. At that price, it was a no brainer.

Additionally, we ordered the gas range, microwave convection combo oven, dishwasher and wine chiller, handing over the required 20 percent deposit. We were very pleased that we came in way under budget for the appliances.

Once home, I couldn’t leave well enough alone. Having all of the model numbers handy on our newly-minted order form, I went online just to make sure we had a good deal. Whoops. Not so much.

The refrigerator indeed was a colossal bargain. And the wine chiller, ditto. But the range, microwave and dishwasher? Yikes! These exact models, including shipping and allowing for sales tax, were much cheaper online. I checked over and again and there was no mistake. By ordering those three items plus the trim kit for the microwave from an online appliance distribution company, we could save another $711. Significant!

We drove back to Pacific Sales the following day to present our case. They do advertise that they will price match for locally advertised products from brick and mortar stores, but I wasn’t at all confident they would make an exception for my online finds. And I was right. In fact, they were rather irked when I presented our situation.

We were prepared to negotiate with them a bit before completely canceling those four items, but they weren’t interested. Had it been for a few dollars, I would have been happy to patronize a local retailer. But $711? Uh-uh. Couldn’t do it. That was just too much money to walk away from.

So that’s the deal on the appliances. Pacific Sales delivered the refrigerator and wine chiller and we ordered the balance from Appliances Connection. The service was fantastic, and shipping was free. All items arrived at the same time, and the delivery company was very kind is scheduling for a time that was convenient for us. Everything arrived in perfect condition.

So far, we couldn’t be happier with our choices of appliances and the price we paid for them.

Next week:  Flooring, electrical and lighting.

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  1. Stephanie Flagg Hanley
    Stephanie Flagg Hanley says:

    Mary – we’ve been contemplating a microwave/convection oven combo but aren’t sure about what brand to get… we’d love to get rid of the microwave and toaster oven and combine it in one if we could. Any recommendations?!


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